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TAGGING SEAN (Connor, Cain & Sean)

I’m trying to remember when I’ve seen something hotter than Connor teaching Cain and Sean some mixed martial arts moves out in the yard. Three incredible studs all working up a sweat punching and kicking the bag, then wrestling around on the grass … Oh wait – I remember … when they go inside and try out their new skills in the bedroom! I never want to lose Connor to the steel cage, but I have to admit – he could be a pro! He is lightning fast, and a good teacher as well. Cain packs some explosive power behind his kicks. Sean even manages to take Cain down, once Connor teaches him some wrestling techniques. Once inside, Connor quizzes them on what they just learned. And once Connor shows Sean a leg lock, it quickly turns into a lip lock – and they’re off and running! Sean gets sandwiched in between Connor and Cain. Cain gnaws on Sean’s delicious butt as Sean goes down on Connor’s big dick. Cain pulls out Sean’s cock and sucks it. Sean has his mouth full of Connor’s dick. Looks like the cock-sucking lessons Travis gave Sean a while ago helped! Sean moves underneath Connor to suck on his nuts and eat his ass. Cain drives his tongue into Sean’s hole, then slides his finger inside Sean’s hole. Connor sticks his finger inside as well, and tells Sean to keep licking his ass. Cain shoves his thick, uncut dick into Sean’s ass. He fucks him even harder, as Connor slaps his cock across Sean’s mouth. Sean has a lot of dick in him at both ends – and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in so much pleasure. Connor licks Sean’s toes, then tells Sean to ride him. Sean slides down onto Connor’s cock. Connor drills up into him, hard and fast, as Cain feeds Sean his dick. Sean can’t stop moaning. Cain wants to get back inside Sean’s ass. Cain fucks Sean doggy-style, as Sean sucks Connor’s cock. Connor smacks Sean’s ass as Cain pounds him. Connor and Cain kiss while Cain bangs Sean. Connor tells Cain to fuck Sean even harder. Sean’s stiff cock bounces up and down as he gets railed. Connor needs another go at Sean’s tight ass! Holding Sean’s legs apart, he fucks Sean. Sean can’t hold back! Connor’s dick up his ass makes him shoot his load. Cain fires his load into Sean’s mouth! Sean sucks it dry. Cain tells Connor to come in Sean’s ass. Connor rams Sean harder and then shoots inside Sean. I think we’d have to declare everyone winners in this sparring session. As Sean says, it was “one hell of a wrestling move!”

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Easy Inn: No Vacancy (1999)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Muscle Men, Big Cock, Cumshot, Cum Eating, Deep Throating, Manly Kissing, Tattoo
Starring: Tom Vaccaro, Jason Branch, Dewayne Gill, Lance Gear, Ric Hunter, Michael Cooper, Seth Tochet, Mack Kurtis, Jack Stuart
Studio: TitanMen

The cover models alone are enough to make you weak. With titles ranging from the award-winning Fallen Angel series, to the stunning Eruption (one of 1999’s biggest selling and most acclaimed), you and your “piece” will be thankful. Easy Inn: No Vacancy continues in the vein of hard, butch, naturally hairy masculine men getting nasty with each other. Featuring goateed and shaved-pated studs blowing huge loads all over themselves – and their partner’s poles – and then lapping the thick white goo up like a dehydrated camel, this one should get you all messy in no time. Watch for some killer facial cumshots, too. One of its year’s hottest he-man fuckflicks to be sure. Be sure and check in early… you won’t wanna check out. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:22:13
Resolution: 352×240
Size: 1.18 GB

File size: 1.1 GB