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The Clubhouse (1995) DVDRip

Produced in: 1995
Country: USA
Genre: Muscles; Anal Sex; Rimming; Blowjob; Cumshots; Safe Sex
Duration: 01:25:52
Director: Chris Green, Kathy Mack

Eduardo; Tanner Reeves; Dallas Taylor; Brett Ford; Jake Tanner; Chris Green

Tough guy Chris Green is in jail reminiscing about what awaits him back home. There he runs a “Clubhouse” where all the members are hot & horny, and like their sex down and dirty! Club members Dallas and Eduardo waste no time finding use for a dirty old couch. Tanner and Jake “hit the bottle” in more ways then one. Neighboring cell mates Mike and Daniel provide visual entertainment for Chris on the inside. Finally, while Chris is being Brett and Tanner take more interest in each other than cleaning the place up.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: MP4
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640×480 25.00fps 1 408 Kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 128 Kbps

File size: 950.0 MB

Devyn Foster & Friends

Year of manufacture:1994
Genre: All Sex, Compilation, Anal, Oral, Classic, VHSRip
Duration: 01:38:31
In roles:Alec Powers, Brett Winters, Chris Stone, Cody Vance, Devyn Foster, Jake Seever, Joey Pirelli, Lyle Parker, Marc Andrews, Marco Rossi, Nick Cougar, Nick Dallas, Rick Drake, Robin Sinner, Scott Baldwin, Tanner Reeves, Tim Barnett, Tom Rucker, Vic Hall , Wes Daniels
Description:Devyn’s coming to your house with all his well hung friends for the hottest all-night fuck party ever!

File size: 982.4 MB

Devyn Foster & Friends (1994)

Year: 1994
Genre: Gay Porn, All Sex, Compilation, Anal, Oral, Classic
Duration: 01:38:31
Studio: Rage Video
Cast: Alec Powers, Brett Winters, Chris Stone, Cody Vance, Devyn Foster, Jake Seever, Joey Pirelli, Lyle Parker, Marc Andrews, Marco Rossi, Nick Cougar, Nick Dallas, Rick Drake, Robin Sinner, Scott Baldwin, Tanner Reeves, Tim Barnett, Tom Rucker, Vic Hall , Wes Daniels

Devyn’s coming to your house with all his well hung friends for the hottest all-night fuck party ever!

Format: MPEG
Video: MPEG 1, 352×240 (4/3), 29.970 fps, 1 150 Kbps (0.440 bit/pixel)
Audio: MP2, 44.1 KHz, 2 ch, 224 Kbps, CBR
File size: 982 MB

File size: 982.4 MB

Raging Stallion Studios – The 4th Floor

Country: US
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Logan McCree, Aaron Action, Antonio Biaggi, Billy Berlin, Jack Ryan, Jake Deckard, Roman Ragazzi, Scott Tanner, Steve Cruz
Director: Ben Leon
Composer/Score: J.D. Slater
Videographer: Ben Leon

Raging Stallion’s rising star and award-winning director Ben Leon brings you an installment of hard sex in dark places. A cast of Raging Stallion’s best fills The 4th Floor from top to bottom and everywhere in between. With excellent lighting, incredible camera work and men to die for, this production takes you on a ride from the basement to The 4th Floor.

Down a long dark hallway Roman Ragazzi is being followed by Logan McCree. A chase ensues, ending with a confrontation. Roman slams Logan against the wall and as they rough each other up the tension melts away. These two stunning men kiss and the chemistry builds. The kiss leads to undressing and soon Logan is on his knees mouthing at Roman’s large erection through his Calvin Kleins. Logan peels back the underwear and reveals Roman’s hard dick. As soon as Logan gets a taste Roman stands up to get his hands onto Logan’s belt and quickly strips him. Roman goes down with his mouth open and fills it with Logan’s large, tattooed cock. With pants around their ankles, both men’s massive hard-ons rub against each other as they kiss aggressively. Logan flips Roman around for a chance at his ass.

With Roman’s cheeks spread he reaches in with his tongue and teases Roman’s asshole. But Roman wants more cock and returns to his knees to swallow as much of Logan as he can manage. These two men with raging erections take the action upstairs where they return to body worship, kissing and touching, and more cock sucking. But the main event is still to come.

Roman bends over and allows a little more ass-eating before Logan suits up and starts to fuck him. When Roman’s ass is full of dick Logan really starts to pound away, splitting his hairy ass with his long dick. Once these two start fucking the energy builds. As the camera follows Logan’s tattooed and muscular body down his chest to his dick, we find Roman’s ass full of it. Roman’s massive chest and arms flex and bend while Logan tears apart his cheeks. In the end they lay down watch each other jerk off and shoot.

Jake Deckard emerges and finds Aaron Action grinding down a large metal structure. As Jake approaches from behind, Aaron puts down his tools, strips off his gloves and dives in for a kiss. Both of these men are hairy and muscular and the camera follows them as they attack each other with kisses. Aaron goes quickly for Jake’s hairy stomach and arms and strips him out of his clothes. As these two maul each other, their clothes drop away. In the shadows the men attack each other, worshipping hairy chests. Aaron pushes Jake into a corner and pulls his pants to his ankles to get access to his ass. They switch sides and Jake dives in to eat Aaron’s hole.

When Jake turns around and his erection is in Aaron’s face, he swallows it. Jake is anxious to get some dick down his throat and he goes for it. After more cock sucking and more ass-eating, Jake lifts Aaron’s legs into the air and plunges in first with his tongue and then with his cock. Aaron’s hairy hole opens up and Jake thrusts inside. Jake takes his time and works up to pretty heavy fuck, turning Aaron on his side and hitting him from the front. When Jake lays back, Aaron climbs on top and takes control. Jake’s dick slips up and down into the hairy hole. Aaron shoots while riding on top of Jake and as he climbs off, Jake blows his load while they make out.
DVD covers

Billy Berlin and Jack Ryan are already going at it when we find them occupying the now infamous 4th floor. Jack has a nice fat cock and Billy is quick to whip it out and suck it down. Billy nurses the head and works the whole length of it as Jack sits back and allows himself to be serviced. When Billy takes the massive rod up his butt he moans with excitement. Jack pounds his hole with Billy on his back. When Antonio Biaggi enters and whips his massive cock out, Billy, who is still getting fucked by Jack, swallows the mammoth cock eagerly. After a deep dick sucking Antonio and Jack switch places and Billy takes Antonio’s massive cock up his already loose hole. As Antonio pounds away, Jack gets serviced and shoots.

As Jack leaves, Antonio pumps harder and harder filling Billy with all eleven inches. Antonio humps Billy, spitting on his own dick to lube it up before shoving it back in. Antonio than lays on his back with his huge dick sticking straight up as Billy lowers his ass onto it. This time Billy and Antonio take turns doing the work. Billy’s ass gets quite a workout, taking that massive dick easily to the balls. When Billy lays back and lets Antonio penetrate him from the front, it pushes him over the edge and both guys shoot, covering Billy’s chest.

Logan is alone lubing up the gears in the elevator room when he gets distracted by his own cock. As Logan strips and strokes, he grabs lube off the elevator gears and uses it to play with his dick and his ass. Logan pumps his cock as he strips down to nothing. His tattooed body and his long, thick dick glows in the light. When he begins to play with his ass, he pulls it apart and sticks his greasy fingers deep inside. Logan gets lost in his own head as he strokes his dick and fingers himself until he explodes all over the elevator mechanism.

In what could be a game of cops and robbers, Steve Cruz is thrown against the wall and handcuffed. He is left alone for a minute in the corner when Scott Tanner returns to force him down on his dick. Steve loves the aggression and dives throat-first down onto Scott’s huge dick. Scott’s sunglasses catch the view perfectly as Steve swallows and spits on the length of Scott’s fat cock. When Scott drags him upstairs, Steve goes back down, swallowing Scott to the balls. Scott sits and lets Steve climb on top, forcing his butt open. Steve rides up and down, eagerly working the entire shaft. Steve then bends over for another round and Scott shoves in deep. With Steve’s dick rock hard Scott pounds away splitting Steve’s butt into pieces. For a final round, Steve lays on his back with his legs in the air and lets Scott use his hole. Steve cums while getting fucked and Scott climbs on top to blow all over Steve’s hairy chest

Length: 2.30 GiB Duration: 2h 44mn 25s 83ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 796 Kbps, Aspect: 640 x 360 (1.778) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 192 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 2.2 GB

Falcon Int. – Secrets Of Scouts

“It’s no secret… every scout has qualities that elevate them head-and-shoulders above the rest. They are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. And our ten randy scouts are all that and more as they stand prepared for all the big hard wieners and tight buns they encounter at camp in Secrets of Scouts.”

Cast: Ali Montero, David Alis, Fabien Rossi, Jake Hall, Juryi Egen, Luke Hanson, Nils Koska, Paolo Scirea, Simon Tanner, Tom Smile

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 1.5 GB

boys of the riverside drive

The Boys From Riverside Drive is a nice insight to an era long gone. Back in the days when gay porn almost had to have a plot, this film harkens to a time when being gay meant you were almost a societal outcast.

The entire period is played as showed to a college to learn about the mating rituals of gay New Yorkers. After a brief introduction with John Holmes, the main plot focuses on the first year anniversary of Roy and Steve. As the romantic dinner turns sour, Roy ends up blowing the freight elevator headman. Steve ends up getting locked out and blowing the building super’s son. Steve’s ex comes over to comfort him, only to be tied up and fucked by a singing telegram guy. In the end, Steve and Roy make up in the living room in some extremely hot sex.

The film, although slow at times, does provide enlightening insight to the gay lifestyle of the late 1970’s. Besides a few untypical gay lookers, Steve is probably the cutest of the cast. With a baby boy face, and a nice slim body, he is quite the looker.

The bareback sex is pretty hot, although you can tell this was one of the first films of its kind ever made at that time. Camera angles are usually far away shots and sometimes-just plain awkward. However, the men themselves are great in the sack, and provide an excellent performance.

This movie is a must-have for collectors or those who enjoy gay retro-porn films. Nicely done and made, one could only wish the film were of a bit higher digital quality, so you could truly enjoy the breathtaking bodies shown on the screen.

Genres: vintage, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 494.4 MB

Muscle Ranch! / Buckshot Productions / 1991

Studio: Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio
Cast: Ed Dinakos, Jake Tanner
Director: Rip Colt
Genre: vintage, hunks, anal, oral, rimming
Year: 1991
Runtime: 63 min
Country: USA
When superstud rancher Ed Dinakos sees an intriguing photo contained in a farm-hand job application, well, you’d better stand back and get ready for some explosive, all-male sexual fireworks.

The incredible Jake Tanner is the man who ignites the fuse in Muscle Ranch, and buddy, it don’t get hotter’n this. These two massive, exclusively Colt body-builders go at each other with an in-heat urgency that’s truly awesome.

Steaming in one lust drenched encounter after another (wait ’til you see the beer bath sequence), these two reach the outer limits of intense, sweaty, man-to-man sex. These megahunks know what they want and go right after it.


File size: 596.8 MB

To the Last Man: Guns Blazing (2008)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Big Cock, Daddies, Intergenerational, Cumshots, Discipline/Punishment, Fetish, Solo (Some), Outdoor Sex, Rape/Forced Into Sex, Rimming, Theme: Cowboys/Farm Hands/Ranchers, Latino Men, Interracial
Starring: Ricky Sinz, Scott Campbell, Damien Crosse, Antonio Biaggi, Damian Rios, Jackson Wild, Jimmy Trips, Logan McCree, Rick Powers, Scott Tanner, Tristan Jaxx
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

When we last left our cowboy drama, a petty squabble between two neighboring ranches over a superfluously insignificant resource (water) had escalated into full-out gang violence, with one man, Jake Deckard, paying the ultimate price. As Ricky Sinz himself says in this, the second half of our epic, “Whiskey’s for drinkin’. Water’s for fightin’ over.” But as you’ll learn, this western-tinted flick’s resident villain Ricky has more uses for whiskey than he lets on. More on that later.
So, with Jake pumped full of lead and dispatched to that wide open prairie in the sky, his fellow Double K raunch-hands, and a priest, assemble to pay their respects. Once they’ve cleared out, Jake’s old lover-boy and renegade Flying V Antton Harri sneaks in to say his own sad private goodbye, when – BLAM! POW! – shots are fired and two more bodies lay cold and dead.
But I like ‘em hot and alive, and I hope you do, too, because after that grim spectacle we segue right back into the sex. Ricky is at it again, just as twisted and mean as you like him, taking butch drags of his cigarette and guzzling whiskey as tattooed beauty Damian Rios slurps hungrily on his hard-on. Points to J.D. Slater for his score here and elsewhere, which lend an ambiance to the sex scenes without drowning out the grunts and sharp inhalations and other hot sloppy sex sounds that I’ve grown (in a manner of speaking) to love.
From a cocksucker’s-eye-view we see Ricky, serious as a heart attack, get his pecker slick and wet. He wraps his belt around Damian’s neck, fucks his mouth, and makes him drink whiskey off his cock. He even goes so far as to unholster his gun and fires some shots into the air before getting a little slap-happy with Rios. After that, he spits into his bottom’s ass-crack and goes to town, running his handgun up and down Damian’s back, and busting open the whiskey again to pour on his other weapon as it penetrates Rios’ cornhole. Finally, Damian saves a horse by riding cowboy Ricky, until he lets loose with an impressive pop-shot.
What comes next is easily TTLM’s most outstanding bit of melodrama. What was this bloodshed all about to begin with? A drought! And what’s happening now? It’s raining! Scott Tanner is choking on the bitter, bitter irony, in addition to all the scenery he’s trying to gnaw down, as he stumbles through the storm, into the mud, flailing his hands to the sky and cursing the heavens, crying out, “Why?! Why?!” It’s a tasty bit of camp, to be sure.
Moving on, Jimmy Trips is bummed out about all this bloodshed too, and who better to console him than stacked muscle-bear Rick Powers? Jimmy has a ridiculously huge uncut piece of meat, with a heavy-duty low-hanging nutsack to match, and Powers takes his time showing it sweet mouth-love, before throwing his legs up in the air to show it some pucker-love as well. Afterwards, Powers joins us again for a far jollier roll in the hay with another uncut’n’well-hung power top Tristan Jaxx. Powers demonstrates his sucking prowess yet again, we’re treated to the first rimming scene of Part II, and the hookup culminates in Jaxx drenching Powers’ face in gooey splooey.
Lean otter Scott Campbell only thinks he’s alone as he takes a skinny-dip in the creek and then decides to stroke one off. Nearby, Antonio Biaggi, armed with a shotgun and a bottle, watches and whips out his own piece. It’s not long before Scott is soaking Biaggi’s mega-schlong in drool, enthusiastically taking it as deep as he can. Biaggi matches Campbell for raw passion as he returns the blowjob and throws some rimming in for good measure. An acrobatic round of ass-fucking commences, followed by double-whammy oral cumshots that have both Antonio and Scott slurping sperm. This was a definite rewind-twice/slow-motion-replay climax for me, and a high-point if cum-eating is your cup of tea. Once the love-fest is over, Flying V loyalist Antonio tries to drown water-thievin’ Scott and ends up floating face-down in the water. It’s sort of sad, because in another world they could have really loved one another.
Next up, it’s a cute-cub hookup starring Damien Crosse and Jackson Wild, who exchange blowjobs before Damien fucks his buddy nicely. Damien works a load out of Wild, drops his own on his bottom’s back, and is then shot dead in an impressive splatter of movie blood. At least he got to bust that one last nut, right?
In any case, the corn-syrup mess doesn’t stop there. Jimmy Trips is shot once in the balls and once between the eyes in an outdoor tub, but not before he gives us an impressive striptease/jerkoff beneath the hot sun. This solo scene is another outdoor standout that showcases Ben Leon and Tony DiMarco’s considerable strengths as videographers.
Okay, so then, death death death, blood and gore and gasoline and burning flesh, and then Ricky Sinz shoots a priest. (Stone-cold Rick!) And then…
And then it’s the much-ballyhooed rape scene.
Logan McCree and Rick pin down good ol’ boy Scott Tanner and give him willy! As Tanner screams and moans, pretending not to love it as his bobbing hard-on argues otherwise, the two baddies and unmercifully pound his hole like it owed them money. But look, they’re not all evil, because (1) they’re considerate enough to throw on rubbers and (2) Logan reaches out a helping hand to pump out his victim’s load. As far as controversies go, the hoopla surrounding this rape-scene is pretty much unfounded, because when you get right down to it, it doesn’t look like rape so much as it looks like what it is – role play, safe and smoking-hot.
So, if anyone was following along this far for the plot, let me spoil it for you right now. Everybody gets shot and dies except for mean greedy villainous hot-papi rapist Ricky Sinz, who rides off into the sunset. For my part, I didn’t have too much time to be sad or outraged, because I had some major clean-up to do, as well as replenish my fluids.
I’m giving this one as many stars as you can give a movie, because the folks at Raging Stallion deserve accolades for all the hard work and hard cocks they put into this movie. And I think that the ambition to weave a story in between all the hot sodomy should be applauded, while the execution begs some affectionate mockery. In any case, the truth of the matter is this:
While Deadwood may have been a great show, it will probably never help as many people achieve mind-bending orgasms as To the Last Man. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to treat myself to another private screening – without that pesky notebook in hand. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:38:59
Resolution: 576×320
Size: 1.72 GB

File size: 1.5 GB

Minute Man Solo #31: Hangin’ Out

Year: 2008
Genre: solo, muscles, masturbation, hunks
Duration: 01:18:44
Director: John Rutherford, Kristofer Weston
Studio: COLT Studio
Cast: Vic Rocco, Ricky Parks, Jasper van Dean

Description: Colt welcomes you to the thirty-first entry of the Minute Man Solo Series entitled Hangin’ Out. The iconic studio that continues to set the standard for high-quality male solo movies serves you with critically-acclaimed directors John Rutherford and Kristofer Weston, along with three of Colt Studio’s all-natural super studs. Colt continues to raise the bar for the ultimate in hot, voyeuristic, manly action. Hangin’ Out introduces Jasper Van Dean (cover man) along with Ricky Parks and Vic Rocco on their very first audition with the award-winning Colt Studio production team. Don’t miss these three super-hot Colt Studio studs, up close and personal, and for your eyes only! See them pose, flirt, and stroke… giving you your own private show.

Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 656×368 29.97fps 1318Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
File size: 821.3 MB

Boot Black

Year: 1994
Country: USA
Genre: Oral, Anal, Rimming, Facial, Group
Length: 1:21:03
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Studio: HIS Video – VCA
Starring: Jake Andrews, Wolf, Daryl Brock, Zak Spears, Tanner Reeves, Dallas Taylor, Matt Gunther, Mark West, David Logan, Brett Ford, Steven Turro, Alex Wild, Patrick Ryan, Rob Costa, Dirk Fletcher

Description: This video is all about the back room of a rough leather bar. These men wear jockstraps, but the sex is rather vanilla. The theme: It’s all in the backroom, boys.
Mammoth hung Daryl Brock gets serviced by a hairy bottom. The bottom savors Daryl’s cock, and then Daryl rips off his partner’s jeans to reveal a jockstrap-clad ass that Daryl proceeds to fuck without removing his own jockstrap. The bottom shoots off a generous load riding Daryl cowboy, and Daryl proceeds to deliver a sloppy load onto his own belly and pouch. The second scene starts off with a guy vacuum pumping his dick and balls. After they’ve plumped up to a nice size, two other guys join him for a nice threeway. These guys suck each other’s dicks and assholes before they present their asses for a fourth man to fuck. The men then stand around in a circle and jerk off. The next scene, also in the backroom, is a twosome where the two men suck each other and then swap facials. Mmmm mmmm! Deep-voiced daddy Zak Spears finds a jockstrap-clad bottom in the back room and proceeds to spit beer into his face while chewing on his face and mouth. After the bottom blows Zak for a bit, the men switch off burying their faces in the other’s ass for a deep rim job. After a final lick, Zak proceeds to burrow his cock into his bottom’s tight, smooth, hole and fucks it with wild abandon. The final scene is a seven-man orgy, where goateed Jake Andrews is a star bottom amongst the frenzied cocksucking, jerking, and ass eating. Jake ends up with every man’s cum all over his beefy muscular body.
While most of the sex happens in the dark, the action itself is surprisingly well-shown. The men are hungry, and the sex generally enthusiastic. There’s no outstanding scene, but there are no bad scenes either. A solid effort by Chi Chi.
Video Quality: VHSRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1200 Kbps, 640 x 480 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, 2 channel (s), 44.1 kHz

File size: 776.8 MB

Depths of Desire, Part 1

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men,
Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Fetish: Bondage, Leather,
Piercings, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes
Length: 1:37:54
Directed by: Erik Rhodes, Steven Scarborough
Studio: Mustang Studios
Cast: Brandon Bangs, Chris Porter,
Scott Tanner, Nash Lawler, Tristan Jaxx, Jake Dakota,
Colby Keller, Girth Brooks, James Jamesson
Description: New director Erik Rhodes teams up with seasoned pro Steven Scarborough to plumb the Depths of Desire. All trussed up in their leather bindings with nowhere in particular to go, these nine hot men navigate the depths of desire, sinking lower and lower to drown in oceans of sweaty muscled man flesh.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: Xvid 688×384 29.97fps 2487Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
File size: 1.7 GB

To The Last Man – Part 2 Guns Blazing

Year: 2008
Genre: Anal, Oral, Hunks, Group, Muscules
Length: 2:38:58
Director: Ben Leon, Chris Ward, Tony DiMarco
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Starring: Ricky Sinz, Scott Campbell, Damien Crosse, Antonio Biaggi, Damian Rios, Jackson Wild, Jimmy Trips, Logan McCree, Rick Powers, Scott Tanner, Tristan Yass

Out West, it’s a brutal man’s world, where raw power replaces common sense in this sagebrush saga of rugged outlaws and the heroic battle between good and evil. Revenge fills the gaps of one up man ship in the struggle to gain power. Blood flows like water as rival gunslingers embrace violence as a test of character and courage. Filled with frustration and rage sex is there only Both ranch heads vow to end the. In an explosive confrontation and in the most ambitious grand finale ever filmed emotion ends in riveting tragedy until only one man remains!
The men from the Double K Ranch are clouded in sadness as they huddle by the grave of one of their own, Jake Mallard. Jake’s tragic death at the hand of Rick has made troubled times worse. As they lay their friend and brother to rest, John (Antton Harri), Jake’s lover, watches from the distance. After the Tanner boys leave, he goes to the grave to pay his respects. Before he can shed a single tear a gunshot pierces his broken heart, but not before John can pull the trigger of his own gun and kill his attacker – two men down at a funeral for a third … this is the opening to part two of To The Last Man: Guns Blazing.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Video: XVID 576×320 29.97fps 1231Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

This video has been removed.