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The Man in Black

As the scene opens, Daisy is firmly bound, face down, on a saw horse, with a ball gag in her mouth and the business end of a fucking machine in her fully exposed pussy. A mysterious man in black leather enters and fondles her breasts and then attaches an evil looking pair of Japanese Clover Clamps to her nipples. Now properly prepared for punishment, the fucking machine is turned on and he proceeds to slap, spank, pinch and paddle her as she strains under the pounding of the fucking machine in her swollen pussy. When the fucking machine is turned up to full speed, Daisy comes to a violent orgasm. For a change of pace, the man in black now moves daisy to a chair with wrists bound overhead in the submissive pose, as he treats her to a full series of S&M including electroshock, cropping, caning, and plug insertion. To wrap things up, the man in black brings her to orgasm with a nasty little vibrator while severly pinching her nipples. After she cums, the man in black fades into the shadows.

WMV HD 720p.
15:50 Minute Run Time
File size: 237.6 MB