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Rykers Revenge

Year: 1998
Country: USA
Genre: anal, oral, hunks, rimming, twins, vintage
Length: 1:29:59
Directed by: Jim Steel
Studio: Men of Odyssey
Starring: Brett Ford, Chad Donovan, Dean O’Connor, Gabriel Peron, Joey Hart, Ken Ryker, Logan Reed, Oscar Peron, Ricky Starr, Steve Harper, Tony Donovan, Zachary Scott, Jack Francis (non sex performer)
Description: It’s a rare find to find an adult film with both a great story / plot, as well as hot actors who can perform. Men of Odyssey is able to achieve this tough job with this movie. A big reason is of course Ken Ryker, who has made his mark as one of the best performers of all time. Throughout the movie he is able to come off so genuine and natural that the movie as a whole follows suit. The basic plot involves a reporter (Joey Hart) trying to get the scoop on Ken Ryker. The “revenge” part is directed towards a sleazy reporter obsessed with Ryker’s career (Jack Francis who is great in a non-sexual role). To try to get the story, Hart first hooks up with super stud Logan Reed; just as a warning, stand back from the TV when Reed unloads!! Eventually of course Hart and Ryker hook up, also watch out for a hot scene where Ricky Starr is a super hot bottom and a great award winning group scene. All the performers are pros and a great joy to watch. There’s enough here to recommend this to anyone, in addition to the movie there are great bonus features including slideshows, a director’s commentary, and written diary entries from Joey Hart as they were filming.

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