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Allied Forces

Studio Name: Active Duty
Director: Dink Flamingo
Stars: Adam Wolfe Scott Neil Mike Lowry
Categories: Military Fetish Feature Str8 Bait Uniform

Description: Two hardcore scenes, one condom-free. Mike & Neil, Adam & Scott.

Poke A Bloke
Our British Navy boy, Neil, (Commado Cum #3) is as much of a slut as I am. In fact … he learns very quick! Neil expressed his interest to me in doing what I love to do, “seducing straight men”. In this video he and I plan to lure Mike (our American Navy boy) from the nearby San Diego beach and get him over for a couple of beers. I explain to Neil how to approach Mike and send him on his way as I head back to the house to get things set up….you know, (straight porn in the VCR, cold beer in the fridge, etc).

Once the two arrive I tell Mike about the videos, and so forth and ask him if he would be willing to do a double jack-off scene with Neil (no touching of course). Reluctant at first, he finally agrees, re-emphasizing the no touching part. The two start off in a slow jack-off session while watching the straight porn (Neil’s really watching Mike though). Finally, curiosity gets the best of Mike and he too starts watching Neil. The two of them have equally beautiful uncut cocks.

I leave the room for a smoke break outside and leave the camera running. To my surprise when I get back Neil has edged his way over to Mike and begun rubbing his leg and jerking his cock. Neil wastes no time and at my suggestion starts sucking off the new find right there on camera. I assure Mike that none of this will be on the “actual video” The heat builds and before you know it they are exchanging blow jobs. The blow jobs are intense and passionate. Mike does such a good job in fact, that Neil is carried over the edge and blows his load all over the side of Mike’s face.

Then I egg Mike on to try fucking his first piece of boy pussy and he obliges by going at the Brit bareback. This scene will blow you away. Mike is sitting on the couch and Neil stands up over him and lowers his ass onto Mike’s hard dick. Neil is bouncing up and down on Mike’s cock and I get some great close ups for you. Then they change positions and Mike bends Neil over the couch and fucks him again from behind. Mike works the Brit over really well thrusting his thick, uncut cock into the blokes hole, long stroking him until he can’t take any more. Mike pulls out and shoots off on Neil’s buzz-cut head.

Neil is now an official “straight boy” seducer and is very proud of himself. Mike is all hyped up and wants to do more videos. He really like pokin’ the bloke!

Grunt ’n’ Fuck
During my last visit to Chicago I met Scott at Union Station. He came over and did a solo (which is featured in Major Mansex) and during the solo guess who shows up? That’s right, Adam Wolfe! Adam (SGT. Fuck’em) was also in Chicago that weekend and hunted me down. He tells me that he’s home on leave and trying to find some action while he’s there. He’s kind of hoping I have someone for him to fuck. I tell him about Scott (who at this point is still in the shower) and he’s VERY interested.

Scott comes out of the shower and much to his surprise the promise I made to put him with another guy just five minutes earlier (and in a different video) is about to come true, way ahead of schedule. Once introduced, Adam and Scott do a little chit-chat, making eyes at each other and touching each other. Adam is hot for this sailor-boy, for sure, and judging by Scott’s boner, he’s just as excited. They to got at it fast with hands and dicks everywhere, fingers probing eager asses and Adam’s mouth plunging down onto Scott’s hard cock. Scott is just as intense as he too goes for Adam’s crank. Adam forces the squid’s face all the way down on his long hard cock over and over again.

Adam is working the boy up to a fuck, you can tell by the way he fingers his hole and then dives in for a first rim job. The two of them do a tremendous fuck scene. Adam breaks our new bottom boy in SGT Fuck’em style–hard and loud! Scott is begging for Adam’s cock in his ass and almost giving our famed fucker a true run for his top dollar. Adam takes Scott from behind first, plowing his hole repeatedly and Scott is moaning to beat the band. Then they flip over and Scott is riding Adam’s rubbered cock. Adam actually manages to suck on Scott’s dick while he’s fucking him.

There’s tons more fucking in more positions that you can shake a cock at and by the time it’s nearly over both Adam and Scott are out of breath and panting. They keep going at it though. Scott talks the Sgt. right out of his man juice and begs for Adam’s load of hot soldier cum on his face. Adam gives the Navy recruit just what he asks for and drowns him with his load. Scott sucks the last drops of cum from Adam’s cock then Adam kisses him and licks the remainder of his own load off Scott’s chest.

DVD Covers:

Length: 900 MiB Duration: 1h 44mn 4s 800ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 103 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 540 (1.333) at 25.000 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 96.0 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 899.9 MB