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Ana Marie – Recently Certified HD

In this weeks bangbus were out doing what we do yet again and im having a little bit of an argument with ruben because he wants to waste time in this shitty neighborhood instead of going to the beach where all the action is but Im in a good mood so I obliged with what he is saying and we stay around and for once he was right there was a fine little latina mami jogging around the golf course so i send the wolves at her and she was a bit shy or maybe she didnt want nothing to do with us but in the end money talks so you guys know how it goes, for the right prince anyone would do anything and lucky me that she took the offer because this girl is a real looker and surely loves the dick,Stay tuned!

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Big TIts, Blonde
Starring: Ana Marie

File size: 785.8 MB

This Is How We Fuck In Texas – BaitBus

Release Date: 2011

Ponce is back for another ass pounding excitement! The Baitbus is out looking for another victim that’s going to go gay for pay. We all know money talks and horse-shit walks. As we’re cruising the streets of Miami. We spot a talk sexy hunk. His name is Jeremy Stone and he’s from Texas. We all know everything from Texas is big. Let’s get him on the Baitbus to see if that’s true. Vanessa sweet talks him to death landing yet another score. Once in the bus, within minutes Vanessa whips her sexy tits out tricking him for what’s to come. Blind folded and ready. Jeremy lays there waiting for Vanessa’s lips to wrap around the cock. Sure enough, Jeremy got what he wanted. Lips around his cock, but they’re Ponce’s. Overwhelmed with what’s going on. Jeremy can’t say no to this red-boned cuttie pie. Ponce jumps on his cock without hesitation and finds himself once again on cloud nine. Loving the pounding that Big Tex is giving him.

Genre: Gay, Anal, Oral
Studio: BaitBus/BangBros
Duration: 00:56:32

Quality: SiteRip
Format: WMV
Video: 852*480, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps

File size: 613.2 MB

This video has been removed.

Money Talks – Sofia, Maya

Havoc has great tits and loves nice tits as well. So we start off by getting a lil ol school and going back to the basics with a wet tshirt contest. Havoc pays these two cuties to put on some tank tops and have wet their tities. Next up, Havoc is armed with a skim board, British thong bikini and some cash. She pays this guy to skim board blindfolded on the beach while wearing the thong. Ohh, poor fool. For the main show our crew is taking care of a fur coat shop. We barter with guest and throw them some cash for some bare flesh. There is no shortage of titties on this update as we have a bunch of girls come in willing to show their tits for cash. Sofia comes in and is willing to play our game. We pay her nice and she tries on this chin chila coat butt booty naked. Damn, Sofia has a gorgeous body, sweet plump tits and a great ass. We can not let this one leave without making that money. We pay Sofia to hit the back with our beautiful host. They hit it off right away and take it to the back. These beauties cant take their tongues off each others pussies. Sofia is so sexy as that tongue slides through her pussy lips. What a dream it would be to jump in between these two.

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Teen, MILF, Orgy
Starring: Sofia, Maya

File size: 829.6 MB

This video has been removed.

Ana Marie – Don’t Worry We Won’t Show Anyone

In this weeks bangbus were out doing what we do yet again and im having a little bit of an argument with ruben because he wants to waste time in this shitty neighborhood instead of going to the beach where all the action is but Im in a good mood so I obliged with what he is saying and we stay around and for once he was right there was a fine little latina mami jogging around the golf course so i send the wolves at her and she was a bit shy or maybe she didnt want nothing to do with us but in the end money talks so you guys know how it goes, for the right prince anyone would do anything and lucky me that she took the offer because this girl is a real looker and surely loves the dick,Stay tuned!

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Blonde, Big Tits
Starring: Ana Marie

File size: 551.5 MB

Money Talks – teeny bikinis

Anal Aroma leads off things this week and you all will not be dissapointed. What is it you ask…just a super gross…yet half sexy bit. I cant even begin to explain it. We also got some dog collars on humans…crazy what that will do to your neck. The best is saved for last of course, where we had our first ever MoneyTalks bikini contest. It was fucking amazing the hotties we had in there. All different flavors as well for your enjoyment. Then we convinced a couple of them to go that extra mile. Yall know what i mean….

File size: 552.2 MB

This video has been removed.

Money Talk – Dong riders

This week on Moneytalks we decided to go out and find some athletes who were willing to take part in our 1st annual Naked Olympics. You gotta tune in and see the drama unfold between two teams battling it out in oil wrestling, javelin, hurdles, archery, ring toss, deadlift and the insane cock toss. From the big bouncing titties that lights the torch to the penetration in the javelin, its an event you cannot miss. Moneytalks Olympics 2008. We even have two equestrian riders trading their horses in for a ride on a pink trouser pony. Layna and her friend took the loot and agreed to ride hard secluded in a horse stable….

File size: 826.2 MB

Money Talk – good tipper

Crazy dude goes toe to claw with a mexican rooster, humongous display of breastsss, Rosarito Beach mayhem, men and women naked bull riding, anal insertions, panty and bra exchanges, women undressing each other and a receptionist that any man or woman would love to bend over the desk. All this is part of our newest MoneyTalks episode. We look to always kick it up a notch and this week we did just that. Check it out……

File size: 888.5 MB

MoneyTalks – in position!

What else to do with a life size penis but cock wrestle. In this episode of moneytalks Havoc pays an unsuspecting bystander to wear a penis costume around south beach. She then convinces two girls two go back to Kimbos octagon with her and the penis man for an all out naked battle royal with the cock. Next Havoc finds a couple of beach tourist to play some pranks on. With a little duck tape and some smelly underwear these tourist make some extra cash to use for their trip. Last but not least Havoc and Voodoo shop around a local adult sex shop for some willing participants. With the right amount of cash a hot lil momma gives Havoc some brain, while slurping up a chocolate dildo. A couple encounter the duo only to be offered some cash for some skin. Havoc luckily motorboats some of the most beautiful natural breasts to appear on moneytalks in some time. Finally Havoc and Voodoo encounter a open minded shopper and have a little fun with sex positions. The shopper makes a lil hard earned cash while imitating reverse cowgirl with voodoo. This is moneytalks so why not go a lil further. Havoc proceeds to offer the shopper the right amount of cash to fully satisfy Voodoos wishes. …

File size: 393.2 MB

MoneyTalks – Call of the wild

Welcome all to our HALLOWEEN special. This update is all about getting dressed up…or should I say undressed. We got magical naked fairys spreading joy to the world…thats not all she spreads. And great BIG ridiculously huge pumpkin size tits in some jump rope action. Just think of this broad the chick you envision working out naked when you go to the gym. And then add a couple bra sizes to your fantasy and you got this chick. We also got some crazy ass dude fucking a pumpkin in a chicken outfit…whats HALLOWEEN without a pumpkin. For the main course today we have a group of unsuspecting broads that went in for some body painting and left with more than just paint on their faces. Enjoy, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN….

File size: 640.7 MB

Money Talks – Buff Babe!

Its that time of the month again, and we are not talking about your girlfriends PMS. Money Talks is back with a fresh new episode. First up we take a game, the dizzy bat race, and add a twist the only way we know how. There is nothing better than seeing naked chicks get wet and act silly. Then we take you to Venice Beach to see if one guy is man enough to take a piping hot pizza and let us rub the scorching hot cheese onto his bare chest. After that we track down a little dime piece with a big beautiful butt and convince her to stick our toy dinosaur between her big juicy cheeks. After that, Havoc and the boys hit the local gym, and find a couple of fitness freaks willing to get a little crazy in exchange for some cash. One couple agrees to try out our new flesh light portable vagina, and things end up getting real freaky real quick. Dont miss yet another sexy outrageous episode of Money Talks….

File size: 380.4 MB

Money Talks – Winters garden

Another week of Money Talks has arrived. On this episode our crew is feeling a bit nippy. So to our satisfaction Havoc pays a couple of cuties to face off in a bloody nipple bite off. Next our crew moves poolside where we find a few willing participants to jump in our frozen oasis. Everyone has heard of the saying that is music to my ears, but we here on Money Talks like our musical waves vibrating somewhere else. For the right amount of cash Havoc has two hotties humming away on each others pussies. For the main event our crew is working on their green thumbs. In our Money Talks garden where cash drops as panties do, we have a little fun using J Macks hoes….

File size: 692.2 MB

Kortney Kane (Money Talks 1: It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask)

Year: 2011
Genre: Big Tits, Oral, Cumshot
Length: 00:25:39

Colleen catches her boyfriend Steve spying on their new neighbors. He’s obviously checking the girl out. He denies this, of course, and then makes his move on Colleen. She quickly rebuffs him reminding him that she doesn’t do morning sex. This leaves Steve to fantasize about the new neighbor he hasn’t even met yet.
File size: 560.5 MB

BaitBus – Backwoods Disco Dancer

So today we have a special treat for all you loyal Bait Bus fans, we have Steven Ponce return from his hiatus and he is looking for fresh meat. We cruise around Miami in search for the first thing that catches his eye and we stumble upon Sean. This guy is as hillbilly as they get, he just moved down from Virginia and is looking to get laid. Lucky for him he is going to get laid except it won’t be something he is used to. We get him on the bus and let Alexis work her magic on him, and just like that Steven has his mouth wrapped around his poor guys dick. Once Sean catches wind of what’s happening seems like he isn’t a fan, but you know money always talks, so we shot him a few figures and made him open his horizons. Enjoy

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: wmv

File size: 673.3 MB

Getting Lo On The Beezy

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Duet, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Length: 00:27:37

This week we were wandering around the hood. With my homeboy and we found this “Thug” hanging around the back of some seedy alley. As soon as we appoached him he was very aggressive about us recording him with my camera. I convinced him that I wasnt a cop or a televagelist, just a dude looking for a blow job from a “Beezy”. He was gonna take us to some bitches, but then I stopped him short and offered him five times what I would pay for a ho, If he were to suck my homeboys dick instead. Thats when Mr. Thug got from being aggressive towards us to being aggressive to the cock in his mouth. He was a total natural at taking that cock, especially in the ass, He looked like he was really enjoying it. One thing you can always count on is that in the Hood Money talks, and just about any thug will do anything for it. ANYTHING.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: MP4
Video Codec: MPEG4
Audio codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 852×480 29.97fps 1500 kbit / s
Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 96kbps

File size: 316.5 MB

OutInPublic – Motor Shop Fucking

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Muscules, Duet, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Length: 00:12:53
Description: On this weeks out in public im here chilling with my homeboy and this kid is crazy horny telling me how he hasn’t had any ass in some time .. so so it was my duty to get this guy some ass lol and that i did .. we ran into some kid in the middle of nowhere and you know how it goes .. money talks so this kid takes the bait lol and comes with us and gets down with my boy and the homie goes all out on him lol if you know what i mean!! STAY TUNED.
Release date movie: 08/05/2011

File size: 283.6 MB

Hikari 3D (JPN/2010)

New from the studios hentai @ OZ. Sex takes place in school. The graphics and smooth animation on top.

Video Format: wmv
Video: WMV9, 854×480, 15.00fps, 3036kbps
Audio: WMA, 44100Hz, stereo, 192kbps
Size: 530 mb
Year: 2010
Genre: 3D, oral, Big breasts, Big tits, school
Duration: 22:36
Censorship: Yes
Language: Japanese
Postproduction: Original
Subtitles: Japanese
Studio: @ OZ

File size: 530.9 MB

Piece Of Ass

Chris was chilling and waiting for Branden to come over who is notorious for being late. All was forgiven when he pimp strolled in with Prycliss and a Round and Brown favorite, Meng Lee. Chris jumped out of his seat and joined Branden in playing with all that ass. The girls gobbled up their cocks and shoved them into their sweet snatches until. SPLASH! They finally exploded all over both chocolate chicks.
Studio: RealityKings

File size: 346.7 MB

Mecha Shiva – Mecha Moves

I met Mecha the other day when we were doing a moneytalks shoot. She was real cool, so I got her number before I left. I called her up and told her that she could be apart of this bit titty site. She was a little shy when she came over, but her nipples and smile were saying something different. She wanted to show off her huge tits and get fucked.

File size: 379.8 MB

Volleyball babes !

Date: 2011
Length: 67 min.
Description: Money Talks is back yet again with another action packed episode. Weve always thought chicks with tails are super hot so for our first one we got a doozy.We convinced a girl to put in some anal beads, cut a hole in her jeans, and walk around with the beads hanging out of her butt. The shit is hilarious. Then we asked different people on the street if they would pull them out for a couple of bucks.Of course people said no, one girl gave us a hot titty flash instead, and of course one guy agreed. After that we get you in the mood for some roast beef. We hit the beach looking for a girl willing to walk around with roast beef hanging out her bikini bottom, aka the meat curtains.Then we actually got two other girls to eat it right up. Amazing. For our main event we stay at the beach and find our selves face to face with one of the hottest little volleyball squads youve ever seen. Luck for you they all werent camera shy.The power of the dollar always seems to amaze, because we actually got two of these chicks to come back with us for a little post game workout. Damn these chicks are hot, you dont want to miss this.

Ganre:Public,all sex,oral
Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: 1400 kbps, 720 * 480 (720 * 404), 29.97 fps, WMV3
Audio: 48 kbps, 32.0 kHz, 2 channels, WMA2
Size: 706 mb

File size: 706.4 MB

Pool pumping !

Date: 2010
Length: 55 min.
Description: We hope you guys came hungry today because we are serving up some serious poon tang on this weeks episode of Money Talks. First off we are taking a trip to the raw bar for some of the freshest clams America has to offer.Then we are hitting the street and getting two girls to lick one anothers sweet sweet tatas. After that Nadine propositions one hot coed to give us a good old fashion vagina wedgie. For this weeks big finale Money Talks teams up with the legendary Milf Hunter, in search of some pool side pussy.All that and a gallon cocktail on this weeks moneytalks.

Ganre:Public,all sex,oral
Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: 1400 kbps, 720 * 480 (720 * 404), 29.97 fps, WMV3
Audio: 48 kbps, 32.0 kHz, 2 channels, WMA2
Size: 575 mb

File size: 574.7 MB

This video has been removed.

Out For Some Ass

Country: USA
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Blow Job, Cumshots, Public Well
Length: 00:22:25

Description: in this weeks out in public update were out chilling with my homie logan and man i havent seen this guy in some time but its always good to see him any who were out in the middle of nowhere and this guy just stood out coming out of this little store and my boy just got all hapy so he decides to go after him and this guy was all friendly but was a bit skeptical at first but like all of them money talks lol and he was down with what we were throing at him .. you guys will love this update.
Size: 209 MB

File size: 208.8 MB

Mood Pictures – Caning Competition Show

TV Shows are very popular all around the world, so Mood Pictures made its own one, The Caning Competition Show. Mood Pictures invited 3 girls to see who can take the most strokes of the cane. We announced on our website that we would invite somebody from our viewers as a guest to enjoy this show together with us. Somebody from the UK won the drawing, we were watching the show together with him, LIVE. He even shows up and talks to Pokemon in a mask. Each of the 3 girls were caned, but only one of them could win the Grand Prize. See this TV Show, how they suffer for the prize, how they endure the beating even when one of them is bleeding, how they fight against their pain… for the money!

File size: 260.2 MB

Tennis Bums – Shadow Lane

Traci’s friend Miranda is married to the tennis pro at an exclusive racquet club. Miranda talks Traci into joining the club so they can hang out together and drink pina coladas. Traci can’t really afford to join the club but she does anyway, spending the vacation money her husband Keith had saved. Naturally, Keith is disappointed by his wife’s selfish behavior and responds by turning her over his knee and spanking her soundly. This is a charming scene. Meanwhile, Miranda must explain to her husband Steve why she promised her best friend Traci that Steve would give her a free lesson without asking him first. Wheedling and whining, Miranda gets the Steve to agree to cancel his paying client in order to tutor her friend. But rather than keep this important appointment, Traci sits on the patio with Miranda sipping highballs. Steve descends on the girls furiously, ordering them into the club house. After waiting in the hot sun for forty five minutes, Steve is more than steamed. In Steve’s view the two girls are just plain bad, one worse than the other, taking nothing seriously and causing their hard working husbands to suffer. Obviously, they must both be spanked and severely. Shy to be spanked by a stranger and already having been spanked by her husband that day, Traci submits with some but is easily dominated by Steve, who spanks her with justifiable indignation. Next, the naughty Miranda, who originally tempted Traci to join the club, fully knowing that her friend could not really afford to do so, is placed across her husband’s lap for a vigorous spanking. As an added lesson to the girls, Steve forces them to kneel on either end of the sofa for a double, bare bottom punishment.Finally, for humiliation value, Steve sends Miranda to Keith to apologize for tempting Traci into joining the club. Miranda goes. but doesn’t take her mission very seriously and is promptly made to pay for her insolence across Keith’s knee. Here is one full hour of domestic discipline, featuring two of our most popular spankers and two real Shadow Lane girls who are making their video debut in this crisp spanking video with a traditional husbands-spank-wives theme. The girls are both adorable. Traci Greer is a leggy, blonde tomboy from the midwest and Miranda Fay is a cute, little minx from the Pacific Northwest. They take really good spankings because they are really into spanking and well…we think they rather liked playing opposite their leading men. Keith Jones and Steve Fuller fans will want to buy this one right away.

Genre: BDSM, Spanking, Domination, Punishmen
Studio: Shadow Lane
Director: Eve Howard
Duration: 01:02:07
Starring: Keith Jones, Miranda Fay, Steve Fuller, Traci Greer

Quality: DVDRip
Format: WMV
Video: 480*360, 1250 kbps, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 1328 kbps
Size of archive: 577 Mb

File size: 577.9 MB

Realitykings – MoneyTalks – Haylee Heart in position big

Talk about a day or so and not only a film crew from MoneyTalks Realitykings.com now lying in a trendy boutique of lingerie and intimate toys. Where is the victim , but she Haylee Heart young hot and loves krempay in their pussy . On personal request abundantly poured her vagina sperm ..

Genre: All sex, Amater
Year : 2010
Studio : Realitykings
Cast : Haylee Heart
Size: 410MB
Duration : 00:39:26
File size: 410.3 MB

This video has been removed.

ACT81 Crossin The Line 3

Production year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: gay, stud / hunk, bareback, hardcore, indoor
Duration: 00:57:53
Director: Ding Flamingo
Studio: Active Duty
Cast: Jake, Landon

Landon Comes For His Second Visit
Landon is a new recruit that I found recently, and what a cute find he is. He’s such a sweet guy — and so, so adorable with those precious baby brown eyes and that killer smile. Landon came for a solo and pics (featured at the end of this tape) a few days prior to making this second visit. Once he gets here I tell him that we will be doing a double jack off session with he and Big Jake. Landon doesn’t seem to have a problem with just jacking off with another guy so I bring in Jake and the two of them bullshit a little before getting naked and hard and jacking off.
Jake Tells Landon ‘The Scoop’
Just as we did in “Crossin’ The Line 1″ I tell Jake that I have to leave for a bit and that it’s his duty to tell Landon all about the “other” videos we do. Jake assures me that he’ll be very thorough and leave out no detail. While I’m gone Jake starts telling Landon that we also do gay films and that he has done them before and it’s not that bad. He then starts to quiz Landon about his curiousities of being with another guy. Landon reply’s that “everyone has thought about it at some point” and Jake continues to fish for a cue that Landon might go for it. Landon isn’t that easy of a sell though and Jake has to put on his thinking cap for this guy.
Jake Meets A Perfect Match
I’m still gone and Jake is still trying to fish for the cue with Landon as he tells him that sucking a cock really isn’t that bad. At this point, Landon comes back with a reply that I think intially shocked the shit out of Jake (I know it shocked me when I watched it). Landon looks at Jake and tells him that since he knows so much about sucking cock and that it isn’t that bad that Big Jake should suck his cock…what aÊtough cookie! This really catches Jake off guard at first, almost making his job way too easy. But Jake is smart enough to make a deal with Landon. He tells Landon that he will suck his cock first if Landon will return the favor. Landon doesn’t give Jake the answer he wants to hear right away, but thinks about it for a minute. Finally he agrees that if Jake will do the deed first he will follow. I return to the two of them jacking each others cocks and begin to help Jake ease Landon on to the next step.
The Line Is Crossed, And The Action Is On
Jake goes to town on Landons cock, giving him a great, slow and easy blowjob. Landon starts to keep his end of the promise by grabbing onto Jakes cock and jacking it while Jake gives him a blowjob. Landon is not going to back out at this point and Jake raises up on his knees after sucking Landon for awhile and Landon gazes at Jakes cock for a few moments almost if he’s not sure if it’s his turn or not, but the anticipation during these few minutes is priceless. You can tell that Landon is just waiting for the cue that it’s his turn. Finally, without having to be told, he goes in for the kill and takes Jake into his mouth. Landon isn’t scared by any means and holds his own in the blowjob arena. He’s giving Jake as good as he got. The two of them switch back and forth giving each other head and then Landon suggests a 69 and they get into a 69 and go at it that way.
Jake Lays Back And Gets Ready For Landon’s Young Virgin Ass
After a little 69 action, Landon tells Jake to lay back and on the bed while he gives him some more head. Jake at this point starts playing with Landon’s cute, hairy ass. He puts in a finger and talks about the “suction” and how tight it is. Landon doesn’t seem to mind this at all so Big Jake keeps fingering and playing with Landon’s hole. You can tell that Jake is getting excited at the thought of possibly fucking him and I start asking Landon if he’d let Jake fuck him. Eventually Landon agrees and Jake gets behind him and eases his long, bent cock into Landon’s waiting ass. It’s on like a pot of neck bones now folks, Landon is ready to take it and Jake is ready to give it. I get excited and start doing some really dirty talk in the background asking Landon if he likes it as he moans and groans in pleasure. It takes a few minutes for him to and accomodate Jakes big cock, but once he does he does it like a champ. Landon is so cute, and I get some very good close up shots of that beautiful face as Jake plows him from behind. I get involved in talking Landon through it and he really starts to get into it, responding to my questions of “is it good? You like that cock in your ass?” It’s clear that this is his first time and it’s clear that he’s loving it.
Big Jake Works Up A Sweat And A Big Load
Little Landon is giving Big Jake a run for his money as Jake starts to pour sweat. Jake is loving this newbies hot ass and it isn’t long before he’s going to explode. He cues us that he is going to cum and Landon turns around and positions his mouth on Jake’s cock and takes his cum into his hungry mouth. Just like a true champion, he takes the load and lets it ooze out of his mouth. Jake lets out a few grunts and moans and says how good it feels. After Jake has blown his load he tells landon to lay back on the bed and he sucks him off to an explosive cumshot and Landon blows before Jake can get his mouth around his cock. But Jake goes down to Landon’s belly and gets the goods after the explosion is over. By this time I think I was laying on the floor waiting on the paramedics to come revive me, I don’t remember. But I know this is one hot video that moves very quickly without a lot of bullshit time. Landon is a trooper and he’s just proved it.
Landon Alone
At the end of this tape Landon’s first solo appears. This is where we first get to know about Landon and watch him work his fuck stick up for us and give us a show. Enjoy!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 704×480 29.97fps 2267 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128kbps

File size: 997.1 MB

This video has been removed.