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Beautiful Horny and Fucking Dirty Part 1

These beautiful horny sluts need to get fucked more than anything in the world. They’re so fucking horny that they want to get gangbanged by the biggest cocks in the business. These nasty whores take it in both holes and still beg for. Featuring hardcore fucking and nasty cum shots this is gangbang galore.

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Group Sex, DP, Anal, Hardcore, Ganbang
Starring: Ben English, Oliva, Arnold, Dick, Sam, Lizzy, Keri Sable, Craig, Maggie, Andrew Rivera, Craig Moore, Chris, Tony Sexton, Trevor, Katja Kassin, Dick Arnold

File size: 699.1 MB

AVGL-130B – Lesbians Playing with Enema Part 2 – Mayura Hoshizuki, Yuuka Osawa – Girls playing with enema

Size: 808 MB
Duration: 01:43:44
Resolution: 640×480
Video: avi
Review for AVGL-130B: Mayura Hoshitsuki and Yuka Ohsawa start the movie with some kissing and spit swapping. Yuka shaved off Mayura’s hairy armpits and fed her the hairs. What happens next is some nasty stuff. They made themselves vomit, collected it and played with it.
Models in AVGL-130B: Mayura Hoshizuki, Yuuka Osawa
Categories for AVGL-130B: Award Winners, Bizarre WTF, Lesbians

File size: 808.9 MB


Year: 2009
Country: Japan
Duration: 02:00:05
Genre: oral, anal, DP, fisting, bondage, vomit
Starring: Mari, Marin, Rin
Censored: yes
Video: VC-1(WMV3), 720*480, 1 200kbps, 30.000 fps
Audio: WMA2, 128kbps(CBR), 2 channels, 44.1kHz, 1 stream

Description: another depraved porn deep sex and vomit, Japanese women do not cease to amaze his depravity .. so see for yourself

File size: 0.9 GB

M Drug – Female Meat Toilet

Year: 2006
Country: Japan
Duration: 2:25:05
Genre: Forced Fellatio VOMIT.BDSM.All Sex. Deep Throat (DT).Bukkake.
Starring: Chihiro Hasegawa (Nami Funakura)
Director: TOHJIRO
Studio: DOGMA
Censored: yes
Video: 640×480 (1.33:1) 29.970 fps DivX Codec 5.2.1 build 1328 1199 kbps avg 0.13 bit/pixel 1251.22 Mb
Audio: 44.100 kHz MPEG Layer 3 2 ch 192.00 kbps avg 2:25:05.861 / 199.26 Mb

Description: Traditional Japanese BDSM-movie. Vomiting with the introduction of a member of the actresses deep into her throat. Urination actress in her mouth. To bring to orgasm.

File size: 1.4 GB

This video has been removed.

Anal Hell is killing her

Year: 2009
Country: Japan
Duration: 1:56:00
Genre: Anal Torture.Enema.Vomit.BDSM
Starring: Nozomi Mashiro
Censored: yes
Studio: Sadistic Village / SOD
Video: AVI 1850 kbps 720×544
Audio: AC3 262 kbps

Description: Traditional Japanese BDSM-movie. Torment of flight attendants to “torture.” Multiple enemas, forced to bring to orgasm, women in the ass zapihivanie fish, quail eggs, eel. Vomiting profound introduction member into the throat. And so on …

File size: 1.4 GB

Asian Fuck Faces

Year: 2011.
Country: USA.
Language: English.
Genre: Oral, Asian, Throat Jobs.
Duration: 4 Hours 27 Minutes
Directed by: Jonni Darkko
Studio: Evil AngelV Starring: Asa Akira, Mika Tan, Ava Devine, Kaiya Lynn, Mia Lelani, Jessica Bangkok, Jonni Darkko, Evelyn Lin, Arcadia, Alexis Lee, Asphyxia Nior, Scott Lyons

Blow job aficionado Jonni Darkko presents Asian Fuck Faces, an artful merging of two of his most popular niches: messy face-fucking oral sex and the sensual charms of the Asian-American slut! Eleven almond-eyed beauties demonstrate their exceptional deep-throating skills in this massive four-and-a-half-hour collection of wall-to-wall cocksuckery and drooling nastiness. From fresh, young up-and-cummers like sexy “alterna-goth” Asphyxia Noir to established fan faves like half-Japanese honey Asa Akira and foxy Evelyn Lin to exotic MILFs like outrageously busty Ava Devine and hard-body Korean dancer Tia Ling, these sweet Asian dick suckers dont stop until their pretty faces are plastered in their own gooey saliva and / or a thick load of cum! Most of the girls take on at least two dicks at a time, thus proving to the world their complete sluttiness (as if it was ever in doubt!). In 1910 filthy scenes plus a bonus blow job, Asian Fuck Faces features interracial throat-fucking, submissive ball-sucking, gagging and lots of whorish cum play. Jonnis sultry ladies might start out all glamorous and seductive, but these cock-hungry bitches all end up looking like a goddamned mess. Its fun to see how they get that way!
Jonni Darkkos Asian Fuck Faces is a double-disc DVD with bonus scene starring Arcadia, cumshot recap, cast list, filmographies and trailers.

Quality: DVDRip.
Format: AVI.
Video Codec: XviD.
Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Video: XVID, Size: 608×336 pixels, Frame rate: 29.97fps, Bit rate: 1296 Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3, Sample rate: 48000Hz, stereo, Bit rate: 128 Kbps [Audio 1]

File size: 2.7 GB

Toilet Puking and Pooping

Genre: Pissing, Scat
Length: 1:26:05
Studio: Jade Filth
Starring: Japanese girls.

Girls go to the toilet and thrusting his fingers in his mouth trying to induce vomiting. Some of them, besides writing and cocoa.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MPEG-4 Visual
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: MPEG-4 Visual (DivX 4), 640×480 (4 / 3), 29,97 fps, 1350 kbps, 0.147 Qf
Audio: MP3, 2 ch, 48 kHz, 128 kbps

File size: 917.3 MB

Jet Vomitz – Marin Izumi

Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Genre: Vomit
Length: 2:13:41
Censorship: Present
Movie Studio Code: DDT 210
Directed by: Tohjiro
Studio: Dogma
Language: Japanese
Starring: Marin Izumi

Marin girl under severe extreme – guys piss in the bowl, there is pumped a huge syringe, urine and driven into the victims throat.
Further urine vyblevyvaetsya in all possible poses and variantah.Dazhe being is connected and is suspended upside-down, the urine continues vyblevyvatsya. The girl has a girlfriend, which we also blyuem, then masturbate myself and her, and then doing a light lezbisom.

Video quality: DVDRip
Audio Codec: MPEG
Video: WMV3 640×480
Audio: WMA2 16 bit 44,1 kHz, stereo

File size: 1.2 GB

Tokyo-Hot n0417 – Fucking Paradise – Honoka Sato

There is neither bullying nor school violence in the TOKYO HOT academy where students’ individuality is fostered by a free school tradition. It is extent where schoolboys play the as for the trouble. It is a peaceful day. Oh! Today’s prey HONOKA SATO is an honor student of the captain of student council with one beautiful girl in the school. Na?ve HONOKA who does not have much lascivious experience is tear up school uniform and it seems that she cannot utter voice by frightening. It knows the capture of the best prey and men in the school surge. Many Cocks thrust into a lovely pussy and HONOKA is panicky. The honor student falls at a dash. Moreover, one meat slave was completed. HONOKA is surrounded by two man and is touched the body after school. In the thing that is good in what HONOKA cannot opposes, men take off the school uniform of HONOKA and a fair skin is exposed and the nipple is stimulated. In addition, it was deep kiss. HONOKA cannot give any voice by scared and she is made what they wanted. It is made taking off the panty with a sober white as like a serious student and finger fuck was made. The clitoris is attacked at the same time and joy juice gushes. It is drenched between groins at once. In the next, it was careful licking service. HONOKA who is licked from labia meat to vagina and felt micturition desire urinates suddenly. The one leg is put on the desk while having stood and urination is mightily excreted. Urine tinged with some yellow is shamefully excreted for a long time. Immediately aftermath, cock is pierced in the mouth and standing fellatio is made. Glanses of two cocks are licked. It is obscene oppositely in the tongue use for poor feeling. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. The one leg is lifted high and the piston is made. The joy juice that becomes cloudy blots. Piston continues at woman on top, back and missionary posture and it was vaginal cum shot at side posture. HONOKA of stifled pant voice shouts suddenly and rejected vaginal cum shot. However, it was after semen had already reached the womb. Then second cock inserted mercilessly and semen injected at missionary posture. The pussy is drenched by the joy juice and semen. HONOKA is strong in shock of fucking and stunned for a while in a The teacher comes there and they rage to know the fact of obscene play. HONOKA is immediately taken to the teacher’s office and is surrounded by teachers. Sex that the report is not in prior is an important violation of school regulations though it is the TOKYO HOT academy of a free school tradition as said that all teachers are stark-naked. HONOKA is assumed to the necessity of reeducating and made immediate change of clothes to bloomers. Teachers are the desires in HONOKA of the bloomers appearance. The both hands both legs are fixed with an adhesive tape by the open leg pose after bloomers are made to make inroads to the crack of the pussy and severely play with. HONOKA is made finger fuck and faints in agony after the pussy is deliberately stared. In addition, it is stimulated by the rotor toy and the joy juice is dripped. Then, it is electric massage machine attack. It is held two at the same time strongly and she ejaculates. The pussy is distorted in ugliness by the thumping vibration. Immediately aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. The uterine ostium is exposed, too. Immediately aftermath, the cock is pushed in the mouth and she is made fellatio. After irrumatio, the cock is put in the interior of the throat and she has a fit of coughing many times and vomited cock. However, teachers made her fellatio mercilessly. Play to lick three at the same time is made to her finally. HONOKA keeps sucking cock desperately. Immediately aftermath, cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture after she is poked at standing back & backward woman on top posture and made saying many lewd words. Then second cock inserted at once and semen injected at standing back posture. The third cock was also made vaginal cum shot immediately. But it has not ended yet though it is HONOKA who flow backward a large amount of semen from the pussy and exhausted. All men in the campus gathered and inserted cock one after another in pussy of HONOKA who is suppressed by open leg pose and poured semen in the vagina. Pussy into which semen of five totals is injected becomes muddy. It opened completely. HONOKA is decided to going on to upper school after this by a special recommendation of the meat urinal frame. HONOKA promise that she acquired a special technology and will become the excellent meat urinal in the future. All teachers in the TOKYO HOT academy are expecting the thing that HONOKA trains her lovely pussy and back to academy as devoted tool of vaginal cum shot.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:30:16.044
Video: XviD 922 Kbps 720×406 16:9 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3 128 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese
File size: 726.0 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0409 – Fuck Me – Yuki Ogawa

My lover is the chairperson of the big company. Though it was good to plead and to have gotten the president secretary’s work c. However, the second generation is a foolish president. It is really worst. Beautiful secretary of preeminent style YUKI OGAWA is completely at a loss to the president for the second generation like the difficult child. In addition, the fact to which the company was shipping defective goods comes to light. An angry buyer flocks and becomes tumultuous. YUKI determines the thing that becomes a blocking sacrifice in front of the buyer because of the company. Please enjoy the spectacle that beauty secretary is dug even up anal to say nothing of vagina and scatters. The president doesn’t have the motivation at all though YUKI tells the schedule to the second generation foolish president. He insists to do not working. Embarrassed YUKI let the president touch the tits and calms him like fondle the baby. Making a foolish president independent is promised with chairman’s lover. She cannot throw it out on the way. The love affair with last night’s mistress revives mind of YUKI at the same time. YUKI is flirting with lover in the bed. YUKI made deep kiss from herself and positively made caress. Then suck the cock. She sucks obstinately and the ball bag is politely licked, too. And she mounts on his face. YUKI rubs the pussy and plead for careful licking service. Then cock inserted at woman on top posture after six nine play. She blots the joy juice that becomes cloudy and pants when piston continues at backward woman on top, back, side and bending posture. And then it was vaginal cum shot. After the fact, she is asked a confirmation that look after the son. Then scene backs to office. YUKI recalled the promise with the lover and tightened the body though she feels the dislike in the president who behaves like a baby while touching tits of YUKI. Then men intrude into there suddenly. All the water purifiers shipped by a factory seem to have been defective articles. However, a foolish president only crouches frighteningly in the big deal of the company. YUKI enters between and tries persuasion, but the anger of men is not settled. They begin to grope Yuki’s body sooner or later. YUKI who is broken stocking and groped pussy determines the thing that becomes a sacrifice. Clothes are voluntarily taken off. And it is rotor & vibs toy attach by the open leg pose. The vibs toy is inserted by crawl on all fours and the piston is done. And she was made acme. The pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and YUKI got acme again. Immediately after, Cuzco is put in the uterine ostium where a large amount of the cloudiness joy juice stays is peeped. It is an obscene spectacle. In addition, after YUKI is made to suck of foolish president’s cock according to the men’s instructions, she made fellatio for menfs cock one after another. And then cock of foolish president inserted at missionary posture. The piston is severely done at bending, back, woman on top and backward woman on top posture and the pussy is greatly open. However, men suddenly insert the cock in anal. Anal also becomes slightly open with an intense piston. In the next, the cock is inserted also in anal at the time of being inserted by back posture. It is closed in the mouth and the disgrace play of simultaneous three holes fucking explodes. In addition, the cock is inserted also in the pussy at the same time while being skewered anal by the backward woman on top posture. Immediately aftermath, cock is pierced also in the mouth and three holes are bullying at the same time and she struggles. And then first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock injects semen at missionary posture. Then third cock is immediately inserted in anal. The complainers who crowed at the same time force the ejaculation to mouth of YUKI. Total 11 semen is launched to the mouth while being stimulated anal and she is made the cleaning fellatio in addition. Immediately aftermath, the third cock explodes by accident in the anal. And fourth cock inserted in the anal and semen was injected. Immediately aftermath, anal that vomits a brown liquid while doing the slack shrinkage is grubbed with the finger and she faints in agony. Then notice of the company bankruptcy arrives there. Yuki made dirty by semen becomes a grim expression. The collar is put on to YUKI by men and is made to crawl in crown on all fourth after this and takes around the whole country for the apology to buyers. On the other hand, the second generation foolish president is left another company by chairman’s father and assumes the position of the president. In addition, beautiful woman secretary seems to be provided.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:32:06.058
Video: Xvid 852×480 16:9 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese
File size: 948.5 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0175 – The Carbohydrates – Miku Fukuoka

The second series of slender slut MUKU FUKUOKA is office lady. Though the love affairs is indispensable to office leady, the story this time is that the man who is jilted by MIKU revenge to her. An unbelievable thing is put in the pussy and MIKU is fucked in the office. The load to the pussy peaks by the abnormal insult that harder than last time and MIKU who was cornered mentally is just before madness! MIKU refuses though former boyfriend persistently asked to get reconciled in the office. A former boyfriend who raged at MIKU of such a cold attitude attacks and the compulsion fellatio begins. In addition, two colleagues also join and MIKU is made to suck three cocks. The cock pierces in the mouth of MIKU who turn up and lies on desk. MIKU keeps fellatio though she suffers for cock that pierces deeply into throat. Though three people including former boyfriend leave there, then a present boyfriend comes. Boyfriend’s make finger fuck explodes to MIKU turned up on the desk. Pussy is a flood in immediacy and reaches to acme at once. MIKU continuously deliberately observes the pussy after reached in Cuzco. In addition, a large amount of string paste made from the arum root is poured in the pussy expanded in Cuzco and the cock is inserted in the pussy filled with the string paste made from the arum root. The string paste made from the arum root that adhering cock begins to test by pussy of MIKU. The string paste made from the arum root that hangs down from the joining part is so lascivious. Next, it is a Japanese noodle that was poured. Fucking that puts the Japanese noodle in the pussy stimulates the cock by a feeling different from the string paste made from the arum root. Fucking is continues still more by the standing back, woman on top and bending posture. It is erected by an act to let MIKU widens a labia of pussy with her finger at the backward woman on top posture and expose a joint part still more. It is the vaginal cum shot at the standing posture in the last, but cock come off by the powerful piston and ejaculates outside a vagina once and dirty cock with semen is inserted in the interior of the vagina again. After vaginal cum shot was made, the boyfriend leaves on business. A former boyfriend and the colleague intrude into again taking the place and the jilted revenge starts. MIKU is made to sit a sofa by open leg posture and pussy is attacked by the various toys. The clitoris and the vagina are violently stimulated with the rotor toy and the wooden vibs toy is inserted also into the anus. In addition, the original spirits stick of TOKYO HOT skewers the pussy. The specially-made toy of TOKYO HOT in which the vibs toy installed on the top of electric drill appears in finish. MIKU ejaculates to a super high-speed piston. Then cock of former boyfriend inserts in a pussy where completely wet at the back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy scatters from the uniting part many times at the piston and made vaginal cum shot as it is. A large amount of semen drips mighty and drops at the same time as the cock’s being pulled out. In addition, they move to the bed and it begins 5P play. It is double fellatio as it is when MIKU was made to say, “I love cock” while being inserted the cock from the under at the backward woman on top posture. In addition, the pussy is skewered on at the lift hip up posture and she faints in agony. And, it is continuous vaginal cum shot at the woman on top and back posture. The semen that flow backward agglomerates and it stays in the ostium of the vagina. In addition, the cock inserts at the missionary posture and two vaginal cum shot was made continuously. The end is a familiar group cum shower party. Pasta is thrown in to pussy of MIKU at the lift hip up posture and the semen of 14 total people is poured there. The semen pasta and semen is vomited from the pussy of MIKU with making lascivious sound when compulsion semen excretion was made. It ends by the appearance of MIKU only of raising the pant voice to the insult attack of the pussy while MIKU is took up on arms. It is greatly astonished to play of TOKYO HOT in this time when the woman is treated as a mere hole tool. In the future though it is a season of the hot pot, the pussy hotpot party that the bean curd and the string paste made from the arum root are put in the vagina, everyone thrust the cock, and stirred seems to be happy.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:17:10.330
File Size: 840.6 MiB
Video: XviD 1365 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3 128 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
File size: 882.7 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0066 – Meat Urinal Ayaka Part1 – Ayaka Kaneko

It must be also more abundant to remember AYAKA KANEKO who performed a cute high school girl last time. She became a Banny appearance more extremely this time and it appeared as the 5th series of MEAT URINAL (NIKUBENKI). Lovely AYAKA has been spoiled as “RAW FUCK”, “VAGINAL CUM SHOT”, “4COCKS PLAY SIMULTANEOUSLY” and ” 20 CONTINUOUS CUM SHOWER”. AYAKA who works for the TOKYO-HOT club will receive the employee education from the manager by the thing with bad reputation from the guest. Lascivious pheromone hangs in the air. AYAKA was overjoyed when nerd of regular guest beginning bully for her tits under the manager guidance and we who are looking are also overjoyed. The nipple is erected as soon as the nipple is stimulated. Next, she made good hand job service and fellatio for another nerd guest and mouthful cum shot was made. It gets excited again to see AYAKA who fiddles with semen vomited in the palm. The following AYAKA challenge four cocks play simultaneously. She was requested to do her best because a nerd supports Japanese economy in the future is said, the excitement level rises up for the appearance of AYAKA who made hard fellatio service even she was choked. The crotch part of clothes is torn up, the labium of the pink color was bared, and the vibs toy is inserted there after finger fuck was made. A lewd sound sounds from the pussy and your cock will be erected by it. The uterine mouth of the pink color seen by the SAKURAI of speculum is must see. After pussy was bullied with the toy, the raw thick cock is inserted more and more. It gets excited again to see AYAKA who is a painful expression and pants.

Tokyo-Hot n0066 – Meat Urinal Ayaka Part1 – Ayaka Kaneko

Format: Matroska
Duration: 00:41:16.112
Video: DivX 868 Kbps 640×480 4:3 18.000 fps
Audio: MP3 56.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 24.0 KHz
File size: 278.4 MB

[3D Game] GuriGuri Cute Yuna

Production year: 2006
Genre: 3DCG, Animation, Flash, Adventure, Rape, Tentacles
Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution
Developer: T-graph
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (Genuine)
Tabletka: Not required
Language: Japanese
System requirements::: CPU Pen3 1.5GHz or higher:: Memory 512MB:: HDD 1GB or more

Description: T-graph represents the second game in the series Guriguri Cute! A total of 1Gb 3DCG animation.
Yuna takes part in hardcore scenes with the tentacles.
What awaits you: A lot of sperm, tentacles, and konchaniya inside!

+ More!! GuriGuri Cute Yuna -Endless Rape-

Production year: 2006
Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution
Developer: T-graph
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (Genuine)
Required: The original game (Guri Guri Cute Yuna)
Language: Japanese
System requirements::: CPU PentiumIII 1.5GHz or more
:: Memory 512MB or more
:: HDD 1GB or higher
:: Other GuriGuri Cute Yuna runs smoothly

This addition to the game GuriGuri Cute Yuna, one of the best games about tentacles ever created.
FAVORITE MODE: In the history / free game, you can add favorite scenes
that gives you easy access to the most beloved. (there Autoplay)
EDIT MODE: Here you can build your favorite scenes and make your own movie!
- All settings are saved automatically!
- You can change the frequency of the selected animation and viewing angles.

In addition there is: Fuck, anal fuck, double / triple penetration, internal cumshots, bukkake, cum eating, cum vomiting, swollen belly, breast, clit suction, deep throat, tit fuck, ass ramming, hanging, multiple sex positions, cut- off animation, epilogue variation.
File size: 1.9 GB