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Pantyhose Prisoner

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Cast: Mistress Monica, Mistress Kozmina, Ricky Bobby
Genres: FETISH -> Amateur, FETISH -> Legs & Nylons -> Pantyhose, FETISH -> BDSM -> Bondage -> Hardtied, FETISH -> BDSM -> FemDom -> F on M, FETISH -> BDSM -> CBT, FETISH -> BDSM -> Humiliation

Mistress Kozmina joins Mistress Monica to torment slave ricky bobby for 57 minutes. He is young, new and very compliant, especially when faced with two gorgeous, pantyhose-clad sadists who are primed to tease his big cock and humiliate him. He serves underfoot, gets spanked and has his nuts put in the humbler. Down in the dungeon, Mistress Monica strangles him while sitting on his lap and then milks his cock out into a silver dog bowl as he is taped to a pole. The young submissive knelt and worshipped Mistress Monica-s high heels as She and Mistress Kozmina idly chatted. They slipped off their shoes after he had a taste of both pairs of heels and their stocking-covered feet caressed and kicked his face and body. Standing, he served beneath as they stomped him and made him eat their feet in between bouts of face sitting. Mistress Kozmina kicked his balls over and over, and Mistress Monica-s dainty hand made sure his cock stretched tight in the cock cage. The fun continues as the slave gets his neck scissored and squeezed by both pairs of long legs. They take turns trampling him and then make him smell their pussy and ass. He inhales deeply through the nylon covering and is treated to whiffs of pure sweaty femininity. Mistress Monica wipes Her ass clean with toilet paper and stuffs his mouth full as Mistress Kozmina holds his head. She is getting quite excited, and he gets another chance to sniff Her panel-covered crotch. This slave is in for rougher treatment after his humiliating ordeal in front of their asses. Mistress Monica spanks him hard with the slapper as his head is locked helplessly between Mistress Kozmina-s silky nylon-covered thighs. His big, bulging, trapped cock gets played with and teased before the humbler is snapped on his balls. Mistress Monica plays with his trapped balls and then orgasms in front of his face as Her partner-s feet beat a tattoo on the back of his balls. Mistress Monica finishes masturbating in his face, and he is obliged to smell Her fragrant pussy, and then Mistress Kozmina takes him for a short pony ride. In the next scene, he is bound in a chair in the dungeon, and Mistress Monica is choking him with a noose. She sits on his lap and leans way back, cutting off his air, and Her partner keeps slapping his face. Even though he is getting a lap dance, he cannot enjoy it with blackness closing in from the choking. Next, they tape him standing to a pole and cut his cock out of his pantyhose. Mistress Kozmina attaches clothespins to the helpless male. He is blindfolded and silenced with a ball gag as Mistress Monica whips his cock and balls. She teases and plays with his cock before resuming whipping the tip. Mistress Kozmina produces a shiny dog bowl, and Mistress Monica milks out a big load of cum into the silver bowl, thus ending the day for their pantyhose prisoner.

File size: 500.4 MB

Perfect Partners (2010/DVDRip)

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Stars: Mistress Monica, Mistress Alexis, Slave Twitch

Mistress Monica and Mistress Alexis just want to have a good time! They definitely make a perfect couple as they take on and dominate Slave Twitch! You have to see these two mistresses as they spank, jerk – off and humiliate Slave Twitch! Mistress Alexis and Mistress Monica are truly in their element in this movie!

Video: 720 x 404 (180:101)
Run Time: 34 minutes / 299,05 MB

File size: 299.0 MB

Stairway Slut

Description: The hostess, wonderful in a black corset, black boots and dark tights, caressing slut on the stairs. She knows that he is guilty and should pay for the course wearing her stockings. She makes paper clips to his nipples, binds his hands behind his tights and orders him to fuck her huge breasts as they hung obscenely from her corset.

Format: wmv
Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Resolution: 480×272
Duration: 00:27:23

File size: 144.4 MB

Lakeview Entertainment – Silky Smooth Sadists DVD

Mistress Monica teams with Mistress Kozmina (Her first appearance) in a 64 minute pain filled humiliation of slave twitch. The Ladies have a great time together at his expense and spare no energy in kicking, trampling, face sitting and humiliating the handsome slave. He licks the bottom of their boots clean and Mistress Monica dominates him with bare feet before slipping into Pantyhose. Mistress Kozmina holds his pantyhose leash and makes him suck a big dildo as he gets a prostate massage. Then Mistress Monica fucks him up the ass with her strap-on as her partner amuses herself at all angles. Finally, in the CBT chair, he is milked out into a dog bowl, but not before Mistress Kozmina applies the violet wand to his big black bound balls.The Ladies stride in as their handsome black slave is led by the pantyhose leash around his neck by Mistress Kozmina…

File size: 572.3 MB

Lakeview Entertainment – Dance On Her Dick DVD

Watch a 64 minute trip to subspace with Mistress Jade Indica as She hypnotizes cum slut tosha with Her beautiful pussy and ass. After using him for Her oral service, She moves him to the kitchen to suck Her cock and dance on Her dick as She rolls Her luscious hips and drives it in deep. Back in the bedroom his cock is seriously tormented and then She buries the business end of an even larger strap-on deep inside him and he dances once more. Finally She ties him tight on his back and extracts a huge orgasm from his tormented balls.

File size: 573.1 MB