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The Isle of Men ( Directors Cut ) / 2001

Year: 2001
Genre: Latin Men, Muscle Men, Hunks, Uncut Cocks, Big Loads, Big Balls, Facial Cumshots, Hairy Men, Interracial Sex, Threeways, Uniforms
Length: 02:41:16
Starring: Ivan Andros, Lucas Magalhaes, Mark Anthony, Daniel Rivero, Juan Jimenez, Lazaro Carrera, Pietro Rosselli, Luis Clemente, Jose Luis Vazquez, Ivan Cseska, Dan Dirk, Arpad Miklos, Antonio Armani
Studio: Sarava Productions
Directed by: Kristen Bjorn
Description: Kristen Bjorn videos cannot be compared to anything else on the market. Let’s look at the stats on “The Isle Of Men:” It features 13 men, runs minutes in length and has 42 cum shots. (And it’s not even a compilation!)
It’s a bit hard to sum up this epic video in a few hundred words, so we’ll try to just stick to the highlights. The beautiful, big-dicked international cast is riddled with fresh faces (which only adds to the film’s appeal).
In the first scene, we find the god-like (and frighteningly well hung) Juan Jimenez along with Lazaro Carrera and Daniel Rivero. Jimenez tops Carrera twice and Rivero once. The cum flies everywhere — eight loads in this scene alone (which sets the tone for the rest of the film). In this scene, and in the rest of the video, a number of the loads are “hands free.”
Next, sex beast Mark Anthony is set loose upon Lucas Magalhaes and Ivan Andros. Anthony is fond of sucking dicks after they’ve cum. Hot! Magalhaes tops Anthony (who bottoms like a champ) and fucks Andros. We also get a Magalhaes/Andros/Anthony fuck train.
Cyclists Luis Clemente and Pietro Rosselli (wearing those spandex bike shorts) stop in for a visit with Jose Luis Vazquez. Rosselli licks and sucks at Vazquez’ foot before fucking him. Vazquez bottoms for the other two men, and Clemente also bottoms for the others.
Finally, we arrive at the big finale. Miklos invites three ship officers (Ivan Cseska, Dan Dirk and Antonio Armani — all dressed in crisp white uniforms) up to his abode. First Cseska tops Armani and Miklos tops Dirk. Then we get a Miklos/Armani/Cseska fuck train. And to top it off, Dirk gets double-fucked by Miklos and Cseska.

File size: 1.6 GB

This video has been removed.