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Harmony Concepts – Gangbound 2

They nervously agreed anyway. Hollywood is grabbed, bagged and chair-tied — also plastic and tape wrapped — then hogtied by three thugs. Wait until you see Jewell thoroughly ball-tied and later bound in a demanding t-bar hogtie! Amber is dragged in by four thugs and frog-hogged and in another scene, chairtied by Jon and Jack. Innocent Karina is tied, gagged, and leashed. She shows off her lovely legs and bottom in a strict strappado. Mary Jane barely escapes her perilous cliffhanger like tie-up before a terrific explosion! And while stripping in her bedroom, she’s grabbed and tied by two intruders. Rock star Chanta can’t keep her hands off herself, then is rudely tied by Jack and Oak. Tons of onscreen bonds and gags. Sexy women whimpering and begging to be Bad guys who live to tie ropes a little too tight…it’s all here in “Gangbound 2”!!

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