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Making GoGo Drool (2013)

Release Year: 2013
Cast: GoGo FuckMe
Genres: BDSM

GoGo is topless and bound on top of a gyno table. Her mouth is pried open with a metal jennings dental gag that makes her drool profusely, much to her horror and My delight. White cotton socks and panties.

Format: mp4
Duration: 5:26
Video: 640×480, AVC (H.264), 1952kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 81.7 MB

Geile nasse Fötzchen von nebenan (2012)

Guy: Double Target 1

Guy: Double Target 2

Geile nasse Fötzchen von nebenan

Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 2 Kawarazaki 2 family house Best Release in 2013 4 Episode

His hairless nuts (2013)

Painful double Milking!

Mrs. Roberts is the Sex-Ed Teacher….and Mrs. Roberts LOVES to hurt young boy’s cocks!!! Today She is Teaching a lesson in penis abuse….and Humiliation. The stern Teacher walks up and down the aisles of the for a male “volunteer” Ha Ha Ha!! All the boys in the are terrified, and look away from Her. Mrs. Roberts literally grabs one young boy by his ear and drags him to the front of the Next She needs two Girl “volunteers”…they were much easier to find….Katrina & FAITH come up to the front….and Mrs Roberts asks the young Girls to bring their “Milking Mat” The Girls lay out the Mat…Mrs. Roberts orders the frightened boy to remove his clothes and get down on the Mat…and all three Females surround him. The Teacher gets the boy’s penis hard…then She spits on it…to make it slippery…then She “hands” it over to FAITH. With the entire watching, FAITH Jerks the boy Off…making him shoot many spurts of boy goo high into the air. Then to the surprise and horror of everyone (especially the naked boy!!)….Mrs. Roberts instructs Katrina to grab the penis….and Milk it again!!!. The Girls watch with wide-eyed anticipation as Katrina Jerks his sore cock mercilessly….until a second consecutive Load is Forced!!! The boy cries out in pain…the Girls LAUGH and LAUGH. Lesson complete. “THAT is how you hurt a boy’s penis!!” Mrs. Roberts proclaims.
File name: wmc0159_hi.wmv
File size: 128.2 Mb
Duration: 8 min 39 sec
Video: WMV3, 856×480 (1.783:1), 30.000 fps, 1 900 /
Audio: WMA2, 44100 Hz, CBR 160 /
File size: 128.1 MB

Gayracula (Uncut Version)

Genre: Horror / Bdsm / Blowjob / Bondage / Cosplay / Threesome / Gay / Gothic / Vintage
Directed by: Roger Earl
Actors: Tim Kramer, Steve Collins, Rand Remington, Michael Christopher , Max Montoya, Douglas Poston, Davin McNeil

One of the last great porn films, opening with monks in robes carrying Gayracula’s coffin, and Tim Kramer turning into a bat and flying away just before the monks are able to put a stake through his heart! Part of the action takes place in 1783, with Kramer having sweaty sex with Steve Collins (as the Marquis de Suede); but, afterwards, Kramer notices something on his neck that isn’t quite a hickey! Then in Los Angeles, they meet up again. While a corny, it’s conciously so, making it a fun film that has some great sex.

Length: 794 MiB Duration: 1h 22mn 47s 994ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 200 Kbps, Aspect: 640 x 480 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 794.3 MB

Blood Lake XXX

Year: 2005
Country: USA
Length: 1:19:13
Directed by: C.L. Gregory
Studio: VCA
Starring: India Summer, John E Depth, Dick Chibbles, Tyler Houston, Sandy Simmers, CJ Summers, Bobby Banger
Description: Dying to Get Laid!!
Planning to have a get-away by the lake filled with booze, babes, and of course late night nature hikes, these campers have no what’s in store for them. It’s thrills chills and scorching hot sex in this scary horror flick. Everyone’s dying to get laid at Blood Lake.
Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI

File size: 699.1 MB

StraightHell – Dave II

Crated up and installed as a public urinal in a crowded straight nightclub.

Since abducting army lad Dave a year ago, we’ve had a fuck of a lot of fun with him. He’s been trained, used and completely broken. And now it’s time to put the cunt to use… in public.

We tie Dave up, lock him in a box and cart it down to Stadium, the local nightclub – slipping past a queue of trendy straight lads and their chattering girlfriends. Soon, we’ve got him trussed up in the toilets, plumbed directly into a urinal. A piss tube is crammed deep into his mouth, held firmly in place by a wide gag. He’s ready.

The first couple of men to enter react with horror but curiosity – they’ve never seen anything quite like this before. A year ago, Dave was just like them – an average straight bloke out to have a laugh and chat up birds.
But now he’s tied up on a filthy concrete floor, with two laughing blokes looming above him, about to shoot their fresh hot piss right into his mouth. The urine flows down the pipe and Dave desperately strains at his bonds, but he can’t escape his first drink of the night.

As the stinking piss of two men fills his mouth, Dave retches and gags, but with the tube going right inside, he’s made to gulp it down in order not to choke on it. His hairy chest heaves with the effort of swallowing the strong piss over and over again, each mouthful bringing a new dimension of revulsion to his face.
By the time we’ve shaken our cocks dry, he’s soaking wet and shaking with dread – more and more men are coming through the door, queuing up to use him as a urinal.

Two more flies are unzipped – and Stan and another guy their bursting bladders into the urinal, filling Dave’s unwilling mouth. He can’t move an inch – all he can do is concentrate on gulping it down as fast as they can piss it. Even when they’re done, some remains in the tube – and he cringes as I sadistically order him to drink every drop of that too, prolonging his liquid torment.

Another clubber unloads his piss into Dave, and his muffled protests are drowned out by the urine. These straight guys may be disgusted, but it’s a story to tell their mates and hey, apparently this sick fucker “likes it”. They’re off back to the dancefloor to have another beer… but all Dave’s drinking tonight is piss.

Length: 424 MiB Duration: 57mn 12s 960ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 900 Kbps, Aspect: 960 x 536 (1.791) at 25.000 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 424.3 MB

[FLASH] D.S.E. Deep Sea Existence -Total Drench-

Release: 2011/9/10

Gangbang, torture, hideous tentacles… endless ecstasy and enormous wet cumshots…
Atrocity and assault in the claustrophobic confines of deep sea… Erotic Horror AVG!

D.S.E. Deep Sea Existence -Total Drench-

The “Beluga” is a deep sea vessel for exploration.
Ryusha (the heroine) joined their expedition as an ATB operator and diver.
Down here in the darkness of the ocean, the corpse of a strange creature
has been discovered. However you look at it, it appears… like a dragon.
When time runs short they have to abandon it, and make plans to move
on. But that night a murder happens on the Beluga…

Unable to turn back, Ryusha and her crew are now in it for
their lives in a downward spiral of madness thousands of meters
below the surface. Terror and jealousy rain down on the intelligent beauty
as sexual atrocity takes control… something dreadful and alien is emanating
from that quiet carcass… that dragon…

In the grips of lust and bloody horror, who will survive?
What is the true form of this deep monster…!?

* All Hentai x Total Hardcore!
Ryusha fights alone against a crew of men. Forbidden
acts of desire and unspeakable sexual humiliations are committed!
Her defenseless mons, anus and face hole get raped
again and again! And then the leviathan cums…
Monster tentacle pregnancy mania!

* All Scenes x Cross-Section Cuts!
See every cummy, estrum-slicked phallic
fornication in hyper detail from INSIDE her pussy!
Wet pink meets throbbing cock and monster tendrils in
a sperm bath of cum, oozing cum and spunk!
Even see cut-ins for normal and tense scenes!
File size: 358.3 MB

B&D Pleasures – Forbidden Forest DVD

Unfortunately for our lovely heroines, Sharon and Angella, a peaceful stroll in the forest has proven very unwise. Visious fiends roam these woods, and the scent of female flesh takes them on a rampage. Watch in horror as Angella and Sharon are helplessly bound and gagged, then spirited off to the fiend’s evil lair to face unspeakable torment and humiliation. Will they escape? Do they want to? The answer may be …forbidden.

File size: 512.2 MB

Jilted Jade – Retribution (2011)

Starring: Jade, Kat
Categories: Shoes & Heels, Kicking, Grabbing & Squeezing, CFNM, Boots

Kat takes a call for a session enquiry from a guy who’s name seems very familiar. It is in fact a guy who recently dumped her friend Jade. Seeing an opportunity for her friend to get retribution Kat invites Jade to the private session.
He arrives and gets chained up expecting a session of mild domination. Imagine his horror when Kat brings in Jade and announces that his session his now a ballbusting session!!!
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1440×1080
Runtime: 21 min.

File size: 783.2 MB

Castle Knatterfels-Curse of the Zombie Krauts

Description: If a young nude photographer could have predicted what the outcome of an erotic photo shoot in an old German castle, he would have thought a thousand times before to take over the machine. Unfortunately, the foresight was not included in the set of his best qualities. But the desperate courage to attend.
Now an artist is forced to take up arms to using strong words and a hurricane of fire smash Division resurrected zombie Nazis, encroached on the most expensive – an elastic body chic centerfold.
An explosive cocktail of eroticism, large barrels and is ready to present horror. Break!
Genre: Adventure, 3D, Shooter
Censorship: None
Developer: Grasland Production
Publisher: Grasland Production, Russobit-M
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original
License: Freeware
Language: Russian
Optionally, set up French and German subtitles
System requirements:
OS: Windows 9h/2000/XP, CPU: Pentium III 400 MHz, RAM: 256 MB, HDD: 500 MB, Video: GeForce 2

File size: 689.0 MB

Les Vices caches d’eva blue

Here Eve Pauri excellently plays a role of the nymphomaniac, which uses each possibility to have sex with the lover (by the way, the manager of the top echelon).
In underground parking, at office or on a carpet at home. They caress each other, forgetting about tomorrow. But it is not too enough this pleasure for two small perverts. They also film about the sexual pranks.
Eve Blju (Eve in blue) comes back home. The film projector begins the promotion. In horror she sees herself who are making love in especially obscene poses. Phone calls…
Especially inspires imagination this pearl Makiavelli which have been cooked up by Frensisom Lerua to which the crowd of impatient spectators when he debuted in Paris applauded. It was on April, 25th, 1979 at cinemas of studio the Alpha-frans.
Year of manufacture: 1979
The country: France
Genre: All Sex, Hardcore
Duration: 1:01:44
Language: French

File size: 966.6 MB

Dark Tours

Year: 2004
Genre: Rape, Anal, Horror, Mystery, Oral, Double Penetration
Series: ep. 1 of 1
Length: 00:29:49
Censorship: None

Language: English
Postproduction: Professional

Directed by: Kamihara Toshiaki
Studio: Milky

Description: Rina, a guide from the travel agent, accompanies the group in the village Matsusava, famous for its mystical legends.
The girl does not realize that preparing for a surprise outsider spirits village …

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MKV
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640×480 29.97fps 1101Kbps
Audio 1: Vorbis 48000Hz stereo 108Kbps (JAP)
Audio 2: Vorbis 48000Hz stereo 105Kbps (ENG)
Audio 3: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps (RUS-VO)
File size: 322.1 MB

Tamy September 03, 2009 [Shemales in Public]

Tamy September 03, 2009

Tamy is shocked when her ex-boyfriend finds her shopping at the corner store. He can’t keep his hands to himself, and her blood is boiling at the thought of sucking his dick in public. Watch as she grabs his meat and sucks that cock as the owner watches in horror and dismay.

File size: 270.6 MB

Captive Movie

A young man is surfing around on line when he comes across a web site looking for sex slaves. The women on the site are all beautiful. The young man’s dick takes over and he makes a split second decision that will change his life in ways he could have never imagined. He wakes up hog tied on a cold floor just in time to be gang fucked by three strong women. They take turns fucking him in the ass and shoving their cocks down his throat. The ladies are amused that the man is fighting back tears. He is then brought into the main room and slapped across the face repeatedly. The ladies are enjoying his fear. They spit on him. The poor lad has been in tied in a hot room for hours. The ladies tell him their spit is the only water he’ll be getting for the next 48 hours. The young man tries desperately to catch their spit in his mouth. Next, the man has gallon jugs tied to his balls. The ladies cane his ass with bamboo canes and demand that he keep the jugs on his balls swinging. In near tears he swings the jugs as the ladies ravage him with their canes. The man is put on his knees and an electronic collar is placed around his balls. He is instructed to worship the ladies’s boots. The ladies shock the man’s balls as they make him lick their boots. They shove the heels of their boots down his throat and shock his balls as he is made to suck them. Finally it is night time and the ladies are ready to retire for the evening. A vice device is placed around the man’s balls, his wrists are shackled and he is made to crawl on his elbows into a cage. His lips quivering, he asks a lady if she would remove the device from his balls for the night. The lady gives him an evil smile and calmly explains that the device must not be removed. It is the only way that a painless castration can be performed. To the young man’s horror she goes on to explain that the device is applying slow and steady pressure to his balls, cutting off the circulation. By the morning his balls will have turned cold and black. Soon after they will simply drop off. With the man securely locked in the cage, the ladies with cigarettes and laugh about how much they enjoyed the day. They wonder what they’ll do with their new bitch tomorrow.

File size: 810.9 MB

Dark (Vanilla Series) ep.1&2 of 2

Year: 2000
Country: Japan
Genre: drama, rape, voyeurism, oral, BDSM
Duration: 00:30:38 + 00:32:18
Translation: English. track + Eng. subtitles (switchable)
Russian subtitles: none
Censorship: Not available

Director: Norihiko Nagahama
Studio: 2002 GrandBlue / Digital Works, 2003 Critical Mass Video

Description: In the tradition of ‘Cool Devices,’ the Vanilla Series presents disparate themes of erotica by various authors and artists, each containing a new story of erotically charged fantasy.

When Shinji stumbles across a website showing detailed pictures of female students being assaulted on campus, he unexpectedly finds himself turned on by what he sees, Soon, he begins his descent into a world of voyeurism, S & M, and rape. When Shinji’s childhood friend Miku begins to suspect that he may be involved with the string of campus rapes, she decides to confront him. Torn between his own dark desires and the horror of his crimes, will Shinji continue to hide his secret from her, or will she become the next target of his vicious desires?

Quality: DVDRip
Format: OGM
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: OGG Vorbis
Video: XVID Level 5 640×480 29.97fps, line by line, ~ 1375 kbps
Audio: CoreVorbis Audio Decoder 48000Hz stereo, 2 channel, ~ 84kbps
File size: 692.6 MB

Forgive me for Raping You (2010) DVDRip

Forgive me for Raping You (2010) DVDRip

In this extreme sexploitation horror shocker, a psychotic priest travels through a seemingly suburban landscape and uses his collar to secure the trust of a series of beautiful young women before subjecting these poor beauties to increasingly sadistic bouts of sexual assault. Director Bill Zebub has trimmed all of the filler from the standard serial killer movie and replaced it with a near constant barrage of depraved sexual horror. “Most serial killer films favor soap opera dialogue and speculation-depictions of the killer doing anything but the vile deeds for which he became famous. This movie shows ONLY the deranged part of the serial killer’s story.” – Bill Zebub WARNING: This film contains graphic nudity and sexual assault and in intended only for mature audiences.

RAPE IS A CIRCLE director Bill Zebub merges horror with sexploitation in this lurid shocker about a depraved priest who lures innocent suburban girls into sexual slavery. Unlike other directors who opt a more restrained approach to the topic of serial killers, Zebub’s aims to rile viewers by emphasizing only on the most blasphemous and horrifying aspects of his twisted tale.

File size: 699.9 MB

Whatever It Takes (2) [HazeHim]

This latest submission was rather interesting, as brothers shared their initiation horror storied they prepared to initiate a very highly ranked pledge that they felt was right for the frat. they ask him a series of questions as he sat on the floor blindfolded not knowing what the consequences would be for a wrong answer. who know what they would throw on him or make him put in his mouth. for his sake he better answer those questions correct.

Studio: HazeHim
Duration: 00:19:13
File size: 118.9 MB
Format: MP4

File size: 118.9 MB

This video has been removed.

Sex without a break

Year: 2006
Genre: All Sex, Oral, Anal, Outdoor
Length: 1:30:32
Director: Sergei Loginov
Studio: Strawberry
Description: Amateur recordings of sexual intercourse. 8 subjects.
It is recommended to view as a clear demonstration of how human reproduction with the elements of diversity.
In the old abandoned pier four – three girls and a guy. Sailing ship, the girls shoot the breeze. And then the guy starts properdolivat one of them.
Two girls throw pebbles into the water, look at these and terrified as you can so fuck, despite sitting in the bushes fishermen. A snoshayuschiesya dosnashivayutsya and become happy.
- The accordion is in a village garden. Behind him a girl. They shoot the breeze, the girl shows herself and her pantyhose fishnet. Then she sucks the fuck accordion, well, then, of course he did snoshaet. Accordionist finished already in the room, because the street was cool, April.
- At night, in the Rye snoshayutsya girl and a monster – a hell of a mask monkey. Horseradish growls, yells the girl, the emotions going through the roof. Monkey fuck fucked girl and hugged her. Well, well …
- Snoshayutsya guy with the girls. We drank for bravery and almost immediately began snoshatsya. Snoshalis, snoshalis well and dosnoshalis to orgasm. Here is such a rare and amazing story …
- Naked woman lying on the bed. To her boyfriend – who is she? Get acquainted and go to work. A guy licks her, she sucks him and then the guy drops his penis and the plot ends. Horror …
- The guy from the first scenes of the movie and the girl from the second stage of the film somehow ended up together in the basement of the farmhouse. Are the cans stewed and pickled, a guy fooling around and pulls the legs of the broad-growth is sufficient for these things point thick noble penis. The girl immediately inquired what she should do with it?
You’ll be surprised – the guy gives the girl to suck, and then tells lick his ass. The girl has nowhere to go and she obediently licks his ass. For this she stuck penis right in the ass. The good kind of girl …
- Then show piece from filming a movie company, “Strawberries”, filmed by an independent well-wisher. Snoshayutsya lot and mass, but the best footage from the shoot are not made well-wisher, but only the “strawberries”, but about this will be a separate high-quality film. Well-wisher of the same shot with the other points and some other points.
- Again, the guy from the first scene, but no longer at the old pier and not in a basement with a compote. Now he is on the couch with rugs and a fur rug. Before him two muzhlanki in the pants. He fucks muzhlanok in different poses. Particularly piquant pose, where a half-sitting muzhlanki to another and intercourse takes place from one to another.
Otsnoshal, of course, the two other options were not there. This guy is generally all existing models peretrahal …
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MKV
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720×536 25.00fps [Video]
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo [Audio]
File size: 692.0 MB

The Texas Vibrator Massacre

Genre: Cum shots / Hardcore / Oral

Friends went to the tour traveled through the countryside and the Texas countryside came upon a brutal serial killer, wielding a vibrator, and his little family. Further events are difficult to imagine even the worst nightmares, they plunged you into silence and the horror …

File size: 695.8 MB


Black Swan, leader of evil secret society.A female fighter, a beautiful dark elf princess. She was unprepared for his power, and awoke in bondage, in the Marionette. A BDSM sexual device. No escape. At first she was his plaything. He teased her ass and inner thighs and her pride began to slip. Then the r*pe, the deep throat assault, the drugged delirium. Jelly enema sputtered from her assh*le when she orgasmed, a sow surrendering to her enslavement. The Black Swan knew how to please her. But his own pleasure was beyond human form. He abandoned his male vessel and entered the Marionette as a dark monster, a living horror of tentacles and sexual machinery.

Year: 2011
Genre: Rape, BDSM, Oral, Anal, tentacles
Duration: 36:39
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MP4
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio codec: AAC
Video: Bit rate: 1989 Kbps Width: 640 pixels Height: 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 4:3 Frame rate: 29.970 fps Bit depth: 8 bits
Audio: Bit rate: 126 Kbps Maximum bit rate: 209 Kbps Channel (s): 2 channels Sampling rate: 44.1 KHz
Filesize: 569.70 MB

File size: 569.7 MB

Rick Masters – The Tool Box Abductions Volume 2 – Torture Shop DVD

When pretty girls come into Earl’s upholstery to have their seats done, it is often their asses which get tanned instead! You see Earl and his cousin Burl have turned Earl’s Upholstery into a make shift torture chamber, which they keep stocked with a bevy of squirming beauties carefully selected from their most attractive and hapless female customers. In this episode, Earl abducts petite, big-breasted blonde Stephanie, who comes by to have an estimate done on her car’s worn upholstery. Earl was already considering grabbing this one, but it became unavoidable when Stephanie takes a wrong turn out of the bathroom and stumbles on one of Earl’s naked and writhing captives tied spread-eagle to a bed spring. Her doubtless suffering recorded by the video camera mounted nearby. Shocked and frightened by her discovery, Stephanie is easily subdued and soon finds herself strung up and flogged as the 2 other lovely captives in Earl and Burl’s twisted shop of horrors look on, enduring their own fevered torments. Will these poor damsels in distress ever escape? Will Earl, and Burl’s luck ever run out? Find out and see for yourself…you won’t be sorry!

File size: 545.9 MB

This video has been removed.

Black Magic Hospital – Mizuho Nishiyama (2011) DVDRip

This unique film without censorship combines mystical cinema of horrors and an excellent porno. The young girl gets to strange hospital in which there are strange rituals of black magic. In a film very realistic environment and a good postscoring, a lot of qualitative sex including with the nun and with the nurse.

Year of manufacture: 2011
The country: Japan
Genre: Medical and Black Magic Fetish, Girl/Girl, Pussy Licking, Blowjob, All Sex, Hairy Pussy, Asian
Duration: 1:05:47 AM
Studio code of a film: 071811-754
Studio: Dreamroom Productions, Inc.
Cast: Mizuho Nishiyama

Quality of video: DVDRip
Video format: WMV
Video the codec: Windows Media
Audio the codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 704×396 29.97fps 1920kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

File size: 947.9 MB

Sons of Satan / Something Weird / 1979

Studio: Something Weird
Cast: Ned Burke, Carl Ford, Bill North
Director: Lancer Brooks
Genre: Vintage, Detailed Plot, Story or Theme, No Condom
Year: 1979
Runtime: 62 min
Country: US
Description: A sexy homo horror shocker directed by Lancer Brooks (aka Tom DeSimone), who later directed the mainstream exploitation Reform School Girls and Hell Night, starring the ubiquitous head spinning, puke spewing Exorcist chick herself: Linda Blair.

In this oddball porno screamer, a gay vampire cult sucks the “life force” out of any pansy who happens into their haunted house.



File size: 789.6 MB

Heartwork: Symphony Of Destruction

Year: 2003
Genre: Mystery, Female Students, Violence, Oral, Bondage, Incest, Horror
Series: (ep. 1-3 of 3)
Duration: 3 ep. 30 min.
Language: Japanese
Postproduction: Original
Directed by: Bucifer
Studio: Active Software, Kyushu Network Animation

Description: When a withdrawn college student named Yuu finds a mysterious bag containing a gun and instructions to kill, he feels completely transformed into an indifferent person. By agreeing to become a murderer, a young man begins life of sex, passion, and violence. Back to school, this newfound faith to bring good luck with the ladies and Yuu trouble with the police. But more disturbing than his looming arrest – still mysterious of the person who owns the bag.

File size: 901.8 MB

Doctor Demento’s Clinic DVD

Come into my examination room mu dear its time to have a little fun with you. Sahara is an unfortunate patient of Doctor D. To her horror he begins her session with a tour of the equipment to be used on her. Sahara is a bit resistant and must be restrained to the examination table. Doctor D begins with a breast examination that includes stimulating the poor girls nipples with clamps. Sahara’s examination includes an oral inspection with Doctor D’s cock, followed by a vaginal and anal inspection through the insertion of speculums. View the video to see what else this diabolical doctor does to her!

File size: 985.9 MB