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Slavegirl Emma – The Runt

Emma is back. A nightmare of pure pain and anxiety is all the runt of the ShadowSlaves stable can hope for, and this time there will be no friendly introduction. Bound and gagged in a severe hogtie, we find her struggling naked and helpless for instant punishment. As the ropes are loosened she is continually whipped, slapped and kicked, being forced to lick Magick’s boots thoroughly clean as soon as the gag is removed. The viscious all over body beating continues in ernest the minute she can stand, with a hard whipping of her tits and cunt, legs, stomach, and even throat and face leaving her raw with pain. Clothespins bite into her tits, labia, and throat. Her fear makes it obvious she knows what is to come when the whip is produced once more, and she is not to be disappointed. Magick rewards her stalwart obedience in standing still and presenting herself for this treatment with an Earth shattering orgasm that leaves her crumpled and shaking on the floor unable to stand.
Standing is about to become an even bigger issue as Magick turns his attention to her feet with a hard caning across the tops and the backs of her ankles while she tries to keep her balance. The sadism is as medical clamps are used to tear at her nipples and flesh, her face, and even to control her breathing. A hard bristled hairbrush is ground painfully into her cunt until she collapses to the floor once more and is left licking his boots as cane blows continue to rain down. A direct attack on her asshole with a riding crop, is enough to make her beg for the cane, and as though to prove this is no mere sensation play, Magick actually breaks his fibreglass cane delivering hard blows directly to her asshole and cunt. Her reward is a second orgasm, this time delivered via a viscious fisting while she tries to remain standing.

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