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Scene 2 "Cum Guzzlers"

Year: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Dick, Cumshot,
Duration: 00:32:52
Description Lucas Entertainment has no shortage of hot men and hung pornstars shooting even hotter loads, and “CUM GUZZLERS” highlights every last, dripping shot of the best the studio has to offer. Models shooting this loads include Parker London, Zach Alexander, Rafael Alencar, Junior Stellano, Spencer Reed, John Magnum, Alessio Romero, Johnny Angel, Steven Daigle, Kyle DeAnthony, Matan Shalev, and Harry (more)

File size: 333.6 MB

Falcon – Stryker Force (1987)

Cast – Jeff Stryker, Steve Hammond, Kevin Williams, Robert Harris, Jim Pulver, Doug Cory, Gavin Jeffrey, John Farley, Ted Dowell

Jeff Stryker and Steve Hammond sign up as rival mercenaries in a powerful sexual thriller set in a dangerous jungle where they try to avoid peril while looking for adventure and a hidden cache of diamonds.

Scene 1 – John Farley describes for Jeff Stryker and cousin Dutch (Steve Hammond) how he came to leave a fortune in diamonds deep in the heart of a distant jungle. He implores the two adventurous men to combine forces and recover the loot, but Jeff has his misgivings…he’s always found something a little off and unsavory about cousin Dutch…especially a recent confrontation between them…in flashback.

“Dutch” (Steve Hammond) is hanging out at the tracks with his buddies, pounding a few beers and bonding. He notices Jim Pulver and Ted Dowell climbing into an empty boxcar for a little privacy. Once inside, Ted drops to his knees and deep-throats Jim’s thick cock. He sucks and sucks, prepping Jim’s rod for its eventual implantation into Ted’s ass. Jim fucks Ted hard, first on his back, then from behind…pumping hard and fast…working Ted into a frenzy of lust. When the two studs have launched their loads over each other, they discover that Dutch and his buds are on their way over to give the fags a bruising. Jim confronts Dutch and Jeff Stryker shows up just in time to fend off cousin Dutch…the rabid homophobe.

Scene 2 – Ted Dowell conveys his astonishment at Dutch?s (Steve Hammond) crazy fag-bashing behavior?especially since only a few weeks ago, Dutch was eager for Ted to deep-throat his thick cock?Ted remembers his garage encounter with Dutch and how Dutch enjoyed the feel of Ted?s mouth on his cock. Over and over Ted lovingly throated Dutch?s prick and Dutch matched his mouth rhythm with pelvic thrusts?how Dutch could turn on Ted so quickly was a baffling notion. Even Jeff was astonished that tough cousin Dutch is actually a closet case.

Meanwhile, flashback to present?Jeff Stryker, Doug Cory and Robert Harris are slogging through the jungle in search of the missing diamonds. Jungleboy Gavin Jeffrey watches the adventurers from his lair in the forest canopy.

Kevin Williams and Dutch (Steve Hammond) are also in search of the treasure and they?re both sweaty and exhausted. Dutch is hungry for a tropical quickie and Kevin is eager to help him out?planting himself on all fours and inviting Dutch in for a stiff solid fuck. Dutch plants his cock deep in the blond boy?s ass?pounding him harder and harder as Kevin moans for more. The tempo increases as the temperature rises and soon both Dutch and Kevin have spilled their seed over the leaf litter of the forest.

Scene 3 – In one of the most famous scenes in gay porn history, Stryker leads comrades Robert Harris and Doug Corey in from the rain for a rest. The heat rises, and soon Harris is pleasing both hung studs, who take turns fucking him as the storm escalates.

Scene 4 – Deep in the jungle, Steve Hammond discovers adventurer Kevin Williams mired in quicksand (both in non-sexual roles). As Steve pulls Kevin out, jungle boy Gavin Jeffrey watches from the treetops. As Kevin, Steve, and Jeff Stryker regroup and venture off through the canopy, Gavin marvels at their muscled forms. His cock rises and he strokes himself off as he watches the adventurers disappear from view.

Scene 5 – Back from the jungle on a failed mission, “Dutch” (Steve Hammond) arrives to have a heart-to-hear confessional with cousin Jeff Stryker. Before long, the cousins are kissing, and power top Hammond surrenders both of his holes to Stryker?s mammoth meat.

Duration : 01:08:36
Resolution : 720×480
Video : AVC (AVC), 1 938 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 1.0 GB

Bigger Than Life (1987) DVDRip

Produced in: 1987
Country: USA
Genre: oral, anal, masturbation, rimming, pre-condom, group sex, vintage
Duration: 01:11:31
Director: Matt Sterling

Jeff Stryker, Tom Brock, Jeff Quinn, Jim Pulver, Mike Gray, Kevin Wiles, Joe Gibbons, Keith Ericson

The most popular gay movie of the Year 1987! Jeff Stryker teams with Tom Brock in this action-packed bestseller with thrilling breathtaking action. Stryker at his VERY BEST!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MPEG Audio
Video: 512×384 (1.33:1), 25 fps, DivX Codec 5.1.1 ~645 kbps avg, 0.13 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, Microsoft ADPCM, 2 ch, ~354.87 kbps avg

File size: 515.2 MB

Mass Appeal (1999)

Year: 1999
Genre: Bisex, Classic, In public, Big Cocks, Hirsehung, Masturbation, Threesomes, Toys, Dildo, Strapon, Muscles, Douvle Penetration
Duration: 01:12:47
Director: Michael Zen
Studio: Men of Odyssey
Cast: Ken Ryker, Jon Eric, Sky, T.J. Cummings, Rick Chase, T.J. Hart, Lauren Montgomery, Chloe

The heralded return of mega-hung superstar Ken Ryker to the world of porn. This celebration of human sexuality puts three beautiful people together in every scene! No one and nothing is taboo. Men and women all cum together in every possible permutation. Fantasies and lifestyles – as well as dildos – are all bended and explored in one great movie. Never before has one XXX film gathered such an incredibly diverse cast of superstars. The resulting sexual threesome explosion goes far beyond bisexual – itís all sexual!

Winner 2000 GayVN award Best Bisexual Video

Format: AVI
Video: 352 x 240 (22:15); 29,970 fps
Audio: 44,1 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 477.3 MB

Absolutely Fucked

Release Year: 2009
Studio: Hot Desert Knights
Cast: Patrick Ives, Ray Dalton, FiestyCub, Jayson Park, Dustin Roller, Chico Cabron
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Rimming, Hairy
Video language: English

Your ass will be twitching when you see these fuck-aholics in action. The title says it all…the bottoms are Absolutely Fucked!
These muscle stud tops were built to fuck. They were blessed with a primal, indiscriminate hunger to punish holes raw and into submission. Men who plant cum so deep in your ass, you’ll taste it when you clear your throat. Fortunately, the bottoms take it like champs as they get a serious ass pounding from these sure-shot tops, until their fucked-out asshole oozes freshly planted cum in glorious close-up. Anything less is not enough.
Insatiable raw mansex is the great experience, and Absolutely Fucked presents it in all its fucking glory. You’ll find it all, power, muscle, insatiable punishing cocks, cumwhore bottoms and pure raw lust.
A definite Hot Desert Knight Classic that all hardcore bareback fans will want to add to their library today.

Format: asf
Duration: 1:34:11
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1928kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

This video has been removed.

Aiden Starr & Tia Ling (Lactating Anal Whore / 04.11.2011)

Year: 2011
The name of the actress: Aiden Starr & Tia Ling
Title: Lactating Anal Whore
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Lesbians, Strap-on, Anal, Hardcore
Duration: 1:17:49

Description: Welcome Tia Ling back to Whipped Ass in one of her hottest movies yet! In the first scene Tia is strung up by a brutal crotch rope parting her beautiful pussy lips while she is whipped, choked and has her large full breasts humiliatingly milked by Aiden Starr! Tia is then oiled up and tied to a chair in such a way that her round ass is perched up for a tough spanking until her ass is deep red. She then has her pussy lips adorned with clamps and weights and her ass penetrated with an acrylic dildo. Aiden discovers more milk dripping from this hard-bodied slut’s tits and fists and fucks her making her milk her own tits and receive pain as she cums. All at the same time! As if that’s not enough Tia is made to lick ass and bent over and strap-on ass fucked in doggie style until every orgasm is ripped from her hot body!

Video Quality: HDRip
HD Video Type: 720p
Video Format: MP4
Video Codec: H.264/AVC
Audio Codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280×720 29.97fps 5000Kbps [Video]
Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 125kbps [Audio]

File size: 2.7 GB

Foxy Lady

With her silky tongue & velvety fingers, she plays very dirty! She has a silky tongue and velvety fingers…shes FOXY LADY!…Ginger and Cliff, her wealthy husband, live in the enviable world of fast cars, expensive homes, erotic sports cars and non-stop sex. But their bubble soon bursts as Ginger is kidnapped and held for ransom. Amidst this anguishing turn of events, a stunning blonde suddenly appears at Cliffs house. Its Shirley, Gingers sister, who offers to their island hideaway where they are met by Karen, an exotic Oriental beauty…and the three take full advantage of their captive. Ginger manages to escape only to be intercepted by Amos, a big, black stud who promises to “get her off” the island if she “gets him off”. The shocker comes when Shirley pulls a gun on Cliff and tells him it was she who engineered the whole thing! Ah, but there are more shocking surprised in store for you when you see the startling climax of FOXY LADY, the most powerful film of the year!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:08:35
Video: 640×464, XviD, 1454kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 798.0 MB

Dirty Work

Dirty Work doesn’t do the job for me. I can see how a lot of straight men could be fond of this movie, however this fantasy film does not work with my female sensibilities.
Gina Lynn, the star, is definitely not a natural girl. Her boobs are big and fake. Her hair is blond and bleached. And her pussy appears well worn and kind of droopy. I hate being so harsh on her; hell, she looks like a young man’s wet dream. The fact is she looks too much like a typical porn star for my tastes.
The plot could have been done better. Gina came to L.A. from Kansas to make it big. In the meantime, she has to find ways to survive. The story follows her from job to job as she continuously gets fired because of “sex trouble.” Much of this trouble really is not her fault. For example, in her first job as a limo driver, a newly married couple has sex in the back of the limo. She watches them perform loads of oral (too much oral, if you ask me), and fuck in various stages of undress until the bride wears only her veil and thigh highs. It’s not too adventurous yet Gina still gets canned for watching. Who complained? The horn dogs in the back seat were too busy honeymooning to even notice her leering eyes.
This theme is followed in the movie when Gina gets a job at a clothing store. A couple walks in and Gina lets them know if they need help, she is available. They help themselves to each other. He seems like a cheese-ball to me. She, although pretty, is not much more natural than Gina. I must admit, the sex in this scene is the best in the film. They do it between clothing racks and on a comfy chair in the store. He looks more into it than she does, but they work well together. Again, even though Gina doesn’t participate she‘s let go with a “You’re outta here,” for watching.
Gina likes to peep. She watches as her lady-lady goes at it with another girl. Both girls in this act look barely legal. They are cute fucking each other with a glass dildo, squeezing each others breasts and having a nice lick fest by the pool. Of all the folks in the film these two are the most physically attractive to me. It’s too bad girls alone don’t turn me on.
We also see Gina going at it with various guys. Once with a cop as she imagines what escort work would be like. He was hot, but did not look like a realistic cop with his earring and hard-on. He feels her up against the cop car and gets a freebie. She also has a construction job where she gives two guys blowjobs at the same time. In the end her face is spattered with cum.
Gina is very technically skilled, but she lacks passion in this film. She sounds bored in most of the narrative and it seems like she is just going through the motions. I would have liked some edgier work fantasies. A bit of domination and servitude would have fit well, but nope, they didn’t do it. The sets, lighting, and camera angles are well done, but they don’t help enough to keep me from nearly dosing off way before the last time card is punched.

File size: 895.6 MB

Infernal Restraints – Stocked and Fucked

Dia zerva is a hot piece of ass that PD never gets tired of fucking with. For some reason the slut just doesn’t appreciate his attention as much as she should. The stocks he has her in are strong enough to hold her tight no matter how much she struggles. Being restrained teaches her to be a good bitch for him.

He stands her up on a wedge and then wooden spikes to teach her to stand up straight. They are murder on her feet but it is better than disappointing PD. In exchange for being allowed to remove her feet from the spikes she begs for the honor of being PD’s slut. Being allowed to even touch his cock means a lot to her and she shows her gratitude by taking a beating from his cane. The same thing happens when he fucks dia’s face. First she takes his cock, then she takes his cane, doing everything she can to please him.

dia’s tits are too nice to go unadorned. PD has a pair of very intense, weighted clamps that would look perfect on them. He attaches them to her nipples and she instantly starts screaming. she begs him to let her please him. she doesn’t care which one of her holes he wants to fuck or hurt, as long as it makes his dick hard. He canes her feet and legs, then flicks at her pussy before he decides to fill her up with an inflatable cock. It goes in her cunt first but since she can’t hold it there she has to suck on it while he vibrates her clit. If she was better at flexing her snatch she could come with it in her but this slut’s twat needs more training. PD does give it a work out with his own dick, though.

Studio: Infernal Restraints
Cast: Dia Zerva

File size: 199.2 MB

Night Walk: A Bedtime Story (1995) DVDRip

Produced in: 1995
Genre: feature, fantasy, muscle, anal sex, big cocks, costumes, uniform, fetish, leather, shaving, orgy
Duration: 01:31:34
Director: Gino Colbert & Michael Ninn

Chad Conners (Jason), Dino DiMarco (Master), Chance Caldwell, Rip Stone (gargoyles), Blue Blake, Hank Hightower, Ryan Block (water spirits), Brian Maxx, Cliff Parker, Gio Romano (chorus boys), Dane Tarson, Mack Reynolds, Kevin Dean, Kurt Houston (caged boys), J.T. Sloan, Max Stone, Rob Cryston (slaves), David Thompson, Paul Brazil (dancers), Will Clark (butler, sailor, valet, chorus), Christopher (sailor), Lucas Cheryl (orchestra leader), Jeanna Fine, Karen Dior (Marilyn impresonators), Jon Dough (master of ceremonies), Simon Delo (narrator)

Heralded by the critics as the best gay feature produced in years- and perhaps ever- NIGHTWALK is rock-hard eye candy on an epic scale from acclaimed directors Michael Ninn (Latex) and Gino Colbert (The Matinee Idol). With a cast that reads like who’s who of porn studs- and featuring gorgeous state-of-the-art visual effects- Ninn and Colbert unravel a hypnotic, romantic, and frenetic “coming of age” story that’s as heavy on plot as it is on sex. Enter a world unlike anything you’ve ever seen: where statuesque gargoyles come to life with libidinous rage… where a Marilyn-like diva soars abouve a smoky big-band nightclub… where coverboys in tuxedos shed their clothes and inhibitions in the corridors of power… where dreams are dreamt- and then fully realized. Embellished with a lush, sensual soundtrack by award winning composers Dino and Earl Ninn, NIGHTWALK marks a new era in erotic entertainement. As Mickey Skee of Adult Video News puts it, “I’ve seen the future of gay porn, and it is NIGHTWALK.” Now the future is yours.
1996 Adult Video News – Best Editing
1996 Gay Erotic Video Awards – Best Editing, Best Music
1996 Grabby Award – Best Cinematography

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: 720×480 (1.50:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 46 ~1801 kbps avg, 0.17 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~123.22 kbps avg

File size: 1.2 GB

College Rules 3 (2011) DVDRip

Real sex videos from colleges and universities across the country universities and community colleges from around the world! A lil’ skin gets you in! The boys at the fraternity are at it again. Every year they throw one of the biggest, hottest parties to kick off Spring Break. Everybody wants in, but only a few are worthy. The only way in to this killer campus party is to show a lil’ skin. Spring break! This video comes from an Eastern school that decided to take a trip to Miami Beach where they wreaked havoc throughout townFrom flashing random strangers, to taking body shots on top of bars and almost getting arrested. These frat boys and co-eds sure know how to party it up like rock stars. Amy’s perfect ass and tits! Super hot blonde, Amy, has an ass and tits to die for. Amy and her roommate like to party a lot and get freaky with each otherI know you all will drool when you see those tits and the slutty activities these sexy ladies enjoy. Girls just wanna have fun! We have a group of crazy Florida girls doing what they do best: debauchery at its finest! These girls held their own booty shaking contest and threw a nice little shindig in their dorm. They film themselves tanning naked on the rooftop, playing naked beer pong and getting down and nasty in front of the camera.

Runtime: 02:11:24
Category: Reality Porn
Studio: BangBros
Starring: Amateurs

Video: 576×320 (1.80:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 55 ~837 kbps avg, 0.15 bit/pixel
Audio: MP3, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch, 128 Kbps, VBR

File size: 1.3 GB

This video has been removed.

Miss Teen Strap America (2011) DVDRip

Kooky porn iconoclast Joey Silvera presents “Miss Teen Strap America,” a special edition of his blockbuster pegging series “Strap Attack.” Six of Joey’s perverse young ladies wear menacing, crotch-mounted dildos to turn the porn tables, demanding anal submission from their male partners! Naturally stacked cutie Holly Michaels teaches her boyfriend what real fucking is all about, with the help of blonde professional Heather Starlet. The two sweet girls anally double-team the hapless fellow using their big strap-on tools. After a mind-blowing prostate workout, Holly jacks him off onto his belly, then scoops up his semen and feeds her compliant butt-boy a humiliating snack. All-American slut Jessie Andrews comes to Vin Deacon’s house to dog-sit his pets, but she ends up making her employer roll over and beg. Jessie buries her plastic bone deep in Mr. Deacon’s ass and gives the bald stud a lesson in sexual obedience. Giselle Leon is a sultry, bratty brunette who gets off on bossing boys around. This haughty bikini bitch tosses orders at her ex-boy toy Gabriel; annoyed by his constant come-ons, she shapes him up with a butt-pounding dose of strap-on discipline. Blonde tart Shay Golden satisfies her aggressive urges on beefy Christian, and all-natural, hugely buxom BBW Beverly Paige pegs her male victim using an appropriately oversized fake dong. Pussy-boy suffers ass-to-mouth domination and a stinging round of leather butt whipping! In an ass-wrecking pageant like “Miss Teen Strap America,” the young ladies wear the pants … and wield the weapons!

Runtime: 03:17:04
Category: Strap On Babes
Studio: Evil Angel
Starring: Holly Michaels, Heather Starlet, Jessie Andrews, Giselle Leon, Shay Golden, Beverly Paige, Gabriel, Vin Deacon, Deviant Kade

Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 576×320, 29.97 fps(r)
Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 128 kb/s

File size: 2.0 GB

Santa’s Cummin’!

Year: 1996
Country: United States
Genre: All Solo Sex, Muscle, Verbal Abuse, Flexing / Posing, Masturbate, Classic
Length: 00:29:31
Director: Jeff Stryker
Studio: Stryker Productions
Starring: Jeff Stryker
Description: It’s the holiday season and Santa’s cummin ‘. Here is never before seen Jeff Stryker material made especially for you. Plus two special scenes that follow his two special scenes that follow his HOT interactive solo masturbation. The perfect stocking stuffer before, during or after the holidays!
The mega-shlonged toilet-mouthed superstar dons a Santa suit and makes you sit on his shape-shifting lap and tell him what a bad boy you’ve been. Wow – how dirty. The groan-inducingly titled Santa’s Cummin ‘! is basically a showcase for the superstar to get all nasty and jack his oversized candy-cane right on camera. Figures. Do you suppose Jeff wants milk and cookies or a nice tight hole waiting for him under the tree? If you’re a fan of the guy you’ll probably want to wrap yourself up and be his sex-mas present. If you’re not, you’ll probably be back in the store bright and early on December 26th – receipt in hand – demanding an exchange. In a (roasted chest) nutshell – this is strictly “fan only” fodder.

Video Quality: VHSRip
Video format: MPEG
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: MP2
Video: MPEG 2, 704×480 (1.467), 30.000 fps, 1155 Kbps (0.111 bit / pixel)
Audio: MP2, 44.1 KHz, 2 ch, 224 Kbps, CBR
File size: 297.1 MB

The Best of Mike Henson (1990) DVDRip

Produced in: 1990
Country: USA
Genre: Compilation, Anal, Oral, Solo, Threesome, Muscle, Classic
Duration: 01:24:55
Director: William Higgins, John Travis

Mike Henson, Doug Niles, Jeff Boote, Jeff Quinn, Mark Donovan, Mike Ryan, Rex, Rocky Armano, Jeff Stryker

Mike “Hair Boy” Henson worked with some of the biggest stars in the late eighties, and became quite a draw in his own right. Scenes included in this Catalina comp are from Big Guns, Hot Rods, Full Load, In Hot Pursuit and My Best Buddy. Fluffed and hair-dryer perfect, Mike took a cock like the best of them. His 1988 deep-throating of Jeff Stryker’s oversized beer-can in In Hot Pursuit is awesome, and there’s several other deep orals and a nice glory-hole, too. Whether a longtime fan or a newbie, you’ll be pleased.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: 640×480 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~1199 kbps avg, 0.13 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 814.7 MB

Banging the Boys

Year: 2005
Country: United States
Genre: Compilation, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Classic
Length: 1:14:14
Director: William Higgins
Studio: Catalina Video
Starring: Mark Donovan, Greg Hanson, Mark Kline, Matt Ramsey, Scott Roberts, Craig Scott, Rick Vega, Rob Williams
Description: Our Shooting Stars Series DVDs are all similar. They all have six Pre-condom Action scenes, and the six scenes have a theme. For the most part these scenes don’t exist on any of our other DVD-Compilations. That’s because after we made BEST OF JEFF STRYKER, JON KING, MIKE HENSON and all the others, there were several scenes that were unused. These are the scenes in the Shooting Stars Series DVDs. If you haven’t seen all of the 40 + Higgins movies, we’re guessing that you haven’t seen most of these scenes. And you probably won’t know the models’ names. But we all know that 20 years ago, these guys were Shooting Stars!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: AC3
Video: 640×480 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 6.0 ~ 1200 kbps avg, 0.13 bit / pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 / 0 (L, R) ch, ~ 192 kbps

File size: 745.7 MB

Best of All Matt Sterling 1992 – Jeff Stryker

Director: Matt Sterling
Starring: Jeff Stryker, Tom Brock, Mike Ramsey, Joe Craig, Brad Walsh, Joe Purcelli, Mike Raymond, Jeff Pirelli, Brian Michaels, Bill Henson, Jeff Quinn, Doug Cory, Mark Rebel, Eric Ruff, Jim Pulver, Scott Avery, Tom Mitchell

Director Matt Sterling presents a showcase of some of his biggest and best movies. Pre-condom fucking, massive loads from massive tools, back-alley tricks, body worship, the whole shebang. Scenes included here are from the certified hits A Matter of Size, Like a Horse, Sizing Up, Inch By Inch and Bigger Than Life.

File size: 1.2 GB

10 Plus Volume 1 (1992)

Categories: Classic, All Solo Sex, Muscle Men, Big Cock
Starring: Jeff Stryker, B.J. Slater, Buck Tanner, Chance Caldwell, Erich Lange, Joe Cade, Mickey James, Rick Stryker, Scott Irish, Steve Kennedy, Vladimir Correa
Studio: Stryker Productions

Each of these fantasy men take you into their own world and show you they’re a 10 Plus in every way. The hottest men, the most erotic fantasies… let them show you 10 Plus until you’re totally satisfied. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:27:30
Resolution: 768×576
Size: 1.05 GB

File size: 0.9 GB

10 Plus Volume 2 (1993)

Categories: Classic, All Solo Sex, Muscle Men, Big Cock
Starring: Jeff Stryker, Alex Carrington, Chance Caldwell, Chris Stone (II), Cole Phillips, Mark Andrews, Mitch Rabida, Nick Manetti, R.A. Richards, Ryan Block, Steve Regis
Studio: Stryker Productions

Let each of these sizzling hot fantasy hunks show you why he was selected as a 10 Plus! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:26:35
Resolution: 352×240
Size: 0.953 GB

File size: 906.6 MB

10 Plus

Country: United States
Genre: Compilation, Solos, Masturbation, Classic
Length: 1:27:30

Director: Jeff Stryker, John Travis
Studio: Stryker Productions

Cast: B.J. Slater, Beau Beaumont, Buck Tanner, Chance Caldwell, Erich Lange, Jeff Stryker, Joe Cade, Mickey Jams, Rick Stryker, Scott Irish, Steve Kennedy, Vladimir Correa

Description: Each of these fantasy men take you into their own world and show you they’re a 10 Plus in every way. The hottest men, the most erotic fantasies … let them show you 10 Plus until you’re totally satisfied. Jeff Stryker’s best solo available.

File size: 954.5 MB

This video has been removed.

10 Plus Volume 1

Year: 1992
Country: United States
Genre: Compilation, Solos, Masturbation, Classic
Length: 1:27:30
Director: Jeff Stryker, John Travis
Studio: Stryker Productions

Description: Each of these fantasy men take you into their own world and show you they’re a 10 Plus in every way. The hottest men, the most erotic fantasies … let them show you 10 Plus until you’re totally satisfied. Jeff Stryker’s best solo available.

File size: 954.5 MB

10 Plus Volume 2

Year: 1992
Country: United States
Genre: Solos, Classic
Length: 1:26:35
Director: Jeff Stryker
Studio: Stryker Productions

Description: Once again Jeff Stryker delivers the goods with another incredible line up of “10” PLUS men. Let each of these sizzling hot fantasy hunks show you why he was selected as a 10 Plus!

File size: 863.5 MB

Dark Side of the Moon

Year: 1997
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Classic
Length: 1:22:51
Director: John Travis
Studio: Studio 2000

Description: The hills and mountains of the high desert north of Los Angeles have fascinated and attracted film makers since the inception of the industry. Most of them have been photographed more extensively than Jeff Stryker’s dick (if not as memorably – or meaningfully). A couple of these areas are especially outstanding for their natural and awesome beauty featuring great slabs and outcroppings of huge rocks that were probably polished by glacial movement during an Ice Age and deposited in their stark magnificence during a warming period. These areas are especially beautiful during mid-Autumn when rain brings back lush greenery and the areas take on an almost mystical quality. This is one of the things that we wished to capture in Dark Side of the Moon. And we did! But at quite a price. Weather is not a filmmaker’s friend at this time of the year and there were days and nights of sitting in hotel rooms waiting for the rain to stop, and shooting days battling windstorms of alternating searing heat and blasting chill (not to mention the nightmare of roaring microphones). It was a battle. But when man is pitted against nature, the struggle frequently creates a special community among those who are struggling. At least it was that way among those of us who made Dark Side of the Moon. It was a battle. But it was a battle in which we triumphed.
Dark Side of the Moon has a true ensemble feel to it – both technically and in performance – that is exceptional for an XXX-rated video. Watching the actors interacting with one another and with the land and other natural and hypernatural elements is a very special experience. The story told in this video is a bit special with both mythic and mystic elements. Our setting and situation were the perfect base for bringing together these elements and balancing them with the raw sexuality of really good pornography. The story centers around an archeological team’s search for greater knowledge of myths and mysteries of ancient Indian rites – handled with sensitivity, humor, respect and honesty that is rare in the greater film industry. It is fictional and erotic but it could have been real – and erotic.
The video stars wonderful Sonny Markham – an exceptional actor who manages the unique feat of being both sensationally sexual and innocently boy-next-door simultaneously. A Studio 2000 exclusive, Sonny is special to everyone — especially to us – and deserves that overused appellation – star. The word is frequently degraded by its overuse in the XXX-rated world. Sonny gives it back a lot of its luster. If you’ve seen Sonny’s five performances, you know the word fits. If you have watched his video work from its beginnings to this, his latest effort, you can see how stars are born. Talent, for sure. And a lot of very hard work. That’s Sonny – charismatic talent, high sexual energy, and lots of sweat. Dark Side of the Moon brings Sonny to a new level of achievement both sexually and as an actor. The role he plays in this video is very different from his previous work and he takes on the challenge and triumphs admirably.
Sonny has two scenes in Dark Side of the Moon. The first scene is with newcomer Kurt Stefano. With looks both exceptionally handsome and extraordinarily sensual Kurt has a very special future ahead. He gives his all to and for Sonny and we are the grateful recipients of some very intense and erotically tender lovemaking. Sonny’s second scene is with Jordan West a recent and most appreciated arrival who combines quiet and assured masculinity with bottoming talents that may never be plumbed fully. The setting for this scene is something else! So are these two guys’ work together.
In between, we have a wonderful outdoor shower scene between award-winning Matt Bradshaw (best top for 1996) and award-giving Logan Reed; and a delightful three-way between youngsters KC. Hart, Tyler Flannery and Brant Cross. We were at a party where Logan and Matt promised that if they could do a scene together, we’d never forget it. They were right! These two fully enjoy the give and take of complete sexual encounters without distraction and labels. No role-playing; just real sex. The three-way at and in the jeep is our celebration of youth. These three are fresh and exciting. They were willing. They were wanting. And we couldn’t keep them waiting. Ah, the energy of the young – and the endurance – and the spunk.
Dark Side of the Moon sounds a little threatening. Don’t be misled. Dark Side of the Moon is an exciting, refreshing, vivid, erotic, and imaginative winner in every way and a show that you’re going to be hearing a great deal about in the coming weeks.
In closing, we congratulate Sonny and Adam Rom for their award winning performance in In Man’s Country. It’s a wonderful scene and we hope you’ve seen it. You should!
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Forced Entry

The mean, aggressive wail of police sirens rising and falling as they approach and recede; the occasional popcorn popping of assault rifles in the distance; the sharp attacking bark and the haunting howl of search dogs on duty; the whipping whirl and blinding fights of the search helicopters; and the occasional whiff of cordite and tear gas borne on the night air. The sensory messages of a jail break. We had one here in California a couple of weeks ago. They are scary.
This is not about a jail break, however. It is about the of a new STUDIO 2000 video with a prison setting. However, when you consider all the aspects of Forced Entry, you may want to raise a celebratory ruckus equal to all that noise above.
They say that history repeats itself–that it’s cyclical. It’s an interesting thought. Ten years ago John Travis directed his first major production. The show was Powertool and it brought us Jeff Stryker in his first starring role. The rest is certainly history. Powertool became the most successful show in the history of gay adult video. Jeff Stryker became a megastar. And John and the show took all the major awards. And ten years later the show is still finding new audiences and selling as well as many new That’s history, however.
Today’s news is Forced Entry, the latest major from STUDIO 2000. The setting is a prison. The director is John Travis. This time the star is Mr. 12+–Kevin Dean. History is about to repeat itself. With subject, director and star, screenwriter Tyler Adams has crafted an exciting and audacious story of violence and sexuality that will keep you up well into the night.
The show opens as Kevin and one of the trustees, Dean Johnson, discuss Kevin’s new cellmate and the chances of this young, sweet and apparently innocent kid avoiding sexual violation while he is imprisoned–especially with guards like the bully Mr. Jones around. We also get a chance to discover that Mr. Jones is as unpleasant as his reputation.
Back in their cells, it’s time for lights out. Kevin tries to tell the new kid, Beau Saxon, that he’s safe from harm in the cell. With what Kevin is carrying between his legs, he’s one of the most popular guys in the prison –and gets all the action he wants. To give support to his story, Kevin lays back, takes out his monster and strokes it to its awesome fullness and Beau is both fascinated and frightened by Kevin’s enormous cock.
In another cell, trustee/librarian Aiden Shaw and cellmate Sean Diamond share a joint and talk about the newcomer. When Jones’ name comes up again, Sean gets all hyped up with his intense hatred of the vicious guard. Aiden calms him down with another joint–his own. It works wonders.
The next day in the library, Beau is in the library reading. Jones enters and after sending Aiden out to pick up a new shipment of books, proceeds to force himself on Beau–overcoming his resistance with violent aggression. After a assault, Jones leaves Beau in a heap on the library floor.
When Kevin discovers what has happened to Beau, who is now in the infirmary, he decides that, in spite of the fact that he is a short timer and shouldn’t risk his something has to be done about Jones. With the help of one of the guards, Rip Stone, who owes Kevin a couple of favors, Kevin gathers together a band who are just as mean as Jones and just as prone to violence. The gang find Jones alone in the prison dining room. They blindfold him and then, lead by Kevin’s mighty monster, they repay him for the violence he did to Beau–manyfold.
Time passes. Kevin is about to be Beau is back in the cell but he has cut himself off entirely and will speak to no one. Kevin packs his meager possessions and bids Beau a sad farewell. As he leaves, Beau thoughtfully observes his departure..
More time passes. Beau is some, but not much, better. He has a new cellmate–the trustee Dean Johnson. Dean is expecting a gentleman caller and he invites Beau to join. Beau declines. The gentleman caller arrives. It is the guard, Rip Stone. As the two men get down to some heavy action that includes Rip’s big riot baton, Beau watches and is drawn in to the action–as his cock’s rigid demands for attention overcome his fear and Beau compulsively strokes it to climax.
Now it is Beau’s time for He’s a man with a mission. Celebrating his freedom from incarceration and his new-found sexual freedom, Beau finds Kevin and a way to say thanks in a loving and sensitive scene that leaves them both happy to be free men.
That’s Forced Entry. It’s a title to remember. You’ll be hearing a lot about it in the coming months. There are eleven men in this show and not one of them is an “extra”–hot, hung, beautiful and built; they are part of the best that adult video has to offer. And they come together under the guidance, loving care and talent of STUDIO 2000, producer Scott Masters, and, especially, the master of video magic, John Travis. So, it’s time to broaden your outlook and widen your horizons and let Forced Entry enter your vision. You’ll never be the same.

Genres: vintage, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: mpg

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Jeff Stryker: The Early Years

Year: 1998
Country: United States
Genre: Compilation, Oral, Anal, Solo, Classic
Length: 00:25:48

Description: Bonus segment from DVD POWERTOOL.

File size: 210.3 MB

This video has been removed.

Boy, Oh Boy!

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Solo, Vintage
Length: 1:22:32
Directed by: Lawrence Jeffries
Studio: Seahawk Video
Cast: Bill Hunter, Brandon Wells (80s), Michael Brandon, Nick Harmon, TJ Stryker, Terry Gardner, Tom Ross (80s), Tony Davis, Vinnie Marino

Description: What happens when you discover your brother is getting it and you want some too?

File size: 556.6 MB

The Best of John Davenport

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Genre: Compilation, Anal, Oral, Classic
Length: 1:07:53
Director: Cameron Leight, John Travis, Scott Masters, William Higgins
Studio: Catalina Video
Starring: John Davenport, Jeff Stryker, Lyndon Blair, Robert Harris, Tony Marino, Chris Gray, Michael Gere, Mike Henson

Description: Great looking and superhung, Mr. Davenport always delivered the goods and this compilation will prove it. The scene from the Powertool where John’s in the slammer stuffing Michael Gere’s mouth, throat and asshole as Jeff Stryker pumps his enormous shlong will burn in the back of your mind for some time to come.

There are some of the best cumshots ever recorded here (they were really influential back in the day) and scene after scene builds in intensity, which is rare for a compilation. Every scene here is a winner, also rare for comps. Did I mention the huge cumshots? We’re talking put-your-eye-out intense. Contains scenes from Bad Boys Club, In Hot Pursuit, The Bigger They Come, Big Guns, and Powertool, each of which is worth owning outright. Take a breath, prepare for John to invade and then swallow hard!

File size: 328.4 MB

Job Site (1984)

Year: 1984
Genre: Gay Porn, Retro, Vintage, Pre-condom, Oral, Anal, Cum shots, Group
Duration: 01:27:32
Director: Kennith Holloway
Studio: VCA – HIS
Cast: Gador, Daniel Holt, Eric Ryan, Terry James, Lenny Dean, Scott Avery, Mark Edwards, Keith Williams, Gary Owen, Tanas, Brad Mason,
Scott Thompson, David Ashfield, Roberto Vega, Brad Mason, Bob Arthur, Bobby Cerrato, Champ LaRue, Dan Gillen, Dan Hodge

These men put their tools to hard work! Hard hats and hard men converge at Jobsite, the wildest bar in town. From the backroom stalls to the front door, the action is fast, furious, and always fulfilling. Never have so many big poles been erected so quickly.

Format: AVI
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 196 Kbps, 640 x 480 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, 2 CH, 44,1 KHz
File size: 837 MB

File size: 837.0 MB


Year: 1986
Country: USA
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Muscles, Solo, Masturbazion
Time: 1:49.41
Translation: Unavailable
Russian subtitles: none

Director: John Travis
Studio: Catalina Video

Cast: Jeff Converse, Tony Bravo, Jeff Stryker, John Davenport, Tony Marino, Tom Mitchell, Brian Estevez, Michael Gere, Gary Owen, Danny Russo

Description: Jeff Stryker gets sent to jail and the other inmates just can’t get enough of his ‘powertool’.

John Davenport fucks Michael Gere in their cell while Jeff Stryker watches and jacks off. Jeff Converse gets it good from Jeff Stryker in a store room. Gary Owen, Tom Mitchell and Tony Marino have a 3-Way in the shower. Jeff Stryker gets seduced by guard Tony Bravo. Danny Russo and Brian Estevez at home in a bed.

The one, the only, the Powertool himself – Jeff Stryker.
Having made a – forgive the pun – massive impact on the industry for over a decade, Catalina Video has put together a best of compilation. (To be honest, his duds are few and far between.) Here is Jeff in all his rough-talking, filthy-mouthed, ass-pounding, gag-inducing glory as the anaconda between his legs is let loose upon an unsuspecting world and legions of still-crazed fans.Gay porn (and more than a few unprepared bottoms) hasnt been the same since. Scenes included are from Powertool, In Hot Pursuit, and Portrait of Jeff Stryker. While Im no fan of compilations, all scenes here are good ones, and this is essential for Stryker-lovers.-Keeneye Reeves

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: DX50 480 x 360 (4:3) 29.970 Hz
Audio: 0x0055 (ISO MPEG-1 Layer3) 48 000 Hz, Stereo, 133 KBit / sec English
File size: 652.1 MB

This video has been removed.

Best Bi Far 2

Released: 1992
Studio: Catalina
Genre: Bisexual, Retro
Starring: Brian Maxon, Cole Carpenter, Athena Starr, Jeff Quinn, JT Denver, Tex Anthony, Megan Givers, Breezy Lane, Gina Develli, Michael Gray, Nikki Randall, Bunny Bleu, Stacey Donovan, Michael Vincent, Eric Manchester
Duration: 1:04:01

Description: In the kitchen on a butcher’s block, Brian Maxon pounds his meat into Athena Starr. Nikki picks up J.T. Denver, then they and Michael Gray go to her house for a romp in the bed. Let’s not forget the hottest scene in the film when everyone is in a hot orgy in the living room.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: Wmv
Resolution: 320 x 240
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64kbps
Video: Windows Media Video 9 320×240 29.97fps 450kbps
Size: 573.84 Mb

File size: 573.8 MB

This video has been removed.

The True History Of Face Fucking Inc

Description: Quirky porn director Joey Silvera has compiled some of his favorite deep-throat footage for The “True” History Of Face Fucking Inc, the “Best Of” his long-running extreme blow job series. You might have paid more attention in your high school history if they had covered the graphic brand of “social studies” Joey and his stars demonstrate in this colossal double-DVD! Cover girl Bree Olson shows that she was better off in Joey’s care than Charlie Sheen’s. Crossover star Sasha Grey displays her signature cocksure nastiness. Brandon Iron’s thick cock invades supermodel Bobbi Starr’s throat. Chocolate beauty Jada Fire is blindfolded and molested by an unknown masked man, who pushes a dildo up her big black ass and sinks his cock down her throat. Whore par excellence Britney Stevens takes on a team of four pricks and masturbates herself to a squirting climax before being showered with semen. Cheerful blonde cutie Christie Lee gags on a huge dick, vigorously bobbing her head, drooling and laughing maniacally. She smokes a cigarette between bouts of crazy, wet sucking. Big butt slut Brianna Love has her gorgeous face used by three guys who cover her in sperm when they’re done. Asian sweetheart Miley Villa performs a coughing, gagging, gurgling POV blow job on the director. There’s mega-stacked Gianna Michaels, adorable Kristina Rose, uber-slut Annette Schwarz, glamorous Chayse Evans, caliente Charley Chase, natural redhead Ami Emerson … with 23 scenes, re-edited into over six hours of primo face-fucking material, there’s no way we can describe all of it. It’s too much to swallow at once!
Christie Lee, Rick Masters, Lorelei Lee, Brandon Iron, Sasha Grey, Mark Wood, Johnny Thrust, Bobbi Starr, Sativa Rose, Adrianna Nicole, Marco Banderas, Brianna Love, Steve Taylor, Tee Reel, Tone Capone, Alexa Lynn, Heather Gables , Lexi Bardot, Jean Val Jean, Bree Olson, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Annette Schwarz, Joey Silvera, Hannah West, Otto Bauer, Cherish Ley, Britney Stevens, Scott Lyons, Alan Stafford, Chayse Evans, Claudio Meloni, Oliver Sanchez, Mark Zane, Gianna Michaels, Jayna Oso, Alec Knight, Charley Chase, TJ Cummings, Jaelyn Fox, Kristina Rose, Miley Villa, Ami Emerson, DSnoop, Jay Lassiter, Allyssa Hall, Jada Fire
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Gonzo, Oral
Length: 6:20:00
Language: English
Directed by: Joey Silvera
Studio: Evil Angel
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video: 512×384, 29.97 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~ 1014 kbps
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 128.00 kbps avg

File size: 2.7 GB