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Caught, stripped, investigated, fucked (2011)

Starring: Dima, Vadim
Categories: Fetish, Military

Dima and Vadim both study in the local high school. They decided to protest against the recent US-supported actions of the regular Army against the Rebels in Northern Tchukistan. That’s why they climbed the wall and entered the barracks to smash some windows. All went fine apart from the fact that Jurek noticed and caught them just seconds before they could escape.
Jurek is pissed by those little bastards that every now and then throw stones at their convoys and buildings. He rudely pushes the boys down, fixes them with cable clips and when Jack – a CIA agent – joins him they bring their captives into the interrogation room. Its time to really teach them a lesson. The boys struggle and Vadim tries to spit into Jurek?s face. He gets really angry and pulls the boy outside for some special punishment.
Now Jack and Dima are all alone. Time for some fun. He chains him with his hands and feet tied to the wall. Then he rips his sweater and starts to fondle him. Dima can?t believe what is happening and almost pisses himself. The agent pulls down the jeans and touches the cock. Then he strips him, beats him and kisses him. Dima completely obeys. But his face changes in terror when he gets penetrated by a huge, massive cock. Big time!
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1280×720
Runtime: 24 min.
Filesize: 723 Mb

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