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Students homeless women

[Works] wearing a tattered uniform story â–¼, a girl living alone in the dry riverbed. Go to school, tent house … well … a helpless girl in a lonely hunting-trash looking for food to survive today, we found the poor and homeless people every day who is a plaything. The gang rape is rape, semen from drinking, which hook the filth, the abuse, describing the despised … visual poetry of the everyday child.
– I do not have no parents, no money and no friends, no wisdom, no power, no hope for tomorrow, a few belongings no pride no dinner today, and tattered uniforms of this body and genitals with a child, being a woman …
Page 1 â–¼. Even today, I alone two.’s First opponent, was his third.’m Hungry … 4. … 5 to pee …. The hunter, 06, comes one day. Latrine, (in) (a) and 7 are. 08 Basking in the Sun. It smells delicious … 9. The colder … 10.11 with flowers dad. I have anything, I’ll give you, 12. Saitama, Saitama , the flowers, Saitama
Novell is a game full text content formats â–¼. Novel form – apart from general text display, the image of the text [equation also can enjoy a visual poetry. The basic +700 10 · CG CG cards close to the difference in the fine directing, and boost the scene. – Including stage direction, the full-length erotic full voice.

– “Homeless Students ● Women” HTML version] – the difference between “Yoshisato Yoshisato”, using the application of game we (the target OS is Windows.) – General Noberugemumodo and full-screen text display format, the video image of the verse text [equation Guide, you can enjoy two of production. – Added some breathing voice voice.

[Operation] – comfortable game Noberugemumodo common format and full-screen text, and text to image the expression [Video Guide verse, you can enjoy two of production. · CG viewing mode, H scene recalls saving mode implemented / 100 places available in the load. Quick save / load is available. – Skip the message, the message history to work comfortably. – Diskless authentication can be required to play and enjoy in comfort in Nettobukkupasokon.

Release : 2010/06/30

File size: 543.2 MB