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CorbinFisher – ACM0819 – Jonas’s First Time

CorbinFisher – ACM0819 – Jonas’s First Time

Jonas has turned out to be quite the pleasant new addition to CF! The circumstance behind his having arrived here – being referred by his girlfriend, Addison – is pretty neat! That he’s settled in to things so well and proven himself to be so open-minded has been a bonus! He’s been up for just about everything we’ve suggested he try, including sharing his girlfriend with another guy!

We saw Jonas share Addison with Josh over on ACS recently, and it turned out to be a pretty hot video! What’s more, Jonas clearly enjoyed himself! He got off to seeing another guy fuck his girlfriend, and was even the first to blow his load during that hot session! Knowing he was so turned on by it all, it only made sense that his introduction to hardcore guy/guy action would take place with the very same guy he shared Addison with in that video – Josh!

I had to wonder, while filming this, what was going through Jonas’ head! Not too long ago, he got to see Josh fucking his girlfriend, and both guys took turns sliding their dicks in to her at each end. Now, though, he finds himself laying back while Josh swallows his dick! He’s on the receiving end of an awesome blowjob from a guy he saw fuck his girlfriend a few weeks before! It must be pretty wild and intense for him to find himself in that situation!

It only gets more intense from that point, though, as he soon finds himself on his knees sucking Josh’s cock – the same cock that had just recently fucked Addison while he watched! For his part, Josh must have felt like quite the champ! One day, Addison is sucking his dick while her boyfriend watches. Not too long after, that boyfriend is the one sucking his cock!

Jonas does a pretty good job of sucking Josh’s dick, as well! He has Josh fired up and turned on and ready for what’s to come next – which is for Jonas to get his dick buried deep in Josh’s ass!

With Josh on his hands and knees and Jonas behind him, the guys start to fuck hard and fast! Jonas gives it to Josh good, fucking him much the same way he and Josh and fucked Addison during their threeway. While Jonas was the first to blow his load during that threesome, it’s Josh that cums first here! With Jonas pounding his ass, he starts to shoot cum all over his own chest and abs! Jonas then pulls out to shoot his own load directly down Josh’s mouth and all over his face!

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