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The Best of Dean Monroe (Falcon Anthology Series Vol. 25)

See what makes Dean Monroe a true Falcon Legend! Nine scorching-hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon’s greatest titles of all time makes this collection a must-own.

Genres: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Double Anal Penetration, Double Oral Penetration, Rimming, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshots, Facials, Cum Eating, Outdoor, Big Dicks, Muscle Men, Toys, Black, Safe Sex, Compilations
File: avi

File size: 1.9 GB

WilliamHiggins – Wank Party 2011 – 8

Year: 2011
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Group, Cumshot
Length: 00:40:19
Description: Wank Party 2011 # 8 features a bevy of beauties, in David Kadera, Artur Lafek, Michal Herak, Gregor Bortel, Roman Demuth and Daniel Benda. The video starts with interchanging shots of Roman and Gregor playing squash and the other four guys in the pool, with a frisbee. David, Artur, Michal and Daniel get out of the pool and remove their swimming trunks and jump back into the pool. Gregor and Roman finish their game and join the guys in the pool. Then the fun really begins, as three guys climb on the shoulder of the others and start to play fight, having a lot of fun. Then they climb out of the pool and move to a room, where they dry each other. Roman, David and Artur take it a bit further and start to rub each other’s bodies, the other guy notice and do the same. David and Artur really get things going by kissing each other, as Artur takes hold of David’s cock. So now the action really hots up and as all the guys start to get it on, with kissing and caressing, in two groups of three. It is not long before the two groups come together, with David focussing his attention on Michal, while wanking Artur. Daniel gets in on the act by starting to wank Michal. Cocks are soon hard and the sucking begins, with David sucking on Artur, while he kisses Roman. Michal sucks on Daniel and wanks Gregor. David quickly moves to suck on Roman as well, switching between him and Artur. Daniel also gets in on the act and sucks Gregor as Michal sucks him. Lots of very nice sucking by the guys, which looks very good indeed. The groupings come together again so that David can suck on Michal while Artur attends to David’s ass. A change of position sees everyone sucking or being sucked, or both, with hard throbbing cocks everywhere. It’s not long before the action moves on and Daniel is rimming David, while Artur rims Michal with Gregor and Roman holding the guys legs in the air, to ease the access. Some fingering is also in order and duly happens, and we get a great view of two hot asses being well fingered. The natural progession is for some fucking and Artur slides his dick into David’s willing hole, while Michal sits on Daniel’s throbbing cock. Roman offers his cock up to David’s eager mouth too and is duly accepted. Changing position so that Michal and David have their asses in the air lets Daniel and Artur fuck them nice and deep while Roman and Gregor’s throbbing cocks get some attention as well. Michal and David swap positions, so that Artur and Daniel get a different ass to work on. After those asses have had a good fill there is still more to come, and the guys move to doggy, for some more deep dicking. Michal is also eager for a taste of Gregor’s cock and goes down on it as he is being fucked. Gregor is ready to shoot his load and David and Michal go in close to get a taste as the cock blows. That is the trigger for the other guys and they lay Gregor down and all shoot there creamy loads over his body, to bring the party to a wonderful ending. What a lovely shoot with all the guys doing a great job.

File size: 244.6 MB

Nic’s Gay Initiation [LoadXXX, Rentboy UK, 2008]

Year: 2008
Genre: Cum Shots, Facial, Bukkake, Safe Sex, Rimming, Group sex, Twinks, Anal/Oral Sex
Duration: 01:40:16
Director: Adam Bailey
Studio: LoadXXX / Rentboy UK
Cast: Alex Russian, Damian Duke, Jake Smith, Kris Harper, Michael Scott, Nico James, Paul Shayne, Sam Bishop

Nic’s never had a gay experience before, but has always had yearnings. Smoking a fag, he is approached by a gang fronted by Damian Duke. Well you can guess what cums next!

Format: AVI
Video: DivX 5, 720×400 (16:9), 25.00fps, 1795kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3, 24000Hz, stereo, 56kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

VirtuaGirlHD + Models [Uncen][Eng]

VirtuaGirlHD (ver1.0.4.65)

Year: 2009
Genre: Screensaver, Striptease
Censorship: No / Yes to remove the patch
Developer: Totem Entertainment
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Modified (pirates)
License: Freeware
Language: English
Type of translation: the text and sound in this language (the original)
System requirements: Windows 300 gig disk, and more.

System: Windows ® 2000 | XP | Vista | Se7en

Cost: 50-60 Euro per Full Models

VirtuaGirl HD – a logical extension of the known screensavers VirtualGirl and StripSaver of companies “Totem Entertainment”. Unique model with a full strip scenes – on your desktop. At that time, as you do your job, the girls after some time out and cheer you – to a mere strip of exciting dance on a chair.
You can opt to include just a striptease and a beautiful dance. Girls are always on top of all windows and you can enjoy them during normal use of the computer. Comes in a simplified version, everything is simple: install, run and enjoy!

Remove the old version, run del.reg, then VirtuaGirlHD_656_90_39.exe, install, replace the EXE file (new in the archive VgHD.rar)
and you will be happy
Every time when adding a model zakroyteVGHD.exe remove models.lst file in the Data folder and run the program, during initialization will be updated models.lst and they appear in the status of loaded.
Use vghd tester to test the models, or playing individual clips.
If the models do not appear in the list!:
Move all the files that lie at the root folder vghd data to another location, except the file models.ftsm. Subdirectories in the directory data is not touched.

All EXE files to broken and packed ASPack 2.12.
Kaspersky defines them as viruses. After the installation is switched off at KIC sign in it: configure, threats and exclusions, to add and add to the exceptions all 4 EXE files.
Card folder contains alternate images, how to install a Redmile archives
Skins throw in “your drive: VgHD Data skins VirtuaGirl “


VirtuaGirlHD (Deskbabes) [Uncensored] [2010] [Eng] [Addon] [23.88 GB]

Content models in the distribution

c0001 Daria Glover & Cynthia Vellons – Duo
c0002 Daria Glover – Solo
c0003 Cynthia Vellons – Solo
c0004 Carla Cox & Cynthia Vellons – Duo
c0005 Daria Glover & Mily Jay – Duo
c0006 Daria Glover & Carla Cox – Duo
c0007 Mily Jay & Cynthia Vellons – Duo
c0008 Carla Cox – Solo
c0009 Mily Jay & Carla Cox – Duo
c0010 Mily Jay – Solo
c0011 Bianca & Walleria – Duo
c0012 Bianca – Solo
c0013 Walleria – Solo
c0014 Ariel & Bianca – Duo
c0015 Walleria & Tea – Duo
c0016 Ariel & Tea – Duo
c0017 Ariel – Solo
c0018 Tea – Solo
c0019 Eufrat – Solo
c0020 Sandra Sanchez – Solo
c0021 Eufrat & Sandra Sanchez – Duo
c0022 Carie & Sandra Sanchez – Duo
c0023 Eufrat & Carie – Duo
c0024 Eufrat & Misa – Duo
c0025 Sandra Sanchez & Misa – Duo
c0026 Misa & Carie – Duo
c0028 Misa – Solo
c0029 Heaven – Solo
c0030 Heaven – Solo
c0031 Natalia – Solo
c0032 Sarah & Natalia – Duo
c0033 Sarah – Solo
c0037 Monica Sweet & Natalia – Duo
с0038 Sarah & Monica – Duo
c0040 Monica & Mia – Duo
c0044 Deny & Melisa – Duo
c0045 Melisa – Solo
c0046 Celina & Deny – Duo
c0047 Sandy & Deny – Duo
c0048 Melisa & Celina – Duo
c0049 Sandy & Melisa – Duo
c0050 Sandy & Celina – Duo

Photographs of models:

File Size: 23.88 GB

Total size 24.1 GB in 7 files

Jake & Gage

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Muscules, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Military
Length: 00:30:13

Its Sunday again that means another great update here at AD to keep you satisfied through the week ahead.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 640×360 30.00fps 1596kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64kbps

File size: 361.0 MB

EricVideos – Keiran XXL & Christian cruise in the subway

Year: 2011
Country: France
Genre: Studs, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Length: 00:36:15
Description: During a warm and humid afternoon in Chicago, Keiran XXL crossed path with Christian in the subway. The two hot guys cruise each other, pull out and get horny, all in public, before making out. Christian shows his beautiful ass and milks Keiran in dark corners, then in an alley. Later in the evening, Christian ended up drinking Keiran’s piss, then loaded up and crammed, moaning and yelling under the Australien’s 9in hard plowing.
Release date movie: 06/04/2011

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: MP4
Video Codec: MPEG4
Audio codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720×544 (967:544) 2400 Kbits / sec 25.000 frames / sec
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 129kbps
File size: 656.7 MB

Cum Into My Ass – Mike and Lee

These two are really cute and the video has a nice creamy finish.

Genres: twinks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 174.5 MB

Hot Shots 1

Year: 2008
Country: Germany
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Rimming, Muscle, Fetish
Length: 1:45:44
Cast: Jan Losch, Felix, Dani, Jereon, Maik, Niklas, Christian Torrent, Stephane
Description: Fuck hungry cock and shockproof asses – when it comes down to filling holes, these men aren’t picky. Banging for any price, the tattooed dick has to go in: Jan Losch widens a hungry Italian hole with his thrusts, Banging Felix foes second. And Christian Torrent will not stay unfilled. Sucked intensely from the front by Jose, rock hard taken from behind by Niklas. Knocking fuck meat in a seed-spreading mission – a ramming foursome in a long term operation. In addition we will see Stephane’s hungry mouth in swallow-service mode at a glory-hole and lastly the WaN-movie buster – a bare twenty four by seven centimeters horse hung cock and a willing hole. What happen next, is nothing for the faint-hearted, like usual.
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: 560×416 (1.35:1), 25 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~ 1653 kbps avg, 0.28 bit / pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, Microsoft MPEG, 2 ch, ~ 224.00 kbps avg

File size: 1.2 GB

CorbinFisher – Derek Fucks Travis

Released: April 28, 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Anal orgasm, Hands free orgasm, Blow Job, Cumshots
Length: 00:19:23
Description This is a special, bonus update for all of our fans! This scorching hot video, featuring Derek and Travis, was shot quite awhile back to be at Bel Ami’s site as part of the launch of our exchange and collaboration. We’d heard from a number of CF fans who wanted to get the chance to see this video here at CF, though, and agreed that it was certainly something that had to be included on the site!
After all, it’s an insanely intense update! The sex is awesome, and Travis and Derek look great together! The fucking is nothing short of incredible, as you’d expect when pairing these two guys up!
This video also features something else worthy of note – a hands-free cumshot from Travis! This action scene was filmed around the same time Travis got fucked by Josh and we saw him blow a load, hands-free,
for the first time! Imagine our thrill when he managed to do that here, as well!
So, sit back and enjoy this hot, bonus update now being made to all of CF’s fans, right here!

Video Quality: SiteRip
Format video: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio codec: WMAVideo: WMV 9 960×540 30.00fps 1964Kbps
Audio: WMA 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps

File size: 282.3 MB

Cum On Glasses!Anischka

Title: Cum On Glasses!Anischka
Released: 2011
Time: 20-25 min
Description: Exclusive Bukkake Cum On Glasses Videos.Group of guys cum up on the face of sexual bitch! Anischka is applying for a job but she hasn’t prepared herself very well. Well, she did dress up in a sexy way in the hope of getting a job. She agrees to be blindfolded and with her legs up she is fucked hard in her hairless cunt. In the end those rude characters cover her bespectacled face with sperm. How horny!
Genre: Bukkake, Cumshots, Gang Bang

Video: WMV3 720×540 (4:3) 29.970 fps 1 980 Kbps
Audio: WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 128 Kbps
Quality: DvDrip
Format: WMV
Size: 196.6 Mb

File size: 196.6 MB

Robby Vega

Production year: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Muscle, Masturbation, Cumshots,
Length: 00:16:52

You cant take a look at Robby Vegas handsome face and not get hot. You also cant stop your mind from wondering what this adorable stud looks like naked. Hes got a college jock look about him and you can just picture him in some gay jock porn. Robby loves sex. And while he considers himself straight he gets a gleam in his eye when you mention the possibility of his getting some cock. His smooth chest gleams in the sunlight leading down to a nice patch of dark pubes and a sexy hair ass. Working his cock by the pool you can tell hes got an exhibitionist streak, almost daring someone to walk by and find him jerkin his long thin dick out in the open for anyone to see. He exudes a confidence and sexual power that is going to be even more incredible once hes paired up with some of our other Randy Blue models. But for now, getting to watch this horny stud jerk his cock, play with his hot ass, and shoot his nice thick load is more than enough.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: WMV 3 at 2024 Kbps, Aspect: 960 x 540 (1.778) at 23.976 fps
Audio: WMA at 32.0 Kbps, Infos: Stereo, 32.0 KHz

File size: 249.7 MB

This video has been removed.

Hot Shots ( 2007 ) [ TitanMen ]

Released: 2007
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Big Balls, Big Cocks
Running Time: 01:39:40
Starring: Max Fonda, Ramon Feders, David Vanek, Eric Tomfor, Ivan Pesko, Matej Radovan, Simon Dusek, Valentin Skala
Directed by: Richie Oldmann
Studio: TitanMen
Description: If eight, smooth, cute, big-dicked, uncut studs skewering each other’s muscular asses sounds like a hot to you, then Hot Shots will have you spewing jizz like a fountain. This latest TitanMen Fresh feature follows a bunch of foreskin-feasting, butt-banging, throat-fucking, horned-up young guys to their neighborhood gay bar where they warm up a wintry Eastern European afternoon with a couple of drinks and a lot of ass ramming at their very own happy hour fuckfest.

File size: 1.1 GB

Twinkboy Fantasies

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Rimming, Fucking, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Masturbation, Facial, Group Sex, Twinks, Blonds, Brunette, Cum Shots, Outdoor
Length: 1:40:51
Directed by: Keith Miller (?)
Studio: Helix, 8Teenboy
Cast: Chad Fitch, Wade Christianson, Elliot Andrews, Jack Diamond, Patrick O’Riley, Jonathan Cole, Chase Harding

Description: These twinks fantasies become yours in this six scene film. The wet dreams of some of the hottest boys in porn come to life, and they involve hot group sex, big hard cocks, hungry bubble butts, and even giant dildos. They may look innocent but their fantasies are dirtier than you can imagine.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: XviD 960×540 29.97fps 2027Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

Snap Shots

Year: 2000
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Collegiates, Fisting, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth, ThreeWays / Orgies, Young Men
Length: 1:09:08
Directed by: John Rutherford
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Matt Spencer, Karl Tenner, Scott Austin, Alex Wilcox, Tristan Paris, Anthony Lafont, Brett Michaels, Addison Scott, Scott Austin, Dylan Reece, Corey Summers

Unlike some other fashionable coverboys, Falcons picture-perfect men of summer peel back waistbands and unhitch straining buttons to create erotic memories keeping you rock-hard and yearning for more year-round! Starring Falcon Exculsives Anthony Lafont, Tristan Paris, Brett Michaels, Addison Scott, Karl Tenner, and Matt Spencer; plus Alex Wilcox, Dylan Reece, and introducing young Corey Summers.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Video: DivX 5 320×240 29.97fps 1286Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 32000Hz stereo 112Kbps
Size: 700 Mb

File size: 699.5 MB

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Brandon Lee’s Hot Shots

Production year: 2005
Country: US
Genre: Feature, Oral / Anal / Group / Interracial Sex, Compilations (Best Of), Muscular Men, Twinks / Young Meat
Length: 1:35:32
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Video
Cast: Brandon Lee, Andy Hunter, Bailey Parks, Jeremy Jordan, Kyle Kennedy,
Luca DiCorso, Lucas Young, Nick Capra, Sebastian Cole, Sebastian Madrid, Travis Reed, Trent Atkins.

They are the men of your dreams and they are the men that he has been with.
Join Brandon Lee as he brings you his favorite and gorgeous studs who are waiting for you so they can
get to work on their thick pole. Don’t miss a single second of Brandon Lee’s Hot Shots!
File size: 439.3 MB

Hot Shots

Production year: 2007
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Cumshot, Sucking, Group Sex, Twinks, Big Balls, Big Cocks
Length: 1:39:40
Directed by: Richie Oldmann
Studio: Titanmen Fresh
Max Fonda, Ramon Feders, David Vanek, Eric Tomfor, Ivan Pesko, Matej Radovan, Simon Dusek, Valentin Skala

If eight, smooth, cute, big-dicked, uncut studs skewering each other’s muscular asses sounds like a hot to you, then Hot Shots will have you spewing jizz like a fountain. This latest TitanMen Fresh feature follows a bunch of foreskin-feasting, butt-banging, throat-fucking, horned-up young guys to their neighborhood gay bar where they warm up a wintry Eastern European afternoon with a couple of drinks and a lot of ass ramming at their very own happy hour fuckfest.

File size: 1.1 GB

This video has been removed.

101 Gun Salute – Moments of truth (ShotGun Video)

Featuring: Roger, Cash Cougar, Ron Kenna, Keith Reed, Dave North, Jeff Hilo, Bart Conyers, Rob Camma, Pete Magnan, Pete Tanakis, Jake Hunter, Michael Evans, Dieter Roll, Andrew Montano, Tom Paris, Rappalo, Kent Brush, Alex (Heinrich) Coggins, Rico Hall, Dan Dunn, Michael Allen, Buck (Rocky) Laguna

After three years of production, we are proud to bring you the most unusual “hot shots” cum-a-thon tape in the industry. There are more rigid dicks and more shots of flying sperm than you will are likely to see in any tape anywhere. As our regular customers know, the punishment in every Shotgun video is real and every bit as powerful and pleasurable as it looks. There just isn’t any substitute for the sweating, involuntary shudders, and adrenaline-driven screams of ecstasy of a bottom shooting his load past a “personal best” of punishment endurance.

There are even several of the famous “no hands” loads from both tops and bottoms, some from previous tapes and some very hot new ones, too.These are the Moments of Truth, load after screaming load.

Length: 738 MiB for 46mn 49s 143ms
Video #0: MPEG-4 Visual at 780 Kbps
Aspect: 640 x 480 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio #0: PCM at 1 411.2 Kbps
Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 737.5 MB