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Insex – Dolly

The sweet suffering betty doll wiggles, whimpers, wails and offers all her holes to be played with.

Locked into a metal triangle, she’s forced to keep legs spread, even as she attempts to scoot into position on PD’s command. Tipped onto her side, she is defenseless, drooling through a metal bit gag while Mr. Pogo fucks her clamped cunt.

Face covered with a rubber hood, she must maintain a harsh position with legs bent, chest lifted, and back arched. PD tightens a chain extending from head harness to ankles, deepening the bend in her back. A blindfold panel is placed over the eyeholes, increasing her terror.

Next betty is wrapped securely to a chair. Black tape covers her whole body, leaving only her pussy and tits accessible. She whines and sobs as PD encases her whole face, leaving her effectively isolated. He attempts to calm her with the vibrator’s soothing touch.

It’s Matt’s turn to play with betty next. He tapes her arms to feet in a hogtie position and covers her mouth so she can’t complain. Clamping her fleshy, tender breasts, he adds weights, to stretch them painfully downward.

Strapped down to a metal chair like a pig for slaughter, betty’s predicament provides endless possibilities. PD tightens a belt around her long neck then goes to work examining her holes. He begins with the nostrils, flaring them out wide. Blood drips from betty’s nose and collects in puddles on the floor.

PD continues his exploration in the next scene. He suctions her sumptuous, hanging breasts and tests her gag reflexes, shoving a dildo through the spider gag that holds her mouth wide. He fucks her cunt with Mr. Pogo then thrusts the dildo into her puckered asshole. Mr. Pogo is then returned to her waiting mouth, so betty can taste her own ass. Then back it goes again, penetrating her tortured asshole. The vibrator stimulates her clit while she’s being fucked.

Finally, a gas mask is fit over her face and a plug is stuffed up her asshole. Tubes connect the two, forcing poor, tormented betty to breathe her own ass while she wallows in the agony of her bondage.

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