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Kristen Bjorn – Fire Dance

Director: Kristen Bjorn
Studio: Sarava Productions
Produced: 2006
Condoms: yes
Starring: Juan Jimenez (Antonio Marquez), Carlos Montenegro, Rocky DeOliveira, Carlos Caballero, Bruno Duarte, Falco Jambout, Jean Franko, Max Veneziano, Alex Ribeiro, Matthias Vannelli, Zeca Romeiro, Mario Segovia, Mauricio Goldstein, Mukhtar Safarov, Erick Nogueira
Categories: Euro-Muscle Guys, Interracial Sex, Latinos, Leather, Oral Sex, Rimming, Horsehung, Italians / Italy, Hunks, Incest / Brothers, Tattoos

Fire Dance is the story of brothers Juan Jimenez and Carlos Montenegro. Having lost the family fortune, they converted their ancient chateau into a pension (guesthouse). It attracts handsome men from all over the world. Some go there for its rural natural beauty; other for its “tainted … sordid history.”
Visitors Matthias Vannelli and Zeca Romeiro get a taste of that history when they arrive to find Juan and his lover, Rocky Oliveira, carnally engaged in the open stone window above the entrance. Rocky jerks Juan to an orgasm that showers the guests as they are about to knock. They agree, “What a welcome!” and their blood comes to a boil so instantaneously, they hurry to a shaded area nearby to engage in similar shenanigans. But that’s getting ahead of the story.
Apart from the symbolic significance of the title, there is an actual fire dance in one scene. Max Veneziano and Alex Ribeiro, two of the guests, work in a traveling circus, in which Alex is a fire-eater. When they practice their fire dance in the courtyard, it enflames the loins of gardener Jean Franko, who joins them for an extended three-way. Rocky is one of the most stunning Bjorn models of all time. The lover of Juan, he also loves Juan’s brother Carlos, and the shifting sexual dynamic among the three provides an extended “scene” that carries throughout the film. Rocky connects with each brother individually (as a top when he’s with Carlos and as a bottom when he’s with Juan) as well as in an three-way.
Mario Segovia plays the milkman, who delivers milk and cream in huge tin vessels. He becomes sexually embroiled with Matthias and Zeca, and sensuously pours gallons of milk and cream over their bodies on a stone wall in the courtyard. It’s unbelievably sensuous. Matthias Vannelli also bottoms onscreen for the first time.
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The 2 ½-hour director’s edit (mail-order only) has an additional 30-minute, four-man scene involving two pairs of guests, a billiards table, and what to do when the “pool table” has no balls or holes. Among the highlights of this four-way is Falco Jambout getting fucked to orgasm with a cue stick. As we learn from the narration, there’s another reason for the chateau’s dubious reputation: visitors have been known to disappear. Carlos Caballero accidentally discovers the prison located in one of the chateau’s towers. There he finds three men in leather and chains. He frees them and they have sex, but there’s more to that secret that he later learns.
Fire Dance has everything Kristen Bjorn fans expect, from multiple, almost endless orgasms, to spectacular international models to incendiary sex — plus such additions as the milk bath and the fact that nearly half the models are versatile.

Length: 1.37 GiB Duration: 2h 41mn 15s 175ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 073 Kbps, Aspect: 624 x 480 (1.300) at 23.976 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 1.3 GB