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CorbinFisher – ACM0906 – Dru Fucks Matthew

Why is it so great to have Dru around as a guest lecturer on Anal Studies here at CF? Because he’s an awesome teacher, that’s why!

Matthew’s been nervous about his first guy/guy action, as well as getting fucked for the first time. He and Dru sit outside in the warm sunshine as Dru studies for his history midterm. Dru talks to him about some of the subjects he is currently taking. He offers to help Matthew study for any he might take.

Since it was such great weather, I put the bed outside again for them. I wanted Matthew to really enjoy his first time. I knew he would with Dru, but it was clear Matthew was still extremely nervous about anal sex. I figured keeping the outdoor vibe going would probably help.

Dru compared guy/guy action to naked wrestling. Pete chimed in “And you’re intentionally going to let Dru pin you several times … over and over again.” Dru added that he knows a lot of good moves. Matthew said he wasn’t worried about anything else, just the “actual ramming.” Pete and Dru assured him Dru would be gentle at first. So we let them get to work.

Dru kissed him and Matthew responded passionately. Dru is so handsome and such a great kisser how could he not? He seemed a little surprised when Dru pulled his shirt off so quickly. I think Matthew’s not used to someone taking the lead and being so dominant.

But he tells Dru to get his shirt off too. Matthew undoes Dru’s pants and plays with his cock. Matthew’s nerves seem to be draining away – and by the time Dru pulls Matthew’s stiff cock out of his pants, it’s clear Matthew is enjoying himself.

Dru sucks his long, uncut cock and compliments him on his great dick. Matthew sucks Dru’s cock. Dru stands up and holds onto the bedposts as he gets sucked. Matthew seems amazed at how big Dru’s cock is.

Dru skull-fucks him for a minute and tells Matthew to hold his balls as Dru fuckshis face. Our newest freshman is getting the full orientation today! He lays down, sucks Dru’s cock and jerks his own.

Matthew gets on all fours. Dru spits on his fingers and works two of them into Matthew’s virgin hole. He continues to reassure Matthew, getting him to Matthew is still tense, but chills out – especially when Dru playfully tells him to wiggle his ass a bit.

Dru sticks just the tip of his long cock in Matthew’s ass. It’s difficult, but Matthew takes it. Dru pushes deeper and deeper. He eases it all the way in, holding Matthew’s arm to steady him

Matthew stands and holds onto the bedposts. Dru fucks him standing. “Stroke that hard dick for me,” he tells Matthew. Dru increases the intensity as Matthew strokes.

Flat on his back, Matthew takes Dru’s entire cock. Matthew strokes his hard cock as Dru fucks him harder and harder. Dru holds Matthew’s head up and kisses him, telling him to look at him while he fucks him.

Matthew shoots, cum dripping from his hand and shaft onto his stomach. Dru pounds away, and then pulls out to explode all over Matthew. They kiss and Matthew says it was amazing. Dru says he’s glad he got to be his first.

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