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Japanese BDSM DDSC-016 (SCRUM, Pain Gate)

Girl got tied up and whipped severely on the first half of the movie. But that is the lightest of the torture she has signed up to endure.

Up next, she is secured and fastened to a wooden chair that has a medieval look to it. This torture device is sinister in every imaginable way. The girl’s hands are secured tightly to the arm rest by a vicelike grip. Then on the sides are chains with hooks attached to them.

These hooks later were hooked upon the hands of the girl. They dug into her flesh and surfaced. It is more painful than needles could ever be. After that, her breasts and nipples were also pierced with needles.

Now the grand finale. The master brought out two stun guns. Tazed her via the chains attached to her hook. She was gagged and her screams for mercy were not understood by anyone, thus the torture continues as she panicked. One hell of a brutal torture that is a must see!

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