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Tokyo-Hot n0126 – The Kinbaku 6 – Yoko Sakashita

The neat and dynamite tits holder of YOKO SAKASHITA appears as office lady in this time. The superior’s obstinate sexual harassment is repeated in the company every day though it is natural because it is an attractive dynamite tits. Though YOKO who has become accustomed to the sexual harassment of the boss recently, the insult play of TOKYO HOT is more than sexual harassment. Our elite force that takes charge SM play especially in our company made polluted her body perfectly with a strong SM attack and a large amount of vaginal cum shot. The excitement level is an at a dash power-up to the appearance of the elite force that tries to regenerate all women as a masochist domestic animal. YOKO became tired very much after she returns from work to home and clothes is changed to sexy lingerie and sleeps at once in the bed. However, she has a nightmare to the bad dream every day and wakes up. YOKO who is suffering from insomnia visited hospital confesses that restricted with the rope in the nightmare and being insulted by the SM play. However, Special SM team that waited in the hospital and YOKO is restricted as much in the dream. YOKO is made it sit on a chair by the open leg pose and gets the pussy bullied with the finger violently. Both legs are bound with the rope hung from the ceiling and it is not shut in own power. The toy attack to the pulsing vagina by a sudden bullying is repeated Furthermore, compulsion female ejaculations of disgrace by finger fuck attack that violently stimulates mucous membrane wall of vagina. Following, two meat pillars appear in front of YOKO in the state bound to the hand in the back and compulsion fellatio is started. YOKO is hold the head and just like as ultra fresh doll. The attack of the meat pillar is more violent than the expectation and the interior of the throat is hit directly, then YOKO sometimes shows a painful expression. Thick semen is splashed to the tongue that hung down sloppy from her mouth. YOKO who was filled in the mouth with the semen remembered one art where it lived as a masochist domestic animal with the face without the expression like the mud doll. YOKO still restricted by the hand in the back is defeated to the bed in the next scene and she is inserted by backing. Breeding is continued to YOKO who is no freedom of both hands and most no freedoms of the body, and three people violently put in and out meat pillar to her vagina jar one after another. YOKO having been untied afterwards receives the attack of three pillars by various postures like woman on top, side and so on. The mark of the rope remains in red in her skin, and it is fresh and gets excited. After first vaginal cum shot was made, a lustrous semen begins to powerfully overflow from her vagina jar and the surrounding of the vagina was made dirty. The second cock is inserted at an instance. The second cum shot is facial cum shot, the semen is splashed to face of YOKO who fell to one of masochist domestic animal that only pant intermittent. The third cock is inserted from the back. Meat pillar is put in and out in the pussy where filled with compound of semen and her joy juice with powerful stroke, and made vaginal cum shot as it is. The semen that overflowed from the pussy flowed without becoming interrupted and dropped because extremely high cohesiveness semen was injected. The appearance that YOKO excretes the semen is the proof of the masochist domestic animal’s slut. The fourth cock made row insertion at the missionary posture and made facial cum shot afterwards. The cock after it made cum shot is inserted in her mouth by force and semen of the remainder is poured into her mouth. It is a closing phase of the manufacturing of the lust masochist domestic animal. Last is expanded the pussy by the cuzco and made raw fucking. After the inside of the vagina that discolors in red like telling violent is exposed, it ends by the scene that pours the white milky juice with which semen mixes from the head to whole body. It was heard that the masochist domestic animal ranch where the female office worker and the college woman had been gathered was in Japan though one woman made in one masochist domestic animal by this again. I will think that I will go out to travel with to drag the swollen ball bag by semen and searching for the ranch tomorrow.

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