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Coming home baby

Release Year: 1975
Studio: Visual
Cast: Paul Scharf, Laura Bourbon, Vicky Lindsay, Jodi Thorpe, Moira Benson, Ray Wells
Genres: Classic, Retro
Video language: English

Coming Home Baby is interesting only because of its limitations, not its meager accomplishments. Anonymous pornographer “Harold Arnett” put in so little effort, sticking to “just the basics”, that he inadvertently reveals some truths about porn and filmmaking in general. It has been reissued on Vol. 123 of Something Weird’s Dragon Art Theatre series.
I recently had watched a far better XXX film CEREMONY…THE RITUAL OF LOVE, which shares four cast members with COMING, heightening the contrast between worthless quickie (COMING) and solid craftsmanship (CEREMONY).
Concept for COMING HOME BABY is mustachioed Trevor (Paul Scharf), a sailor, back to the Bay Area after 18 months at sea. He’s anxious to visit his fiancee Victoria, and humps various girls he encounters en route to the reunion.
This takes the form of a road movie as Trevor hitchhikes. Arnett fumbles immediately by shooting mainly MOS, with exposition in the form of dubbed-in phone calls by Trevor as we watch a couple making love.
It soon becomes clear by visual identification that the couple is Trevor and (presumably) Vicky. I say “soon” because I was slow on the draw: viewing the film I thought we were watching (by juxtaposition) Vicky in present time shtupping another man, not Trevor. This is because the phone keeps ringing, and Trevor (in voice-over) even calls the operator to check on the phone number, all while we watch the hump scene.
Instead we have an unidentified (just as Vicky’s identification with the woman on screen is never made explicit or verified, due to poor filmmaking) sex scene, which is either a flashback or a flash-forward, or perhaps merely a vague memory on Trevor’s part -not actual flashback. This level of complication is not introduced to add depth to the film, but inadvertently results from poor technique -so COMING HOME BABY is only interesting in these negative ways, for a student of film to ponder over. The average audience is merely turned off or put to sleep, just as they usually are by intentionally experimental or avant garde cinema.
The initial MOS Vicky/Trevor sex scene is continued many times and becomes quite tedious, until the money shot, porn’s almost Pavlovian finale to any sequence. It is always accompanied by a romantic flute/piano duet on the soundtrack. This music, by virtue of repetition (auteur plays the same track over & over & over), is soporific.
Meanwhile, Trevor gets Vicky’s mom on the phone and she gives him the brushoff -her daughter has a new boyfriend named Charles Weston. Mom pops up ever so briefly here and at film’s end, and typically looks about the same age as her daughter. The talented Mimi Morgan is completely wasted in the role, which might as well have been left as just a voice-over.
Trevor begins his quest, picked up by a pair in a van. We get some dialog recording plus some more dubbing & voice-over, very sloppy & inconsistent technique. They pull off the road and Trevor humps the girl (lovely Laura Bourbon) because the driver likes to watch; then the driver takes over for sloppy seconds. Coincidentally, Sharf and Bourbon had a sex scene (violent it turns out) in CEREMONY.
Trevor is in a hurry to get to Vicky and is next picked up by blonde Vicky Lindsay driving a Landau-roofed Pontiac. The SWV shill who writes back-of-the-video-box liner notes calls it a Cadillac, which other than being from GM it does not resemble at all. Of course, nobody pays attention to those asinine notes trying to sell no-name porn.
Arnett has the duo park in a secluded spot and have sex in absurd acrobatic positions, sticking out through the Pontiac’s sunroof. Anal sex is the highlight on her request, explaining “I want to be a virgin when I get married”. Yeah, right.
Trevor’s dropped off again and we have the cheapo device of voice-over trying to substitute for a missing scene: he reminisces at a bar with the local barkeep about the old days, but we don’t see any of it.
Night falls, and a short young girl (vivacious Moira Benson) finds Trevor unconscious on the sidewalk, another scene missing. Since IMDb credits two extras as “muggers”, this latter scene was probably chopped from the print used by Something Weird.
She takes him to her place and immediately humps him. I liked the forgotten Moira in several films, including JUDGEMENT DAY, but her attempts at ad libs here are terrible. When Trevor complains of his aching noggin caused by the mugging, she advises: “Concentrate on your other head”. She also overdoes the fake passion, with phony moans of ecstasy and even a couple of Teri Weigel-esque shrieks thrown in.
When this blows over, Arnett has the duo either in a freeze-frame or merely frozen in place as he dubs in dialog from the next scene, a textbook example of how not to do overlapping dialog (Filmmaking 101), since the lip movements don’t match.
He visits Vicky’s mom who merely states: “Victoria’s getting married in two weeks”. Trevor heads for a phone booth and calls Moira, voicing over “Hey, does that offer still stand?”, referring to her parting shot moments ago as she scribbled her phone number on a slip of paper -“If you decide that it doesn’t work out, call me”. The screen goes to black, and another Adult Cinema audience files out of the theater to return to their dreary lives.
A year later the same principal cast performed very well in CEREMONY, so it wasn’t the talent’s fault. BABY has the very beautiful Jodi Thorpe as Vicky -completely wasted (as in her handful of other films).
The overlong, real-time sex scenes, plus overuse of tight closeups, including gynecological ones, seriously detracts from BABY’s porn content’s effectiveness. On the basis of this desultory effort, “Harold Arnett” was a director barely qualified to make 8-minute loops, let alone a full-length feature.

Format: avi
Duration: 56:49
Video: 512×384, XviD, 1937kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 902.0 MB

The Journey Back (2000)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Dildos, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Double Anal Penetration, Uncut Cocks, Group Sex, Gym/Lockerroom, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Porn Stars Off-Camera
Starring: Zak Spears, Tony Donovan, Nino Bacci, Caesar, Logan Reed, Anthony Cox, Kyle Kennedy, Leo Bramm, Hans Ebson, Trey Nealson, Michael Lance, Tommy Saxx, Billy Knight, Mark Rockwell, Michael Brandon, Alec Martinez, Jackson Price, Kurt Young
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Like the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes, porn icon Zak Spears has thrust his way back into the scene, body hair intact and gonads bursting with spooge.
The film opens with a torrid rooftop tryst between Spears and Kennedy, the smiley blonde cutie with the big piece. Kennedy can’t get enough of Spears’ ample tool. Spears works Kennedy’s hang-low for a bit before settling into a comfortable position on Kennedy’s face. Kennedy gets more than his RDA of ass as he laps fervently at Spears’ raisin. Anal sex is next on the agenda, and Spears really knows what he’s doing when he slams Kennedy’s alabaster cheeks. Kennedy shifts position and rides Spears like he’s on a carnal carousel, before the two men reach climax.
In the next spunk-filled bonanza, Saxon gets his voyeur funk on as he watches Nealson and Bramm go at it. Nealson is a lanky blonde with a saucy head of curls a la Christopher Atkins. Bramm is a tan, dark-haired Italian stallion with a sly sexy smile. Together, they’re sexual mayhem! Bramm goes to chow town on Nealson’s oversized organ, before Bramm feeds Nealson his own meat.
Meanwhile, clean-cut cutie Saxon is watching this sexual tableau unfold as he tugs on his uncut slab. Saxon can only take so much before he has to come over and plant his kisser on Nealson’s heiney-hole. After sampling both Nealson’s ass and Bramm’s stoker, Saxon flips onto his back and gets Greeked by both.
Next up is a porn megastar oral orgy starring Spears, Brandon, Ebson, Lance and Reed. Everyone, including Spear, is licking and sucking anything and everything. At one point, the men line up and pull a fellatio train on Spears, who eagerly gobbles each and every one of the phalluses dangled before him. Spears gets his just desserts at the end in the form of a drizzling of creamy stud-syrup.
Serious masturbation fodder is next on the agenda, compliments of superstuds Donovan and Caesar. Some innocent tonsil-hockey quickly leads to face banging, with Donovan on the receiving end. Donovan explores the forbidden hollow between Caesar’s perfect buttcheeks, before sliding a molded plastic phallic replica (known as a “dildo”) up the ass in question. Cox then enters the scene, and a saucy three-way develops.
Next, it’s orgy time again for Spears, this time in a locker room with Bacci, Price and Martinez. Hands, mouths, cocks and butts fill the screen. Spears gets a three course ass feast when his friends offer their swirled rosettes up to his insatiable tongue. Spears then presents his own brown eye, which Martinez attacks, first with his tongue, then with his chumpy. Rockwell then takes his turn with Spear’s ass, which swallows his dick effortlessly.
Spears, evidently tired of being everyone’s “bitch,” turns up the testosterone and nails Bacci in the behind like a real man. Price then ups the ante by taking not one, but two bloated ramrods up his own cavernous shitter. Gadzooks!
Spears proves he’s a real cumback kid by giving (and taking) his all in this magnificent bit of pornographic genius. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:47:28
Resolution: 688×544

File size: 747.4 MB


Year: 2002
Country: USA
Genre: Feature Muscles Jocks Safe Sex
Length: 01:23:17
Directed by: Derek Kent
Studio: Studio 2000

Description: Bouncy boytoy Brad Benton is the star of Studio 2000?s latest extravaganza Blades and this is reason for his ever-expanding legion of fans to rejoice. Benton is one of the hottest stars on the scene today and is wanted by virtually everyone. Trust Studio 2000 and irrepressible director Derek Kent to deliver him to you first in The Hotspot flip-flopping with Richie Fine, then in The Scout Club getting boned by dreamboat D.C. Chandler, and now starring in Blades in two sexsational scenes. This truly handsome, all-American hunk has it all and knows how to use it. His secret is simple, he looks like a choirboy and fucks like the devil. Consider his gorgeous face, shock of blond-streaked hair, tightly packed physique, delicious dick and bold bubblebutt that takes on all cummers large or larger. He can act, he sucks like a vacuum cleaner, tops terrifically, and is the bottom of every dick?s dream. In short, Brad Benton is ready made for Studio 2000 superstardom.

Besides Benton, let?s take a look at the rest of the cast. Dynamic Duo, and real-life lovers, Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke make their private life public. Sandy-haired and thick-dicked Bobby Steel heats things up as Benton?s boyfriend. Blond Ross Stuart?s bum takes on Benton?s bone and is all the better for it. Dark-haired and hunky Deacon Frost and Damon West show how hung and horny they are in a threeway. Chris Bolt solo?s with saucy style, and new faces Andy Hunter, Cody Alexander, Jack Sanders and Aron Saks add snap crackle and lots of pop to the final six-man orgy.

Blades is a big-budget, glossy epic, which centers on skater Benton and his boyfriend Bobby Steel. As the tale opens Benton is practicing on the ice, being watched by studly Chris Bolt who is peeking out the door of the bathroom, jerking off. He pulls on his pudgy prick and blasts off a gooey load of guy gravy.

After an argument with Benton, boyfriend Bobby Steel goes to a backroom club and slides his thick tool through a glory hole and directly into the mouth of Deacon Frost. Let us say that Frost is way up to the challenge of deep-throating dick and this he does with Joining the tumescent twosome is delicious Damon West who turns this into a cocksucking contest with everyone taking a taste of tool through the glory hole. West fucks feisty Frost?s tight ass doggie style as Frost sucks Steel?s schlong through a chain link fence. Just to keep the balance even, Steel takes his turn at topping Frost missionary as Frost sucks West?s wanger. Ball-bags tighten and three XL cum-showers follow.

Benton is walking home from practice and is offered a ride by Ross Stuart. After apologizing for snapping at each other earlier, they return to the rink for some honest to God hockey playing. Leaving the ice, they melt into each other?s arms for a rip-roaring scene that will wear you out. Their eyes flash as they smile, kiss, moan and groan, and lap at each other?s pecs before Stuart takes Benton?s big bone in his mouth. These two blond beaus are the picture of passionate perfection as they suck each other?s dick and explore every inch of exposed flesh. Benton fingers Stuart?s smooth butthole and rubs his considerable crank against his buttcheeks. All that remains is for Benton to slide his big boner into Stuart?s waiting asshole and dynamically fuck him all over the room. Benton sits down on the ice-sweeping machine and Stuart, without missing a beat, plops atop his prick and goes for a ride. Benton sprays out one of his by- now- notorious cum-showers and Stuart follows suit. Every second of this sizzling scene will astound and arouse you.

Barely giving you time to catch you breath, the next scene finds Studio 2000 favorites Jason Hawke and Jeremy Jordon getting it on in the locker room. There is something very primal and very personal about watching two men who are privately involved having sex on camera, and these two clearly know how to push each other?s buttons and go for the gusto. The diminutive boyish Jordan with his buzzed hair and pretty face is the partner for the muscular hunkster Hawke. Jordon sucks Hawke?s uncut hose and nibbles his nuts. Hawke blows Jordon?s joint then fingers and doggie fucks him across a bench with a force that is not to be believed. The in-your-face close-ups capture every stroke. Finally, Jordon rides Hawke?s hose and creams off while being crammed.

Benton and Steel kind of decide to have a but put the commitment on hold for the evening when buddies Andy Hunter, Cody Alexander, Jack Sanders and Aron Saks arrive. This six-man orgy, which snakes its way all over a huge leather couch, is an erotic embarrassment of rockhard riches. Lots of kissing, loads of cocksucking and penetrating buttbanging will take your breath away. While every guy is gorgeous the centerpiece remains the insurmountably insatiable Benton. His homo hunger is a joy to behold as he takes cock in his mouth and up his ass with equal glee. At one point, all six guys are locked together either anally or orally in the hottest daisy chain you have every seen. In the end, each guy shoots his heavy load all over Benton?s buffed bod and if that isn?t a cumbustible conclusion we don?t know what is.

Studio 2000?s Blades, starring the glistening and glamorous Brad Benton is a non-stop carnal cornucopia. Take a group of twelve guys guided by the artful hand of director Derek Kent and what do you have? You have a first ticket to hard-on heaven, courtesy of Studio 2000.

File size: 586.0 MB

Cayden & Derek

Year: September 2, 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Dick, Muscules, Blow Job, Cumshots, SiteRip
Length: 00:19:02

Muscle on muscle, sweat and cum and steel. When Derek Atlas is working out with Cayden Ross theres a good chance that the workout is going to involve a working a certain love muscle and stretching a certain hole. A simple stretch exercise leads to Cayden and Derek playing tonsil hockey before Derek goes down on Caydens monster cock, which as most of you know takes a very talented mouth. Derek doesnt flinch. He loves cock as much as he loves fucking a nice tight hole. Cayden playfully works his nips while Derek engulfs his thick piece of meat and then returns the favor by taking the musclemans rod all the way down his throat. Derek then mounts Cayden like a dog in heat and fucks his ass so hard that the gym is echoing with Caydens soft moans. Cayden is all about the nipples right now as he works Dereks sensitive nubs as he works Caydens hole. And as if the whole thing couldnt be any hotter they both cum at the same time and Cayden licks Dereks dick clean of his delicious creamy spunk.Visit RandyBlue.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: WMV 9 960×540 23.98fps 2024Kbps
Audio: WMA 32000Hz stereo 32Kbps

File size: 281.9 MB

Hole RoBBers (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Gay Porn, Bareback, Oral, Anal Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Dildos, Cock Sizes, Horsehung, Piercings, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes
Duration: 01:30:22
Studio: Cre8tive Juices
Cast: Brock Masters, Angel Pierre, Bobby Brock, Caden Anthony, Micah, Mike Ray, Scott Bradley, Sean Storm

Bad boys take center stage in “Hole RoBBers,” the newest movie from Cre8tive Juices that pits eight sexy, horned-up guys in four totally-bareback scenes of guys gone wild – caged up, stealing and thieving, and breaking and entering (lots and lots of entering)! “Hole RoBBers” also stars porn superstar, 11” Brock Masters, in his very first bareback film!

Format: MP4
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 852×480 29.97fp 1502kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 128kbps
File size: 1.59 GB

File size: 1.0 GB