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The cruiser / Nova Films / 1979

Studio : Nova Films, Bijou Classics
Cast: Clay Russell, Bo Richards, Dale Arnold, Ken Fox, Ron Stevens, Mark Kropp, Clay Cooper, Chuck Stears, Bud Wilson
Genre: pre-condom ,compilation ,vintage ,bareback
Year: 1985
Runtime: 65 min
Country: USA
“The Cruiser presents a blond civilian driving around, soon picking up a sailor and a marine and taking them back to his apartment. A threeway sandwich in which a blond is fucking the sailor who is fucking the marine ensues. Tool Boy features slender, well-hung Ken Fox performing a solo atop a barstool in a tool shop, shooting a gushing climax.

In Shiveree, three mature, balding, rugged men engage in a versatile three-way in a bunk bed. Fucking, sucking and rimming galore is shared until they are later joined by a young blond and they pair off. In Mr. Fix It, Bo Richards jacks off while naked atop a yellow Camaro. His climax is quite explosive, too! Track Meat concerns the seduction of a runner by his coach in the gym. The coach fucks and rims the boy twice on the bench press, on his back and on his stomach, before each man cums twice, in each other’s face.”



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