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Wood Work

Year: 2008
Genre: Muscle Men, Horsehung, Interracial Sex, Hunks, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Facial Cumshots, Hairy Men, Live Sound, Rimming, Rugged Men,Threeways
Length: 01:39:17
Starring: Ross Hurston, Francesco D’Macho, Kyle King, Ty LeBeouf, Tony Mecelli, Tim Kruger, Tyler Johnson, Eddie Diaz
Studio: Hot House Entertainment
Directed by: Robert Drake
Description: Wood Work is a top-notch production from Hot House, making outstanding use of the hottest guys in their stable. Francesco D’Macho and Ross Hurston are particular standouts in a movie that will please anyone into macho guys enjoying rough sex.
Scene one opens with D’Macho and Tyler Johnson creatively using their lunch break in the wood shop. They hungrily suck each other’s cocks right to the base, with the camera capturing D’Macho’s six-pack abs, legendary thick uncut prick, and huge arms. Jock straps frame both men’s best features as Johnson pistons in and out of D’Macho, thrusting so hard his muscle tits start jiggling. When shop boss Ross Hurston walks in, he throws Johnson out and goes to work on cum-covered D’Macho. The pairing of these two muscle gods is magnificent with Hurston giving it to D’Macho up the ass then D’Macho turning the tables on Hurston who proves to be a very active bottom. Hurston’s hard rod bounces back and forth between his muscled thighs like a metronome keeping time to the thrusting motions of D’Macho. Hot!
Bubble butt men Ty LeBeouf and Eddie Diaz look hot in their Levis, but even hotter when they strip to their jocks for some spit-filled oral, after which Ty spreads his milky white butt cheeks for an enthusiastic rim job. Diaz then sinks his substantial cock all the way into Ty on the first try. They swap positions and Ty drills into Eddie with equal vigor.
After work some of the guys grab a beer from the cooler and Kyle King drops to his knees to service D’Macho and Tim Kruger. They each demand so much attention that King chokes on all the fat cock he’s eating. How did Hot House find so many gifted cock-suckers for one movie? D’Macho uses every flexing muscle in his body to fuck King, who muffles his moans by keeping his mouth full of Kruger’s very filling meat. After D’Macho’s assault, King endures Kruger’s even larger tool. Superb camera work zooms in on King’s gaping asshole as Kruger repeatedly pulls out and drills back in. The scene culminates with the movie’s hottest action: a tag-team attack on King’s hole by the two muscle studs, each one going in for a few thrusts, passing the hole back and forth. King deserves a “bottom of the year” nomination for this performance.
Ross Hurston returns as the boss who makes a deal with Tony Mecelli for a little something extra with his pay. Being the grateful employee, Tony gets right to work providing a first-class blow job for Ross. But the boss is looking for more, including a ride on Tony’s rigid pole. As they fuck their way around the shop, it’s hard to decide which is hotter, Tony’s muscled torso or his dick.
Other than about five seconds of a soft dick in scene two, this movie delivers rock-hard cock throughout. The plot is little more than an excuse for blue-collar guys to have very hot sex, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s another Hot House masterpiece.

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