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Bareback Island

Year: 2007
Country: Brazil
Genre: Latinos, Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex
Length: 01:48:02
Starring: Alan Black, Alber Charles, Anthony Gimenez, Antony Caputo, Arcanjo Amaro, Cristian Torquato, Eduardo (II), Junior Panavelo, Roberth, Roger (II)
Studio: Street Corner Studios
Directed by: Manuel Suave
Description: “Bareback Island was handsomely filmed entirely on location in exotic Brazil. The film opens as the surf pounds the sunny island shore and new friends Alan and Antony take a stroll along the beach. Hunky Alan is first to act on the sexual tension in the air, before they get thoroughly acquainted.
After a splash in the water and feeling sexual inspiration from the outdoor scenery, Roberth and Roger get down to some sucking and rimming on the rocky shore, before big Roberth tops Roger.
Sailing enthusiast Arcanjo takes Eduardo on a boat trip. After soaking up some rays, it’s not long before an ocean frolic ensues, leading to creamy loads. On his daily run along the beach, masculine powerhouse Junior finds little Cristian in pensive mood, enjoying the view. All the running has pumped the blood straight to his cock, and Cristian is glad to be on the receiving end.
Horny couple Antony and Alber make out on the rocks over looking the shoreline. They find a deserted golden beach on this paradise island to get their rocks off under the hot summer sun.
Feel the heat as Bareback Island hits the sexual nail on the head with it’s ocean frolics and creamy loads. It’s certain to leave your dick drooling.”

File size: 1.8 GB