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Year: 2003
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: oral, anal, rimming, fingering, group sex, light SM
Length: 1:50:57

Description: Eurocreme returns with a witty and stylish homage to James Bond-or make that Bonk, James Bonk. SpyBoy takes on the 007 series and gives it a homo twist, complete with a kinky villain (Braunfinger!) and some of Bond’s trademark toys (a black dildo with a camera inside saves our hero at one point in the story). Instead of the Bond girls, director Max Lincoln stocks the world of this gay secret agent with twinks who are more than happy to throw their legs in the air. Supercute Chris Cooke makes a dashing leading man as Bonk, who is hired to save the world from an evil drug called orgasmadrine.

File size: 462.5 MB