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Broke Straight Boys – Diesal & Ashton

On the futon today, we have Ashton and Diesal. While Ashton is bisexual, he prefers to bottom as he doesn’t get turned on fucking guys, however, Diesal is straight but likes a guy’s tight ass. We were all chatting about likes and dislikes when it comes to sex when Ashton, in his typical quirky way, came out with a statement that he tried a Viagra injection in his cock in order to get hard enough to fuck another guy. Nice to know that Ashton isn’t shy in trying something new. With a price of $1500 for Ashton to bottom and $1000 for Diesal to top, the boys were ready to get the show on the road.

They stood up, stripping off but leaving their underwear on before I told them to just take them off anyhow. Sitting back on the futon, they immediately started playing with their cocks as I put the straight porn on. Even though Ashton said he would suck dick first, he quickly backed out and said Diesal should go first. With a laugh, Diesal agreed and leaned down, taking Ashton’s cock into his mouth. Leaning back into the futon, Ashton let Diesal work his magic as he into it. Ashton was enjoying it so much, he commented how good Diesal was at giving head for a straight boy. Diesal went right back to the blowjob, Ashton peeking down every now and again as Diesal’s head bobbed up and down. While Diesal doesn’t have any fancy tricks when giving head, he always gets a good result from his steady and method, the proof being Ashton’s hard cock.

Now it was Diesal’s turn so he sat back and grinned as Ashton swallowed down Gigantor. Even though Ashton had experience giving blowjobs, he was amazed at Diesal’s size and when I dared him to deep throat the huge cock, he gave it a try but quickly admitted that he would be able to do it. Undeterred, Ashton sucked on Diesal’s big, low hanging balls, licking and mouthing them before going down on the hard cock again. Soon enough, Diesal was ready to get down to the fucking so both boys got themselves prepared. With both of them lubed up and condom on for Diesal, Ashton lay down on the futon while Diesal knelt in between Ashton’s spread legs.

As Diesal pushed his cock into Ashton’s ass, Ashton was feeling the pain of Gigantor, however, he told Diesal to keep going. Ashton’s ass was really tight so Diesal had to go slowly until, in long, deep strokes, Diesal set a steady pace as Ashton started panting. With the futon opened up, Ashton got down on all fours, Diesal kneeling behind him. With one thrust, Diesal slid right back into Ashton, using shallow thrusts as Ashton loosened up again. As Ashton more, Diesal was able to quicken his pace, pounding into the well shaped ass. However, Ashton needed a quick break as his ass was hurting from not being enough in the beginning. Once he had regained his breathe, Ashton flipped over onto his back again and said that Diesal’s cock was the biggest he had ever taken. With Diesal holding Ashton’s legs up in the air, he was able to slid into Ashton in long, deep strokes, making Ashton grunt. A few moments later, Diesal set a fast and furious pace, fucking Ashton hard. Bracing himself by grabbing onto Ashton’s feet, Diesal was able to go so deep, he wrung a moan out of Ashton on each stroke.

They switched to Ashton laying on his side with Diesal holding one of Ashton’s legs up while sliding into him on an angle. Diesal went in with a fast pace, however, after Ashton told him to slow down, Diesal thrust in long and slow. It wasn’t long before Diesal was ready to come, pulling out and wanking off over Ashton, cum splashing Ashton in the face and over his chest. Both boys broke into laughs when Ashton complained that Diesal had shot cum in his ear! Now it was Ashton’s turn for the money shot and after getting cleaned up, he wrapped a hand around his cock and started jerking off. Sure enough, Ashton spilt cum all over his pubes and the futon with cum dribbling down his fingers.

Both boys did a great job and it was a really hot scene. I know that they are interested in coming back to the studio so make sure you watch out for them in future updates!

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Broke Straight Boys – David, Jesse & Mike

Today, we welcome back David and Jesse, here to do their anal shoot, along with Mike R who is here to lend a hand. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, David is bisexual, Mike is bordering on bi while Jesse is straight but considers himself ‘gay for pay’. All three guys had talked about how the scene was going to go beforehand and had decided that both Jesse and Mike were going to top David. Needless to say, when taking into consideration how big Jesse’s cock is, David was more than a little nervous. There was some bartering on David’s part on how much he was going to get to bottom, especially as he had to take both dicks in his ass. Finally though, David settled on $1700 while Jesse and Mike were both going to get $1000 to top.

Putting the straight porn on, the three guys stripped off then sat down on the futon and started stroking their cocks. Like always, Mike was hard in about 5 seconds, David only a moment behind him while Jesse worked hard with both his hands wrapped around his humongous cock. I hinted that someone should start sucking on a cock, Mike instantly leaning over and taking David’s dick in his mouth while Jesse swallowed down Mike’s dick. From David’s expression, it was hard to tell if he was in pain or enjoying Mike sucking on his cock but as Mike is a pro at giving blowjobs, I’d hazard a guess that David was in heaven. Mike broke off for a moment, taking the opportunity to watch Jesse sucking on just the head of his dick, before sliding David’s dick into his mouth again.

The famous BSB wave changed sides, David going down on Mike and Mike taking on Jesse’s cock. Right away, Jesse had a hand on the back of Mike’s neck, holding his head down while David was treating Mike’s cock like his favourite candy. Mike suggested they try a daisy chain, so they opened up the futon, each one with a cock in his mouth so no-one was left out. Mike, full of good decided that David should suck both his and Jesse’s cock, so he and Jesse stood on the futon with David kneeling between them, alternately sucking on each hard dick but soon enough, it was time for David to get fucked. Due Jesse’s size, it was decided that Mike should pound his ass first. With David on his back and legs spread wide, Mike slowly slid into him and set a slow but steady pace as David was experiencing some discomfort. Like a trouper though, David sucked on Jesse’s dick to take his mind off the dick in his ass. Soon though, he was moaning like a bitch as Mike picked up the pace, Jesse watching intently as he knelt beside David’s head, fisting his own dick.

Now it was Jesse’s turn at David’s ass and with David on all fours and Jesse behind him, David was about to experience his first 9.5 inch cock. Jesse was forced to go slow as it was obvious that David was in some pain. David quickly started to suck on Mike’s dick as Jesse fucked him in long and deep thrusts. It was all too much for David and he needed to take a break from Jesse’s Godzilla sized dick. David turned over onto his back again, Mike thrusting right into him and immediately pounding his ass hard as David sucked on Jesse’s cock. Jesse got all Dominant with David, pulling his arms back and holding him down even as he almost tried to choke David by shoving his long cock down his throat. Jesse, however, wasn’t finished with David’s ass and wanted another turn so he took over from Mike and started to fuck David without mercy, making David moan with each thrust while Mike straddled David’s head, dipping his dick in and out of David’s mouth. Despite his ass hurting, David was the first one to climax, cum spurting over his stomach and lower chest. Mike was next, doing his famous sprinkler shot and liberally spraying David’s torso while Jesse was a few moments behind him, his cum mixing in with Mike’s on David.

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