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Lucky Lukas

Production year: 1998
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal, Oral, Group Sex, Cum shots, Big Cocks, Muscular guys
Length: 1:38:01
Director: George Duroy
Studio: Bel Ami
Cast: Lukas Ridgeston, Ion Davidov, Vadim Hausman, Karl Tenner, Alexander Strauss, Jiri Lubov, Ales Hanak, Pavel Zurek, Marek Antonov, Peter Korman, Dano Sulik, Daren Van Laan, Ralf Vernier, Justin Marino, Adam Cartier
Description: Lucky Lukas is a specially priced 2-dvd set – the first dvd containing the movie as originally on VHS cassette. The second disk is just under three hours long long and contains all the unedited footage Bel Ami shot (using 3 cameras) from the final scene with Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov.
Lukas buys a used British car and wants Ion Davidov to accompany him on a test drive. Going to where Ion usually hangs out, he finds him with Jiri Lubov and Alexander Strauss exchanging expert blowjobs. When Ion emerges he rides off with Lukas and almost immediately they have a near-collision with Pavol Zurek and Ales Hanak who argue with Lukas and Ion over whose fault it was, then drive off.
Lukas and Ion then come across the two very muscular guys sucking each other. While Pavol fucks the living daylights out of Ales, Lukas and Ion play a dirty trick on the insatiable guys’ auto.
Later, Lukas and Ion see college-boy Vadim Hausman hitchhiking. Grateful for the lift, Vadim arrives at his destination and enthusiastically lets Lukas and Ion fuck him in turn. Resuming their cruising, Lukas and Ion stumble upon Dano Sulik and seven friends in an old truck-garage, split into four pairs, having sex with wild abandon.
At last Lukas and Ion go back home. Unimaginably turned on by all the sex they have witnessed, the two engage in foreplay, then make a bet as to who will fuck whom. Lucky Lukas wins and he and Ion finally realize everyone’s fantasies as they pleasure each other fully, completely and deeply. Ion and Lukas flip-flop in the scene, and whether on the bottom or the top, Ion is always in control, always dictating the action in what has to be one of the hottest scenes in the history of gay porn.
Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: DVD Video
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: Video: DivX 3 336×256 29.97fps 924Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
Size: 743 MB

File size: 742.8 MB

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