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CorbinFisher – Sean gets Schooled (2011)

When the new freshmen need advice on something like overcoming the gag reflex, it’s nice to know they can on vets like Travis. Sean has been trying hard to learn how to deepthroat and Travis shows him on a banana. But Sean suggests practicing in person. And that is way more fun! Sean and Travis make out. Their hands scramble to get each other’s clothes off while still kissing. Sean gets Travis’ jeans off, but can’t stop kissing his neck and lips. But Travis is still in charge! He smacks Sean’s ass and Sean gets Travis’ thick dick in his mouth and practices his deepthroat technique! Travis is loving the blowjob – but sits up so he can wrap his lips around Sean’s juicy cock! After all, you have to keep practicing to stay in top form. He sucks Sean long and hard, showing him how it’s done! Travis strokes their cocks together, then moves into a 69 position. Sean doesn’t seem to be having any gag reflex problems from this angle! And of course, neither is Travis – who also knows spit is a great lube for cocksucking! Travis rolls Sean onto his side and slides his big dick into his hole. Travis strokes Sean’s cock as he stuffs his hole faster and harder. Travis has to stop for a minute, since it’s feeling too good! Sean climbs on top of Travis and sits on his cock. Travis drills up into Sean, whose stiff cock bounces up and down as he gets fucked. Sean gets on his back and Travis fucks him in the missionary position. He pounds Sean faster and faster, holding his legs far apart. Sean blasts a huge load all over his stomach. Travis pulls his cock out and sprays cum all over Sean’s chest! They guys kiss and Travis strokes their cocks together to squeeze out every last drop. I think Sean definitely learned a few tricks today!
Format: wmv
Resolution: 960×540
Runtime: 18 min.
Filesize: 234 Mb

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