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Dick King

Year: 1973
Country: Italy
Genre: animation
Directed by: Gioacchino Libratti
Written by: Giovanni Majere (book), Claudio Monti
Length: 1:04:46
Language: English
Description: To learn the truth about the weaknesses of the king, do not ask himself the ruler – he likes to embellish. And do not ask his courtiers – they love to smear. Better talk to a jester king – if he wants to, tell you the truth about his master: the king eats, drinks that, where walking, sleeping with whom. Shute knows everything, because he – ‘alter ego’ of the king. No wonder these wise Krivlyak to head instead of the dunce’s hat with bells – the same comic, but the crown! And in the movie ‘King Dick’ protagonist – it is a buffoon. All the court was well known for his sharp tongue, and all the singular female – and even his long dick (an English slang word equivalent to our native three-letter). Because the exact translation of the original name still ‘King Dick’, but the Russian ear, this game does not catch the words.
Not all the jokes in this film, a drawing is good, meet and vulgarity, but curiosity …

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