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Fetish Force – Dog Fight

Country: US
Studio : Fetish Force, Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Leo Forte, Alessio Romero, Wilfried Knight, Race Cooper, Dirk Caber, Tony Buff
Director: Tony Buff
Producer: Chris Ward

This isn’t puppy’s play… this is what happens when the big dogs come out to get down and dirty. Dog Fight captures the head-space created by gearing up in ‘pup’ gear, with a decidedly edgier feel as these full-blown, sexual sport dogs fight it out for Alpha position, piss and spit to mark their territory and turn us on with puppy tail butt plugs, hoods, mitts and hardcore sex.

Alessio Romero and Leo Forte team up for this must see duo scene. This is not your typical puppy play, this is straight up dog on dog action and watching these two Latin studs battle it out for the role of Alpha dog, with their puppy tail butt plugs and a clever flash-fade between seeing their faces and then seeing them in puppy hoods makes this one of our most unique and favorite scenes to date. If puppy play is your fetish then watching these sloppy dogs, growl, spit, piss, suck and fuck their way to a cum-filled finale will undoubtedly have you blowing your load, too.

Tony Buff plays dog trainer to Dirk Caber. Dirk Caber gets so into the puppy play that it will leave you panting and drooling. Right from the start Caber shows his trainer Tony Buff what a good dog he is by licking clean every inch of Buff’s boots and chaps. Caber works his way up to Buff’s cod piece proving he’s no stupid dog and knows exactly where to find the ultimate bone. Caber worships Buff’s cock with amazing intensity getting Buff so worked up he decides to allow the pup to give the same attention to his ass. Caber licks and sniffs like a good dog till trainer Buff positions the pup on all fours rewarding him with an intense ass pounding. Buff turns Caber over on his back leaving him in his puppy mitts and continues the fucking while stroking the pups cock till he milks out his load. Buff follows with a huge cum shot and just when you think it’s over, unleashes one of his legendary torrents of piss all over Caber who does his best to lap it all up, but ultimately he’s left wading in a pool of piss.

Super sexy Race Cooper and the studly Wilfried Knight battle it out for Alpha dog honors. Cooper proves he’s nobody’s bitch by aggressively getting Knight all worked up with some intense cock and ass worship, leaving his ass gaping – the perfect target for a stream of piss. Knight submits even more by sticking his ass in the air so Cooper can plow it hard and deep. It gets even hotter as Cooper puts Knight on his back and rides his cock in full Alpha mode working a hot load onto Knight’s hairy chest. Knight immediately shoots his load over himself leaving him drenched in both “dogs’” cum.
DVD covers

Just looking at French stud and 2010 GayVN Performer of the Year Wilfried Knight is a fetish in itself. This Tony Buff directed solo perfectly captures every inch of the muscular and hairy stud. Knight positions himself on a fuck-box working us up by using lots of his spit to lube up and stroke his hard, beautiful uncut cock. The way Knight strokes his cock and works his spit around his foreskin is a must see for foreskin lovers. After working up enough pre-cum, Knight lays back and uses it to lube up his muscular and furry ass. After working his hole with his fingers he grabs a large puppy tail butt plug and shoves it in. This really gets him moaning and writhing as he aggressively works it in and out of his ass until he unleashes a hot cum shot over his furry stomach.

Cooper shows us how excited a puppy tail butt plug up his ass and a dog paw dildo to suck on really makes him. Just watching those beautiful lips worship that dildo will get you worked up. Cooper on his back stroking his big cock as the puppy tail slaps his balls will send you through the roof. Like a good dog he pisses all over himself and grabs his jock to soak it up and squeeze what he missed in his mouth. You might just go a little weak in the knees when he yelps like a dog in heat as he sprays a hot load over his beautiful torso.

Leo Forte gives you a hot solo, featuring this dirty dog chained to his cage. He doesn’t seem to mind being bound and makes use of his solitary confinement by working his foreskin, pissing on himself and working his hole with a dog paw dildo. Leo’s has infamous spit-producing abilities, and he uses it as lube for his ass and cock. Nobody does it like Leo, who will get you as frenzied as he gets before he blasts a hot load.

Alessio Romero is a true superstar, player and nasty pig. He gets right into this amazing solo by working his aggressively hungry ass, pissing on himself and when he sniffs his armpits you wish the scene came with a scratch and sniff option. Romero basks in a pool of his own sweat, piss and spit till he shoots his load over his beautiful furry tattooed body.

Caber in his puppy hood, knocks around his ball, lifts his leg, pisses in his doggie bowl and sits on his puppy tail butt plug teasing his hungry hole like a dirty dog. Caber loves every second and strokes his cock continuously throughout till he takes off his hood and gets on all fours to really show us how much he loves to play with his piss filled doggie bowl, lapping it up, spitting it out and using it to stroke his cock. Caber finally just dumps what’s left in his bowl all over himself till he’s soaked in piss getting him so worked up he furiously strokes his cock and works his puppy tail till he pulls it out of his gaping hole and shoots a monster load over himself. Still not satisfied and rock hard he unleashes a final stream of piss in his mouth.

Length: 1.45 GiB Duration: 2h 56mn 38s 667ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 000 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 480 (1.500) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 160 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 1.4 GB

Cum Fuckers / 2006

Year: 2006
Genre: Amateurs, Bareback Sex, Uncut Cocks, Hand Job, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Blonds, Cum eating, Dildos – Toys, Deep Throating, Facial Cumshots, Felching, Hairy Crotches, Hairy Men, Kink, Kissing, Live Sound, Multiple Orgasms, Muscle Men, Nipple Play, Older Men – Younger Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex, Rugged Men, Snowballing (Cum Kisses), Spanking, Spitting, Tea-bagging
Length: 01:42:50
Starring: Lucas Marshell, Ty Hunter, Tony Stockman, David Aiden, Mark Laurent, Aiden Bonini, Joey Caruso, Stefan Karlsson
Studio: Cum Fuckers
Directed by: Nick Kinman
Description: Four pairs of dirty studs put on a shockingly filthy show for the camera i?? cum fucking, piss fucking, toys and spunk facials in the freshest, horniest, most exciting film to cum out of the UK in years!
Tony & David
Tony and David are two muscle boys in their thirties and Ii??ve never seen two people having more fun having sex with each other. Theyi??re absolutely fucking filthy and they cannot get enough of each other. Dave, 31, a little facial hair and Tony, dark and a bit Brazilian looking go at each other like rutting deer. They slurp, lick, grope and sniff like theyi??re on heat. Welsh Dave has nipple rings and big tan lines and both have HUGE bodies i?? honestly Tony has biceps the size of my waist i?? and cock rings. Dave roughly pushes Tony over, spits on to his own cock and rams it in. Iti??s a dirty grunting and groaning fuck with tons of verbal abuse and swearing. They swap roles and positions and manage to fuck every way I could imagine and a lot of ways I couldni??t. My favourite is with Tony fucking Dave whilst Dave is basically doing a handstand. And the rimming, god, theyi??re like dogs licking ice cream off a bowl. When David cums he gets in on his fingers and works it up Tonyi??s hole, using it as lube. Then they move in to the shower for what is probably the single dirtiest sexual act I have ever contemplated, viewed, or participated in. David pisses on Tony. Then David pisses up Tonyi??s arse. THEN David lies down in the bath and Tony Davei??s piss all over him. And our lawyers assure me this is legal. Ii??ve a mind to write to my MP. The scene ends with some dildo play, but I was too in shock from the piss fucking to take much in.
Marc & Ty
Marc is the smooth late twenties Mediterranean looking lovely and Ty is the hot slim and athletic looking skin head with just a hint of a five oi??clock shadow. After a little oral Ty spits on his cock and fucks Marc ragged. After a sweaty pumping Marc absolutely covers himself in cum with Ty still banging away deep inside him.
Aidan & Lucas
Cover boy Lucas is 25, fair, smooth, and with a body just to the left of perfect. He met twenty year old italo-hottie Aidan at a porno shoot, where Aidan helped him get a hard-on for the camera. Frankly a purposeful stare from Aidan would be enough to have the elastics of your Calvini??s go critical. Therei??s an infectious lust in this scene, they boys cani??t get in to each others pants fast enough, then they are sucking, licking, stroking and fingering as if Aidani??s parents are due home any second. They take turns fucking, and clearly love doing each other and doing it in front of the camera. Lucas does a nice line in dirty Essex chat, especially when Aidan cums on his hole. When Aidan cums again Lucas has his tongue out to catch it. It an awesomely horny scene to watch.
Joey & Stefan
Joey is tall, dark, handsome and Australian and met blue eyed blond Swede Stefan at Bondi beach. First Stefan fucks Joey, then Joey fucks Stefan, and everybody cums. Lots.

File size: 1.0 GB