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g-project – Super SM-Z 23

Volume 23 from G-Project S&M magazine.
Japanese, hardcore, S&M, fetish, electrode, rope, humiliation etc.

File name: 035as_2vid_5351.avi
Duration : 00:59:12
Resolution : 480×320
Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 767 Kbps, 30.000 fps

File size: 382.0 MB

[PRISM – OSUINRA] Muscle Journey

This is a special video as it took part in Taiwan! Yes, this time, Masaki Koh is going to Taiwan and have fun with two Taiwanese!

The erotic 3P took part in a hotel. It started through the glass, then continue playing in the shower room. Masaki Koh has been having fun fucking both Kevin and Jason in various positions and actions – oral sex, anal, ass rimming, etc. Also includes a deluxe edition of 140 minutes off shot!

Please enjoy the wide-screen picture with powerful 16:9.
File size: 1.6 GB

[PRISM – OSUINRA] Sweaty Muscles!

This is the debut of OSUINRA series, featuring the hottest Masaki Koh!

See Masaki Koh fucks in sweat in various styles and positions… Kissing, nipple lick, ass rimming, dick sucking, ass fucking, etc. Only top athletes with hot bodies have been featured in the video.

The video also covering a 3P scene, leading by Masaki Koh, of course.

File size: 1.7 GB

[PRISM – OSUINRA] Sexy Guys Make Love at Hot Springs

As the title tells, sex in the hot spring has been the main feature of this video.

See the players wash their bodies in the hot spring, then continue with erotic kissing until the dicks are heated up, followed with wet licking of each other bodies, and ended with Masaki Koh fucking his partner in the hot spring!

The video also feature a 3P. See the muscular players having sex, fucking each other in the hot spring.

This is one video you don’t want to miss!
File size: 1.8 GB