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Bareback Ranchers Vol. 2

Those twinky Czech cowboys are back in Bareback Ranchers Vol. 2, and it is even better than the original. The corny attempts of these Euroboys trying to sound like they’re Texans is still there, but the camerawork is much more on target this go around. A big cast of 14 toned teens is on hand for six hot scenes.

Tommy Sem, the coverboy from the first film gets the hardcore screen time here he should have had in the original when he’s paired up for two great scenes with Vol. 2 coverboy Milan Breeze. The boys can’t get enough of each other, first in an outdoor scene, then inside.

After they chow down on each other’s hard cocks, Sem’s cute little ass is taking it raw in a slew of deep pounding positions. Each time they shoot their loads, they’re sucked down and shared with a tongue wrapping kiss.

The other spunky ranch hands get busy with twosomes and threeways while working the range. Breeze is horny for Plozen and DeLong, so their hands and mouths get to work sucking, stroking and rubbing cocks together, looking mighty nice with their bodies glistening in the sun. DeLong’s ass gets taken for a ride by the pair. After a good dicking, he cums in Plozen’s mouth. Plozen splatters Breeze’s tongue with jizz and gets sucked dry, then Breeze power blasts into DeLong’s mouth ending in cum kisses. Hot little Tommy Sem was watching the whole thing nearby, getting worked up and jerks out a juicy load.

A lanky twink threesome scene with more of a put together at the last minute feel gets rolling when Zebro soaks in the sun and works his cock. Buddies Ryder and Palmer lend hands and mouths to the scene, working over Zebro’s pole and hole. Zebro’s painful bottoming doesn’t work out too well as Palmer briefly tries to top him, so Ryder’s capable ass is soon bouncing on Zebro’s long shaft until all three boys get spurting cocks unloading in their mouths.

A twosome with blond twinks Holly and Maxwell kind of comes across as more of a training session for new boy Holly. He seems in pain while trying to take Maxwell in his tight ass, then has the problem a couple of guys show here looking like they’re about to gag when the cum hits their mouths. Maxwell looks like a natural, mouth wide open as Holly fills him up.

The orgy fiesta is what everything has been leading up to. A group of boys come home drunk and horny, loving the sight of their buddies sacked out, only wearing tight briefs. It’s not long before a 10-man suck and fuckfest gets roaring. Raw cocks find their way from wet mouths to willing holes, shooting loads and dipping back in for more, along with plenty of cum flowing into thirsty mouths.

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