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Insex – Bagged

Video + full photoset

Release: 2005

Hogtied and bagged for her debut appearance, 1217 is locked in a crevette and fucked every which way. She comes without asking (don’t they ever learn?), so she’s punished. But then she does it again! Caning, punching, slapping, and lots of orgasms. 1217 appears to have a talent.

Bound hand and foot, gagged and bagged in clear plastic, 1217 writhes on the floor of the basement. PD tightens a rope around her neck and hoists her to her knees. She sways, struggling to breathe. He slices the bag open and pokes her tits with his knife, then locks her into the crevette, or “scavenger’s daughter” as it was called during the reign of Henry the VIII. The perfect companion to the rack, the crevette compresses the body rather than stretches it. A metal V that locks 1217’s neck to her wrists and ankles, the crevette spreads her wide. PD paws her pussy, plugs it with a vibrating dildo, and leaves her to stew.

Her tits are tied to the metal rods that run to her ankles. Cord pulls her clit toward her ankles. A nose hook finishes the detail work. By morning, she’s fallen onto her side. He opens her pussy and goes four fingers in, then opens a speculum in her tight cunt, poking the head of the vibrator inside that open maw. She comes big.

Her ass is plugged. He leads her through the pasture by the mouth, a cowbell dangling from her cunt. He calls her his cow and drags her into the barn.

Locked in the scavenger’s daughter again, she dangles in the air, hanging from chains. He lowers her to cock height. Mr. Pogo bangs her. Then she’s pussy whipped. Banged, whipped, banged, whipped. She comes without asking, so she’s tied face down on a heavy beam. Mr. Pogo fucks her ass and her mouth. The girl gets off again! She’s caned on ass, thighs, feet, and boobs. Then while her pussy’s fingered, she comes yet again. PD slides the cane through her clit ring and promises her more punishment. He leaves to let her consider her situation.

She’s hooded, manacled, boobs bound, and her neck shackled. She’s caned randomly, not knowing where the next blow will fall. The chain at her neck is tightened so that she’s on her toes. She chokes. More caning. He cranks a dildo into her cunt, trapping her in place. She’s caned, slapped, punched, and grabbed. She’s shaking and crying now. The hood comes off. Tears stream down her face. Do you want to come? he asks. 1217, queen of the orgasm, says yes. He tapes the vibrator to the dildo and leaves her. 1217 shudders into orgasm, still on her tiptoes, trembling, crying.

Genre: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism, Torture, Fetish, Spanking, Rubber

Format: avi

Duration: 01:09:23

Resolution: 424×240

File size: 582.3 MB