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Helix / HotStud – Big Booty Bareback

Hot, young, rounded rump cuties like Chase Young, Dominnic Code and Josh Bensan are meeting up for hot, wet and sticky bareback encounters. Five raw scenes are prepared and served up with licking, sucking an swallowing. Get a front seat view of all the bareback bubble butt action.

Scene 1. Ryan Fucks Dominnic

Hot Studs favorite, Ryan Conners is back again for another raw fuck session with newbie Dominnic Code. Conners huge cock begs to be freed from his red briefs by Dominnic, who manages to fit most of it down his throat. Conners eats the latin boy’s ass and loosen’s up his hole with a rough finger fuck. Then Code’s raw hole gets a deep bareback pounding and his first on screen breeding.

Scene 2. Southern Boys Bareback Breeding

Ryan Conners and Chase Young have some warm up conversation, then the excitement builds for their raw romp in the sack. The Southern boys strip each other down then Ryan spreads Young’s ass cheeks apart, getting a taste of his sweet raw hole. Chase gets the juices flowing in Ryan’s nuts as he tongues and sucks his large ball sack. Young’s bubble butt is too hard for Ryan Conners to resist plunging in with a raw cock. He gives the HotStuds newbie a sticky hot load of cum, and shoves it 9″ deep inside his hole.

Scene 3. Bubble Butt on Top

In his scene with Joshua Parker, we learn about Chase talks about his versatility. In this scene he proves it, giving it to Wade Christianson who happens to have a crush on Chase’s big bouncy bubble butt. Young proves to be a frisky, hard pounding twink top.

Scene 4. Josh and Wade BB

Wade Christianson and Josh Bensan have zero trouble getting this hot sex scene started. After answering some probing questions from the cameraman, Josh wets his appetite for slut hole by rimming Wade. Then Wade sits on his lap so he can start pumping his rigid cock into Wade’s raw boy hole. Much to his pleasure, Christianson gets nicely bareback mounted before squeezing out his hot load.

Duration : 02:15:55
Resolution : 960×540
Video : AVC (AVC), 2 000 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 2.0 GB

BoyCrush Exclusives…Fight It Out!

Studio: BoyCrush
Cast: Kyler Moss, Ryan Sharp
Genres: Anal, Twinks, Kissing, Foot Fetish, Black Hair, Brown Hair, Fucking, Trimmed, 69, Cut, Uncut, Cum Being Jerked Off, Cum Jerking Off, DoggyStyle, Hard Fuck, In The Bedroom, Huge Load

Kyler Moss and Ryan Sharp are two of the hottest new twinks on the scene and we’re proud to call them exclusives! Ryan gives Kyler a foot massage to set the mood before these two fuck like bunnies. After some oral play, Kyler jackhammers Ryan into the bed before getting his own ass slammed. They end the scene with more hot oral (don’t miss Kyler’s big, spurting cumshot!)

Format: asf
Duration: 21:16
Video: 768×432, Windows Media Video 9, 1816kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 308.1 MB

Citebeur – Dark Cruising 5

Year: 2011
Studio: Citebeur, Dark Cruising
Performers: Aymeric Deville, Boris, Ivan Rueda, Martin Mazza, Souann, Kriss, Jordan, Med, Bitume, Hugo, Cubano, Fred Le Sneaker, Others

Come deep into the darkroom in Dark Cruising 5 where huge cocks in dark corners are waiting for you. Dark Cruising 5 is full of leather studs mixing with super-hung black, arab and latino males. A great dvd for the fans of sneaker fetish, anonymous sex, hung dominant studs, extreme ass-banging action, and roaring males in full orgasms. Get a taste of the darkest pleasures with Dark Cruising 5!

DVD Covers:

Format: avi
Duration: 01:50:48
Video: 624×352, XviD, 1567 kbps
Audio: 192 kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

Black Cock Virgin 1 HDRip

Produced in: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, BLACK, Thugz, Gagging, Double Oral Penetration, Rough Sex, Threesomes
Duration: 02:35:06
Director: Edward James

Montique, Japan Mizrahi, Tyrese, Hotboi, JD Daniels, Fury, Black Hawk, Billy Long, Justin Blade, Kyle Foxxx, Maxxx Steele, Trip Castro, Luke Cross, Mitch Brawn

White virgin punks take on two huge black cocks for the first time! Kyle came out just a few years ago, and has always had a thing for strong black men with thick cocks. Montique and Japan fit that MO and pound Kyle’s small white ass and pouty lips with hard long thrusts. Cum in and see beads of sweat and explosions of cum cover this white dudes slender hairless body. Max didn’t get his name for nothing. From his sultry way of sucking a thick veiny cock, to the way he takes a hard thrusting in his pulsating asshole, Max knows how to make a man cum. But Max has never had a black cock, let alone two black cocks. Tripp is a military brat who’s ready to man the post – meat post that is! He didn’t think one hug dick was enough to satisfy him, so he called in two black guys with horse dicks! Luke is in for a long, hard night. Blackhawk and Billy are ready to show Luke what the cliche, “Once you go black, you never go back” is all about!

Video quality: HDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: Xvid
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: 848×480 (1.77:1), 25 fps, XviD build 50 ~767 kbps avg, 0.07 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~123.78 kbps avg

File size: 0.9 GB

Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days: Day 5 (2010)

Categories: Amateur, Fetish, BDSM
Starring: Dante, Tyler (Male), Gurl
Studio: Zack Christopher Production

SM takes time! Her mother did it, so she does too! Meet Gurl, Tyler’s gurlfriend! Though they love each other, they have a violent way of showing it, with nipple clamps, knives, gloves laced with staples, paddles, blindfolds, whips and even electric flyswatters! Throw little straight stud Dante into the mix and you’ve got one kinky triangle. In Str8 2 Gay in 6 Days: Day V: BLOW BI BLOW: Virgin Violence! the duo unleash on poor Dante and try to bring him to the dark side!
How far does Dante go? What are his limits? What the fuck is the safe word and how can I yell it with this thing in my mouth!!!? Tune in and find out!
When Tyler went to the B&B to do a shoot with the owner (ZCP144 (coming soon)) Dante opened the door all sleepy-eyed and shirtless, with a woody in his shorts. From that moment on, Tyler wanted to do a shoot with him. So when he heard I’d gotten him to do a few solo shoots, Tyler asked if he wanted to join in for the SM shoot with Gurl and to our surprise, Dante said yes.
Everyone settles in and the toy boxes on wheels start to get opened. Oh, what a plethora of gizmos, gadgets, kitchen items, bug zappers, and improvised everyday items! Wooden spoons, spiked wheels, gloves laced with staples, cockrings, and so much more, get sorted and laid out for possible usage. This isn’t Gurl and Tyler’s first foray into the kinky SM realm and Gurl learned it all from her mummy!
Tyler and Gurl get changed up into their costumes, with Gurl wearing lingerie and a blindfold and being chained to a yellow sawhorse from Homo Depot. Tyler is in cock rings, soft leathery shorts, fireman pants (don’t ask where he got those…it’s a secret!), mesh and leather top and a vibrantly gay masque!
Little Dante meanwhile is secured with a leather collar with a strap running down his back to bind his hands behind his back in shackles. The little shit then races to the piano to show how he can play even bound like this! Leather mittens are added to keep him controlled!
Everyone giggles and jokes and has a good time as they prepare, which takes some time to get everything out and ready and prepared. SM is not an easy, quick or simple thing! It takes some work and effort to get the tools set and the mood right!
The Safe Word is NOT ”Stop!”
The fun really begins with Dante shoved to his knees in the corner and Gurl chained up to the sawhorse, as Master Tyler pulls out a black folding knife and starts running the blade over Gurl’s pale white flesh. She holds still as he works the blade over her shoulders and back. As he goes lower, Tyler becomes annoyed at the frills around her waist and slices them off with the blade before continuing to explore her body with the weapon.
When he finally tires of the blade, Tyler bends Gurl over the sawhorse and straps her down by putting on some huge nipple clamps, wrapping the chain under the sawhorse. He gives her big meaty nipples a few violent pinches in the process.
When Dante mouths off, Tyler gives him some pain by putting several clothes pins on him. Then he attacks Gurl and they keep popping off, which she loves. Meanwhile, Dante works one off with his mouth. As punishment, he gets a rubber ball in the mouth. Then I and Tyler both put more clamps on him, including his balls.
The action ramps up another notch as Master Tyler breaks out a large whip and starts flogging Dante’s chest and belly. Dante squeals and soon exposes his backside instead for the beating. But Gurl gets jealous and soon Tyler returns his attentions to her. Tyler then moves to the spikes gloves, raking up and down Dante’s sensitive legs. But the pain is not over yet. Master Tyler takes the metal nipple clamps and snaps them on his nipples, making Dante scream and yell. I take advantage of him by fondling his junk and Daddy Cal teases he might plug his tight ass!
”Stop moving!” Tyler commands, as Dante writhes and jerks as he’s snapped loudly with a riding crop. After Dante does as he’s told, Tyler moves his attentions to Gurl, with harder slaps to her pale flesh. She moans and writhes and yells profanities as he makes contact. Dante lets out a loud groan as the metal nipple clamps are finally pulled off of his tortured nipples. He keeps looking over his shoulder as Cal comes in to watch, nervous that someone might take advantage of his situation.
Gurl’s pale skin is now showing signs of her savage treatment at the hands of Master Tyler. Her flesh is covered in red welts and pink blemishes, yet she still begs for more, just like dear ole’ mummy! The sick bitch!
But as Gurl takes on more punishment, our poor Dante is the most tortured, as he swilled his beer down to before the shoot and now he has to pee! Tyler calls him a sissy boy and Daddy Cal says he’ll be glad to hold it for him, since his hands are tied. Instead, he gets ridiculed by everyone in the room, including Gurl and Cal! He gets a little taste of the whip again, as Gurl says, ”Cuz he’s mouthy.” Dante says he’s worried about his eyes and his balls, so I pull out his balls and give them a check. They’re very fine.
When the red metal studded whip comes out, Dante begs to be left alone. Since this is his first time, Master Tyler goes gentle. Dante’s already got a nice pink welt on his thigh from the riding crop and he’s not looking forward to any more. He says he can’t feel his titties. When a sharp wheel comes out, it’s run all over his body and I pull back his undies to let Tyler work it up and down his cock and balls. I get a nice fondling of his jewels at the same time.
When the spiked wheel is used on Gurl, it gets caught in her hair! Ouch! While she’s tortured, Dante goes in to try and pee with his hands in leather mittens behind his back!!! Cal goes in to help! Will Dante be molested while he s helpless? Will he piddle all over my bathroom floor?
After Dante’s return from the potty chamber, Tyler breaks out a nasty little tool. It’s simple, yet very effective. Like a nun whacking the fingers of children in the small but stout piece of wood he uses makes a nasty snapping sound as he cracks it along Gurl’s back, shoulders, tits and arms. When he goes for the tender thighs, she really starts to moan. But when he goes after Dante’s inner thigh, Dante lets out a yell and some cussing in a deep growl. Yet he’s also smiling! Go figure. Days later he told me he hated this experience and he wanted to deck Tyler for the shit he kept doing, yet his reactions during the shoot tell a very different tale. I think he may protest too much!
But when the leather slappers come out, things really get noisy, as they are a fast and furious pounding. When Dante becomes the victim he lets out a yell and asks for his ass to be pounded instead of his legs and chest. His nipples are very sore and hard as stones. Tyler hauls Dante to his feet and pushes him face down on the leather back stretcher I have. He gives his ass and thighs a few whacks and then lets Gurl have one hell of a smack, eliciting a yelp.
While Tyler smacks around Gurl, I take advantage of Dante’s delicate position. I feel up his ass through his undies and then yank them down to expose his very red and round cheeks. But before I can have any fun with them, Master Tyler makes Dante scream ”RED! RED!” How, you might ask? By using an electric mosquito swatter on him! It’s got a nasty little bite! You can see the spark as it lights up on contact with human flesh! And suddenly the air was filled with the smell of burning hair! A singed lock from Gurl. Tyler moves toward Dante’s now-exposed ass and Dante quickly covers it with his leather mittens.
I’m very surprised when Dante takes a couple good hits with the ping pong paddle. While Gurl gets hers, I move in to take more advantage of Dante’s sweet ass! I spread his exposed cheeks wide and then delve the depths with my tongue. He’s got one tasty hole! I work it over nicely for a few minutes while Tyler beats Gurl. I tap him and offer up Dante’s hole for a taste, but he’d rather whip it, as whipping it is more fun! Whatever! Hehe! I prefer the eating!
Tyler gets really nasty as he snaps Gurl hard on the thighs. She lets out a loud moan and Dante moans a deep ”Holy Shit!” Dante turns away, afraid of getting hit in the face with Tyler’s nasty snake-tongue shaped lash. As the wicked snaps turn Gurl red, she jerks and nearly pulls the sawhorse over. As its reset, she suggests that it s Dante’s turn!! Indeed it is. Tyler and I take turns me eating his ass and Tyler beating it!
Finally, we get to a point where we all call for a short break. I need to change batteries. As I move to change out, I take a look at Gurl’s ass. I think she’s been hurt quite badly and I let Tyler know my concerns. Gurl gets instantly excited, ”Is it pretty?” she asks. On closer inspection, it’s simply a play of light on her once white skin. No real injuries, just a simple result of the vicious actions of her kinky lover! I’m truly amazed at what abuse she can handle.
We’ll come back in Part II: BI Cherry Popped (coming soon), where straight stud Dante finally crosses over to the gayer side, doing a bit more than just letting me suck his hole! How far will he go this time with Gurl and Tyler? We’ll soon find out! There will be some fucking! Some sucking! And some deep moans! And it’s only one more step in Dante’s transformation from heterosexual to queer, when Dante goes gay for the 1st time! Letting Daddy Cal put his big hard dick up his tight round ass! Dante will surprise you as much as he was surprised by us! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:42:34
Resolution: 640×480

File size: 1.6 GB