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Frisky Summer 3: Wild Strawberries

Year: 1998
Genre: anal, oral
Length: 1:21:45
Directed by: George DuRoy
Studio: Bel AmiV Cast: Julian Armanis, Sebastian Bonnet, Ion Davidov, Sergei Grigoriev, Gerard Kilian, Erik Kovac, Justin Marino, Valentin Nabokov, Marco Rossini, Michal Tarkus, Karl Tenner, Hans Moser

Billed as the “last and best of the Frisky Summer trilogy,” director George Duroy pulls out all the stops with lots of young hot guys having enjoyable sex for the entire length of the 82 minute feature.
Like the previous films in the series, the film consists of unrelated scenes whose only theme appears to be carefree sex and the warm freedom of summer.
It begins with a hot scene between brunets Michal Tarkus and Eric Kovac. They start by simply playing around, but soon they are playing with each other’s impressive erections. Kovac gives enthusiastic head to Tarkus, and both cum. Then their joy continues by Kovac sliding his thick, uncut cock up inside Tarkus. Kovac fucks him doggie style and they both cum.
The second scene is a long solo scene with the sexy Julian Armanis in a bathtub. He studies his fit, slender body and produces a big load for us.
The third scene involves four friends hiking – blond Justin Marino, brunet Gerard Killian along with the pony-tailed Marco Rossini and blond Karl Moser. The two couples separate to different areas. However the two sequences are presented together so it feels like it is one four-way scene. Killian is a sex animal, as we saw in American In Prague. Marino sucks his cock and tops Killian. The second couple also enjoys a good time. While standing up, Rossini tops Moser doggie-style.
The fourth scene is explosive – friends Ion Davidov, Karl Tenner, Sergei Grigoriev and Eric Kovac go swimming. Afterwards, they head inside and all sprawl out on a large bed. The four guys couple up with Davidov on Tenner and Kovac on Grigoriev. All four guys are very cute. Top men Davidov and Kovac are sex machines with Tenner and Grigoriev equal matches. This scene is the one you’ll watch over and over.
The final scene involves two Bel Ami hotties – Sebastian Bonnet and Valentin Nabokov. The two boys start at a car show, and spend time looking at some sleek hot rods. They then go home and make love. The scene is richly photographed, taking in the sunlight in the window very nicely.
Both boys are cherubic, young and horny. After much kissing and cocksucking, Bonnet throws a very satisfying fuck to the innocent-looking Nabokov. It is the perfect ending to the film and the series.

File size: 1.1 GB

Full length Film. Cicciolina. Ilona Staller. avi 736 mb

Studio: Italian
Year: 1987
Title: Ilona Staller – Packt Aus Aka Amori Particolari Transessuali.
Size: 735 mb
Models: Cicciolina [Ilona Staller], Miss Pomodoro, Ebony Ayes, Josephine Moon, Gjilian Shell
Male cast: Rocco Siffredi, Roberto Malone
Genre/Fetish: sex, group, anal, lesbian,Transessuali, peeing ( Ilona Staller)
Video details : 7.: Codec.: Avi. || Bit rate.: 1274 kps || Resolution.: 720×548.:|| Aspect ratio.: 4/3
frames pr second: 25
Audio details : Codec.: Mp3 – MPEG-1 Audio layer 3 || Bit rate.: 92 Kbps || Sampling rate.: 44 Khz Play

Description: Classic Italian sexmovie from 1986 with a story and the politician- and porn legend Ilona Staller, who was one of the first to introduce peeing in porn.

Something about Cicciolina’s Sexuality compared to Politics.
A Porn Star Uses Sex as Her Claim to Power
Should women use their sexuality for political gain? Or is it better to avoid this route to power?

The woman Ilona Staller woman who famously used her sexuality as a political tool was Hungarian-born Ilona Staller, best known as the Italian adult film star, Cicciolina. In 1987, 20,000 people in the district of Rome hand-wrote her name on their ballots, preferring her over forty-seven other Radical Party nominees. Cicciolina’s political campaign included striptease, live snakes as props, and her signature flashing of breasts.
File size: 736.5 MB