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Max HardCore – The Max Faktor #17 (Euro Edition)

Description.: Ginger Lea is the upset mother of one of Max’s models. But Max doesn’t give a fuck and reams her ass on the front porch! Max and sidekick Layla take her upstairs and work her over good! Cameron is a 90-lb hairless teen who wants to be a cheerleader. Max drills her throat and ass, and shows her how to make the squad! Catalina is on vacation in Canada, where she gets in real trouble when she lets a stranger in her room!

Starring.: Cameron, Layla, Ginger Lee, Catalina, Max Hardcore

Video Info.: Codec.: DivX 5 • Bitrate.: 1.500Kbps • Resolution.: 720×480 • Aspect ratio.: 3:2
Audio Info.: Codec.: MP3 • Bitrate.: 128Kbps • Sampling rate.: 48KHz
Duration.: 1h. 58mn.

File size: 1.3 GB