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Jet Set Men – Dante’s Sex Scandal

Dante is moving into a new house and needs a help. First things on his mind? Get the pool cleaned and install a security system. When Tony Banderas (Antonio’s younger brother? A guy can dream, can’t he?) shows up for a job, Dante warns “There’s more to this job than cleaning the pool.” Tony acts dumb, but it isn’t long before the two are stretched out with swimming trunks in a pile. Tony oils Dante up with suntan lotion and this quickly turns into a sexy poolside romp. Both men are hairless with well-sculpted bods that fit snugly together when the two discover the joys of a good 69.

In subsequent episodes, Dante attempts to get a security system installed in his new house, but the only thing providing protection are the condoms. Curt, another smooth muscled hottie, is hired as a security guard and his friend Cameron, who has an eerie sneer and lantern jaw, drops by to “take advantage of the situation.” Clothes are shed, bodies admired, and tattoos revealed. This scene loses momentum when Curt engages in some weird kind of buttcheek gnawing, a practice that makes Curt look like he’s teething. Unless this is your thing, look for the fast-forward button.

The next scene improves matters as Dante, sitting naked in his back garden, starts to jerk himself off. The show is impressive, and he is soon spotted by the security system fix-it man. We’re all treated to Dante’s hard cock massaged by his own hand, and our little voyeur starts to caress his own goods. Before long, he’s revealed himself, asking politely “Where’s the master switch at? I think I’ve found it…” as he bends down to test Dante’s own switch box.

The final ridiculous set up has Dante bringing in representatives of three international security alarm firms to submit sealed bids. After he picks the winner and leaves, the losing two men subject the winner to a round of sexual “punishment” that culminates in the winner being turned into a human cum rag.

While the plot is thin as cellophane, and I never quite figured out what the “scandal” from the title is supposed to be, the sexy scene of the fix-it man watching Dante jack himself off from behind the trees is hot enough to make seeing Dante’s Sex Scandal worthwhile.

Release Year: 2001
Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: Dante, Alex LeMonde, Eric Lang, T.J. Slater, Joel Sjoberg, Curt Baldwin, Cameron Sage, Tony Banderas
Video language: English

File size: 0.9 GB