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Temptation on the Force 1: Internal Affairs

Captain Ricardo Neston is upset that a priceless painting has been stolen, and three police officers apparently let it happen. He could discipline them, but he could also force them to give him head. The latter seems a fine punishment to Norberto Rollins, Renato Bellagio and Jack Laurel. So, Ricardo, an intense brunet with a smattering of chest hair, stands on the desk with dimpled Norberto blowing him, hairy Renato and the stunning physically Jack sharing his dick. The blows are lusty and the uncut head given quite a workout. Renato then sucks Norberto, Ricardo gets Jack, everyone proving an equal talent level. Then, as Ricardo and Norberto suck face, Jack and Renato blow them energetically. The fucking comes with Ricardo taking Renato, and Jack gets it from Norberto. Renato allows Ricardo an easy slide in-and-out of his dick as Norberto opts for something very simple and accessible with Jack. The tops switch for Norberto to fuck Renato, but the best fuck comes when Jack rides on Ricardo, who thrusts up into him from below. Everyone unloads onto Renatos back and the discipline session over, Ricardo sends Jack and Renato on a mission out of the city and Norberto back to work.

Captain Ricardo also sends three more junior cops out onto foot patrol. The first is the muscularly compact Sergio Foster, along with the incredibly handsome Gastone Pierce and tall brunet Will Kronan. As they traipse around the city, allowing us postcard-perfect shots of it, they head back to the station for some sex. Sergio and Gastone share blowing Will together, his big dick more than enough for two guys. Will is then laid on a table where Gastone continues to blow him, Will and Sergio biting at each others nipples. Sergio is then flat on the table, sucked by Gastone, and sucking Will upside-down, an eager face-fuck that seems to work for both of the guys. Will, with Sergio blowing the bottom just inches away from the slicing dick, fucks Gastone. Will keeps the pace nice and friendly, slow with depth being his main Will then fucks Gastone from underneath as Sergio continues his loving oral assault on Gastone. When Sergio takes over for Will, sitting on a couch with Gastone on top of him, the energy suddenly explodes. Sergio is a spitfire, giving Gastone an almost angry fuck. Sergio fucks Gastone sideways in another furious topping before Sergio and Gastone get to cum.

Ricardo has an assignment for strapping Fred Goldsmith and longhaired hottie Lucio Maverick. Two guys have been impersonating cops in order to have their way with them. These two also walk the gorgeous Hungarian streets and have no problem collaring the perps. The first is black-haired, baby-faced John Kralovic, and the other is his equal in good looks, big-armed Robert Novy. They toss them in a rather well-appointed jail cell, where, within seconds, John is undressing for Robert to suck him. Roberts blow is impressive; the camera seems fixated on Johns pulsing abs as hes getting the blow. John helps himself to Robert next in a good hand-mouth combo. A third cop outside, the impossibly adorable Robby Stephens, has been listening at the door and decides to join in. He sits between the guys, giving their dicks attention alternately. Robby then is heartily fucked by Robert. Tirelessly, Robby takes this aggressive fuck as John sits by and jacks off until Robert has a blasting cum-shot, followed by good ones from John and Robby.

Now, as this is going on, Lucio and Fred have gotten hard hearing all the sounds. They decide to have some fun of their own. Fred blows the thick cock Lucio is sporting, doing great work on the balls. Lucio then sucks Fred and fingers him at the same time, nastily jabbing at Fred. Insatiable Robby exits the jail cell and helps Fred and Lucio. In a great oral display, he takes both of their dicks in his mouth at once. Lucio, looking and acting like a model, fucks Robby with a nice intensity as Robby sucks Fred, standing at Robbys face with his phenomenally fat cock. Robbys second good fuck, in as many, causes him to shoot in no time, which leaves Fred to play bottom, riding confidently on Lucio, getting a huge amount of the latters thickness up his ass as he bounces gleefully. Lucio then slices into him missionary, jacking off his cohort as he does so. Fred cums being fucked, then Robby creams on Freds balls. As reward for capturing the bad guys, Ricardo promotes Fred and Lucio to motorbike policemen, apparently their “lifelong dream,” and a “to be continued … ” message appears on the screen.

File size: 1.0 GB

Casting Experiments (2011)

During secret experiments at Tw1sted Clinic, our group of rogue doctors are applying fiberglass casting material to an unsuspecting patient in hopes of developing a new method for secure and inescapable bondage. In a brilliant stroke of genius, solid metal anchors are imbedded into the fiberglass as it’s applied to the patient’s head and hands. Then, with the use of a short spreader bar, her feet are cast together into one unit. Yep! As the experiment progresses the patient becomes more and more uneasy, however, once her head and hands are attached to an overhead bar she realizes there is absolutely no escape! I believe our doctors are on to something here. Our hats are off to their bondage ingenuity. Now, how do we get her out?
Format: wmv
Resolution: 720×480
Runtime: 10 min.

File size: 219.0 MB

Rough Confessions (2011)

Starring: Chantel, Nikita
Categories: Handjobs, Grabbing & Squeezing, CFNM

Nikita and her sister Chantel are discussing their sex lives when Chantel confesses a major part of their ‘bedroom play’. That is her boyfriend Bob likes it rough.
She explains that he loves his balls to be slapped, squeezed and punched and cannot reach an orgasm unless she does this to him.
Nikita thinks this sounds amazing but understandably doesn’t think her boyfriend would even think about entertaining such rough play.
Just as they are getting into the conversation Bob returns home from his night out and Chantel asks her sister if she would like to join in some rough sex play them. Nikita, and funilly enough Bob, think think it’s a great and commence a rough threesome handjob.
The two girls take turns to wank his cock while the other one grabs, twists and punches his balls. They even spit on them!
These two girls actually are real sisters and the chemistry you see between them in this movie is very real.
Watch Jail Break to find out!
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1440×1080
Runtime: 12 min.

File size: 429.5 MB

Jail Break (2011)

Starring: Holly, Vivian
Categories: Handjobs, CFNM

The Special Agent Sluts, agents Holly and Vivian approach the cell of the prisoner and try and tempt him into giving up the location of the Tyrants. These two girls bribe him with sexual services to disclose information. With the promise of sexual and possible freedom the prisoner allows the girls to enter to carry out their mission.
They tease, squeeze and play with his balls will stroking his manhood with their skilful hands.
But will he give the information required or will the girls break him with their teasing hands?
Watch Jail Break to find out!
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1440×1080
Runtime: 11 min.

File size: 414.6 MB

Lara’s Lesson (2011)

Starring: Lara, Paige
Categories: Latex, Kicking, Grabbing & Squeezing, CFNM, Boots

Foxy dom Paige has a new ballbusting apprentice with her today. The new girl on the block is tall leggy Lara who stands at over six feet tall in heels. You can imagine how scary this lady is as she stands menacingly in front of you wanting to destroy your balls! Paige shows her a few ‘moves’ in the art of ballbusting but it soon becomes apparent that Lara does not need much instruction at all. The naked slave is at first chained to the wall and is completely powerless to defend himself as these two ladies kick, knee, grab and twist his balls. He is eventually from his chains so they can try a few different positions. He is then subject to some hard kicks from behind and some painful grinding as the girls poke his sore testicles with the heels of their stiletto boots!!!
Watch Jail Break to find out!
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1440×1080
Runtime: 11 min.

File size: 400.6 MB