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Insex – The Ripening

Video + full photoset

Release: 2004

Young, pliant, but green, the ever-popular S4 and 423 spend a few days in the cuntree learning hard lessons in slavery from the example of luxurious 912.

They are bound, coaxed, harnessed like horses, prodded, whipped, and made to suck pussy, but 912’s quiet acceptance is far beyond their abilities. Mummified in bright red except for those succulent double D breasts, 912 looks painfully ripe. Her breasts, large bulbs of flesh, scream out for torture. Burs dig into her nipples. She’s left hanging, like a drupe, to ripen just a tad more. So that when you take her down to eat, when you gnaw and gnash at her juicy inner fruit, she’s perfect…

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