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Battle Cry (2009)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Amateurs/First Timers, Freshmen, Muscle, Finger Fucking, Big Cock, Rimming, Rough Sex, Straight Men, Threesomes/Threeways, Group Sex, Theme: Military/Soldier
Starring: Thomas, DJ, David, Payme, Kaden, Thomas
Studio: Active Duty

Sometimes you just know you got a winner as soon as you turn the camera on and the boys start chit-chatting. Something about the air, the chemistry, the feeling you get deep down in your gut that what’s about to happen will become one of your best yet. Those were all feelings I got when I turned the camera on Thomas and Kaden. Kaden had agreed that he’d try bottoming for Thomas which was a major step for him and I was nervous that it might prove to be too much for our fair-haired boy, but he proves me wrong and what a great thing to be wrong about. Kaden came to the plate and took Thomas’s bat like a champ and together they hit a home run. The chemistry and passion between these two was amazing. They didn’t just fuck for the sake of fucking, they made as near love as anyone could make. Kissing, licking, sucking and coming almost in unison. This scene will certainly go down as one of the best for both them and me. To watch Kaden shoot his load with Thomas’ huge meat deep inside his tight, beautiful ass is something that could put me to warmly to sleep on many cold nights. Pure heat!
Getting these two together for this took some time. Kaden had to prepare himself for the task at hand, but when he did, he meant business. When the camera comes on the two of them are on the couch chatting back and forth. Getting them together for some one-on-one was the best I could have had. It set them at ease and gave them a chance to really get into each other. They are both aware of their popularity and they’re proud to get the chance to be alone. I talk with the guys a bit about what’s about to happen. Kaden says he came to try something different. Thomas says he thinks what’s about to happen is spectacular. Fireworks. I go to put some laundry in and bake a few pies while these two get things started. You can tell they’re both a bit nervous but I think it’s more nervous excitement. Both of these guys have worked really hard on their bodies and they know how to admire hard work. The glances start and they don’t stop until the hard cocks come out and then the glances turn to stares. Kaden is the first to latch on to Thomas’s hard meat as he starts stroking it and feeling it up for size. Kaden gets a good handful and says “lord, that’s going in me?” Thomas replies with devilish grin, “yep.” The verbal exchange between the two at this point is priceless.
After some banter back and forth about their bodies and how hot they are, the talk turns to cock and Thomas starts talking about how Kaden’s hot abs lead right down to his hot cock and Thomas says he’s ready to taste that hot cock. Kaden sheds the rest of his clothes and gives Thomas access. Thomas wastes no time moving in and taking Kaden’s cock in his mouth. I return from baking just in time to get some good shots of all the hot action as it starts to unfold. Perfect timing. While Thomas services his cock, Kaden feels all over Thomas’ muscled back and admires the beauty. Thomas really goes to town on Kaden’s rock hard cock, worshipping it like a true straight guy who has been starved for dick all his life.
As Thomas makes love to Kaden’s cock, he slowly moves up his chest, rubbing and worshipping his body and chest, licking his nipples, squeezing his pecs, licking his neck and then it happens. That first kiss. Long, deep and sensual. This is where that feeling enters your gut. The one that tells you this one is going to be a winner. You also feel feelings in other places if you’re like me. Thomas moves slowly back down to the task at hand and finishes enjoying the taste of true perfection as he continues his oral caress of Kaden’s cock. If I were an old romantic I might get misty eyed and claim there’s a love affair in the making here. But being the animalistic beast that I am, I just assure myself that this will be one hot fuck.
Kaden helps Thomas strip the rest of his clothes and out flops that hard monster just bouncing in Kaden’s face. Kaden wastes no time getting his hands and lips wrapped around it and Thomas is in for the ride of his life as Kaden returns the favor with just as much passion and poise. There isn’t many things you can watch in this life that are as mystifying as a hot, masculine man enjoying the hard tool of another hot, muscled stud. And watching Kaden make love to Thomas’ monster is a sight to behold. He uses mastery and skill and the two of them continue rubbing and admiring each others hot bodies. Thomas gets into his trademark dirty talk and talks shit to his cocksucker and Kaden responds with moans. By now, I’m lost in the moment and that feeling in my stomach keeps getting deeper and more present. All the while, Kaden strokes his own hard cock. I get some great underneath shots of Thoams fucking Kaden’s sweet mouth. He’s tamed this monster. They switch positions and Thomas makes love to Kaden’s cock again.
Thomas works his way back up Kaden’s body and they embrace for a second kiss, all the while Thomas is stroking Kaden’s hard cock again. The tongues are dancing and in my head the music is playing. Wonder what was going through their minds?
‘Man that felt good’ must have been what was going through their heads because they go for a third passionate kiss. Kaden goes back down on Thomas for a bit and then gives him his trademark tongue bath as he licks and tastes every inch of Thomas’ torso. Passion is all in the air as these two studs make love, not war.
All this passion and heat has brought them to that point where it’s now or never. Thomas asks Kaden if he’s ready to give it a try and Kaden whispers “yes”. Thomas says “Show me that ass” and Kaden does his trademark slow grinding tease that we saw in The Porthole. He’s teasing Thomas with that pretty round bubble butt and showing it off. Thomas and his cock are both responding well. Both of them are teasing one another. Kaden with his ass and Thomas with his cock. Thomas is stroking his hard massive meat as he rubs Kaden’s ass in anticipation. Kaden arches his back to show off a perfect bubble butt. Thomas reaches under and strokes and plays with Kaden’s hard cock. If Kaden aint ready now, he’ll never be. The heat is so intense you’d have thought the room would have melted by now.
And from there we watch Thomas’ massive cock squeeze it’s way into Kaden’s tight hole slowly, slowly and then it disappears and for the next seventeen solid minutes we watch that huge cock plow Kaden’s tight ass six ways to Sunday. And this isn’t some pussy fuck. This is a real man with a real huge cock fucking another real man who is taking it like a true champ. This is a passionate fuck between two men. It doesn’t get any better than this. Thomas takes on the dominate role he’s so good at and Kaden gives in to the good feeling and together they fuck like rabbits, each in total control yet wild abandon. They’re lost in the fuck and you can tell. Me and the camera are just along for the ride. This is their show. Their time to shine. That feeling in my stomach rumbles and I am numb.
From the time Thomas buries his cock in Kaden for the first time until they both cum, we are treated to one hell of a fuckfest between two chisled Gods who seem to love every second of it. Thomas starts out slow fucking then turns dominate and starts in talking shit, they go from fast to slow, to passionate, back to fast, deep, hard, pounding exstacy. This has got to be the hottest, horniest seventeen minutes of either of their lives. I know it was mine. I was speechless and all I could do was capture it. They go from kinky moments of dirty talk and ass slapping to slow and passionate lovemaking. I am still in awe even as I watch it again and write this. Words fail me on how great this scene is. Kaden tells Thomas to put him on his back and fuck his ass. Thomas agrees and Kaden gets on his back with his hard cock in his hand as he strokes it hard while Thomas re-enters him and fucks him fast and hard. Kaden strokes his cock and slaps it on Thomas’ stomach as Thomas plows him deeper.
Thomas literally fucks the cum out of Kaden as he pounds him deeper and deeper talking shit to Kaden all the while who is presently lost in the moment. Kaden blows his load all over himself as Thomas eggs him on. A huge cumshot lands all over Kaden’s stomach and he’s soaked. He tells Thomas he wants him to cum all over him and Thomas pulls out and obliges with a drenching outpour of pure manjuice, spraying Kaden’s chest like a gargen hose. The porn gods are watching in admiration as this scene comes to a close. Heaven.
We’ve all met David on the Active Duty LIVE Shows with DJ. These two hot ex marines are roomates and have been close friends for a few years now. It’s my theory that they are secretly in love, but don’t tell them I told you that. We’ve enjoyed many hot duo shows of these two on AD LIVE and now they’re here together for the first time. David is as sweet and beautiful in person as he is on webcam. Imagine my delight as I’d only seen him on webcam before he and DJ made this trip out. I decided that a hot pairing would be Thomas and Payne. Payne has come a long way fast here at Active Duty and I wanted to throw him in the mix with DJ and David to see just how much they could make him shine. Thomas takes a backseat in this scene, but that’s OK. What he did in the first scene pays his dues for awhile. We shot both of these scenes the same weekend so I didn’t get too upset that he stayed behind the shadows while David, and DJ take on Payne and bring him further along.
The boys and I chit-chat for a bit and I leave to do the rest of that laundry that I still hadn’t finished the day before. The pies are in the oven and hot sex is on the way. All the cocks get hard and suddenly spring out of their zippers. David is more than pleased with his company as he kicks back and just watches the boys play with their hard cocks as his own hard cock rests against his stomach. You can tell he’s happy with what’s on the menu tonight. Things kick off with David going down on Thomas’ huge cock first, taking it on for size and handling it like a champ. He doesn’t intend to miss a cock tonight and he quickly turns his attention to Payne’s hard uncut beauty to give it some attention as well. To watch David make love to such an uncut jewel is a true thing of beauty. DJ strokes his own hard cock and watches the show. I think the boys are comfortable now.
All the guys get their fair share of cock-tasting as they try each other out. DJ moves in on Payne while David goes back for some more of Thomas’ meat. Payne watches the cocks and decides which one he’ll suck first. At this point, David is oozing pre-cum and Payne grabs his cock and goes down to take a taste. He’s licking and sucking and tasting the pre-cum as DJ sucks him and David sucks Thomas. A nice daisy chain of cocksucking is going on as these four enjoy some oral expertise. Things switch up and Payne gets him some of DJ’s cock while Thomas takes a taste of David.
Payne and DJ embrace in a hot, slow and passionate kiss as they stroke their cocks. DJ heads south for another taste of Payne’s uncut wonder and Thomas keeps sucking David. Everyone is into the moment as all the cocks are serviced. They switch teams and Payne and Thomas pair up while DJ and David embrace in another kiss. You can tell these two have chemistry and passion for one another. Payne joins DJ eventually to share in the wonder of David’s impressive meat. Payne and David go for a kiss of their own as DJ services David’s cock. Payne leans over and grabs onto Thomas’ hard cock again and takes it for another round. Thomas is hard and ready.
David finds himself behind Payne while Payne has his hot ass in the air and Thomas’ cock in his mouth. David really gets into this straight boys virgin pink hole as he licks it, sucks it, spreads it and shows off the pink as he slaps it with his two fingers and teases it. Wonder what was going through Payne’s head right about now? David can’t resist and starts fingering the tight virgin pucker as he asks Payne how it feels who responds with a sweet, low, “it feels good.” By this time, DJ is feeding his cock to Thomas who is keeping Payne’s mouth busy while David does the honors at the backdoor. A circle of hot sex is happening as we watch.
David is ready for the main course and hops on top of Payne’s hard cock to take it for a ride. Payne is hard and ready and David sits right down on it. DJ comes to the rescue and puts David’s hard bouncing cock in his mouth as David rides Payne’s dick. This is one hot thing to watch as DJ deepthroats David’s cock while David takes Payne’s cock deep in his hungry hole. You’d have thought David found a coin operated horsie outside the five and dime with a pocket full of quarters as he bounces on the uncut gem like he’s going to ride it all the way into some cowboy movie and play hero as he saves the day.
David and DJ are very competitive when it comes to men. They can’t stand for one to have more fun than the other and when DJ sees that David is enjoying himself maybe a little too much, he tells David to let him get some of that cock. DJ positions himself doggie-style and gives Payne the reins. Payne dives in and plows him deep as David feeds DJ his hard cock. DJ is right where he prefers to be and these two are giving him something he’ll remember. Payne finally puts DJ on his back so he can jack off as he watches Payne’s cock plow his ass deep. David tries to be sneaky and goes behind Payne and tries to bury his cock in the virgin hole. Payne isn’t quite ready for that yet and if he is, he has business of his own at hand as he fucks the hell out of DJ’s hot ass. When he sees that option isn’t open, David heads around and positions himself over DJ’s face and jerks his hard cock fast and furious. Somebody’s bound to cum and it won’t be long.
It all starts with David’s hot load as he shoots it all over DJ’s chest as DJ jerks himself harder and faster but Payne beats him to the draw. Payne pulls out and lands his own huge load all over DJ’s chest as it mixes in with David’s load and makes a puddle in DJ’s adam’s apple. Payne tells DJ to get in a more comfortable position to blow his own load and as soon as DJ sits up, he’s spraying a huge load all over himself and Payne and David urge him on. He’s covered in hot, juicy thick cum and it’s a wrap. Rewind and let’s do it all over again. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:34:19
Resolution: 640×352
Size: 0.751 GB

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