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FetishKitsch – Boxes DVD

Watch as FK and I are forced to take punishment as I am chained to the floor and FK’s head is trapped in a box with his hands locked behind his back. My! It was such a thrill to watch FK become vulnerable as another women commanded and whipped him around…that was my biggest thrill of all! But while FK got his own punishment, it was now my turn. Watch as I am put into, as I so lovingly refer to as the ‘Blow Job Box’. And if you wanna see this badboy in action, well you are just going to have to watch the video…poor poor you! ๐Ÿ™‚

File size: 536.3 MB

Upside Down 1

Today I was completely swept off my feet!…no really, I was literally swept off my feet and was suspended from the ceiling upside down.

While wearing my black catsuit, gloves and black and white hood, I was strapped into some hard core ankle restraints which attached to a bar that hoisted me up, where I hung upside down hovering a few feet above the bedroom floor. Sounds complicated?…We made sure to show you the entire process, giving you some really steamy behind-the-scenes footage…with of course lots of obligatory butt shots ๐Ÿ™‚ So here I am hanging upside down…whatever will happen next?

File Size: 436 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 00:17:11
Format: WMV
Studio: FetishKitsch

File size: 436.4 MB

Rubber Damsel in Distress

Gagged, blindfolded, electrified, and strapped up tight; Miss K is ready to be played with.

Deprived of most of her senses she is forced to focus on the electric current pulsing inside her. The rubber straps are so thick and tight that they actually constrict her breathing quite well. All of these things add up to a very horny Miss K. The vibrator offers a short distraction but that can turn to torture as well.

File Size: 411 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 00:16:10
Format: WMV
Studio: FetishKitsch

File size: 411.2 MB

Seeing Red Part 1

Today I show off a new purchase, my new bright and shiny red catsuit and matching red bondage hood which of course would not be complete without matching red socks and gloves! Being a new suit, it was due for a proper shining. I have fun putting on a show for the camera as I shine every inch of my rubber skin from head to toe.

An inflatable dildo is handed to me and without hesitation I put it in its place! As you know I love my inflatables ๐Ÿ™‚ An inflatable gag is locked on and my master shows true delight in pumping me up from top to bottom…maybe a little too much fun, I couldn’t fit anything else in if I tried! But I love the pressure the inflatables create.

File Size: 432 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 00:17:05
Format: WMV
Studio: FetishKitsch

File size: 432.3 MB

Fly on the Wall

After Miss K finished cooking in the previous video, I decided to keep the camera running to catch some of the moments from the rest of the night.

Bare in mind that this video was never intended to put on the site so there are not a lot of camera angles nor a lot of action, this is more of a fly on the wall view of how we normally play. However if you are a fan of extended sessions, of girls covered in rubber, tied down, and left for hours, then this video is for you!

File Size: 595 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 00:27:10
Format: WMV
Studio: FetishKitsch

File size: 595.7 MB