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[COAT KURATATSU] Scooop!!! The Rape Extract

Video language: Japanese

This is yet another special plan under the well-received Scooop!!! series, The Rape Extract. As the name suggested, raping of young and good looking athletes has been the major focus of the video. Most of the scenes have been shot indoor, with some outdoor scenes in between them. It shows how the cute hunks being followed, knocked, then brought to one place and being raped. Feel the pleasure and hear the yelling and screaming of pain and excitement!

File size: 1.1 GB

CocksureMen – Parker London & Conner Habib

“Parker London has never disappointed, and he’s not about to now. He just continues to crank out some of the hottest scenes we’ve ever had on the site. The man is sexual dynamite and this time he gets to blow away hairy hunk Conner Habib.

Matching Parker’s ferocity in the bedroom is a tough task, but Conner’s mouth, cock and ass pull it off with flying colors as our studs take turns fucking and sucking each other senseless.

They make sure to let each other know how much they’re enjoying themselves, talking, begging and moaning for more. The hunks wind up side by side the jerking off. Parker is the first to pop with Conner not far behind. Conner’s load sprays everywhere, nearly splattering both their faces.”

File size: 465.7 MB