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Tokyo-Hot n0143 – The Race Queens 1 – Mai,You,Hitomi,Rio

This is the special version that offering 4 wonderful slut of TOKYO HOT is shown at the same time. MAI KAWANA, HITOMI AIZAWA, RIO SAKAKI and YOU MINAMI, such gorgeous slut formation is co-starring in the Race Queen post. The beautiful leg and fascination body of the average height 168 cm will be is the powerful enough to make your satisfaction. It is the first time to have a luxury that such four prime race queen being seen. Perhaps, it is needed the guarantee as a national budget. The great teacher at university says that cock withers early if it doesn’t erect by the luxurious image. It is feeling that my cock also gets the great treat after a long time. I thought to be good because I lived. AOYMA, AIZAWA and SAKAKI are RACE QUEEN of the choice that wins the audition of the high magnification. They are invited to a large luxurious domicile with the pool of the owner and the announcement party to the mass communication is held. Having appeared delaying there is KAWANA who is liked by owner’s son. Three women who know the circumstances begin to bully KAWANA. They bully KAWANA with the eyes that looked down on her who has 164cm height that is shorter than every one. The team supervisor save such difficult situation and four sluts change the costume of RACE QUEEEN. Four sluts change costume without knowing they are took snake shot. This scene makes heat throbs. Having waited for four people who moved to owner’s room is four lascivious sponsors who are rubbing their cocks by themselves on the sofa. It is not possible to act against owner’s though they are surprised. Then, it is a start of the meat entertainment. Four sluts suck the cocks and it is state of gangbang feast in the room. In order to be pleased with sponsors, they suck and rub cocks by turns. It is basic of the RACE QUEEN that executing it with a smile even if three cocks are sucked at the same time. However, sponsors are not satisfied only by it. The pussy with a good condition to be able to answer the sponsor’s impossible entertainment neatly is precondition of RACE QUEEN. After the sensitivity of the pussy is checked one by one, masturbation with rotor toy is compelled to four sluts. Moreover, the toy is inserted violently in the pussy that has become sensitive. Four people was sat on the sofa by the open leg pose are peeped at the same time in the vagina in Cuzco afterwards. It gets excited greatly by the appearance as the opening of uterus has discolored in red and joy juice seems to adhere to the vagina wall. All sponsor is strongly aspiring entertainment that inserts the stiffening cock in vagina of Race queen early and make vaginal cum shot. At the first, owner choice KAWANA and AIZAWA and 3P play is carried out. It is the first time at TOKYO HOT to make 3P play for man against two sluts. How it envies it! It is man’s dream can satisfy two pussy of race queen at the same time. KAWANA is made careful pussy licking service while AIZAWA is fucked at the woman on top posture and AIZAWA licks ball bag while KAWANA is fucked. Two sluts KAWANA and AIZAWA meet an unreasonable demand to delight a sponsor. Furthermore, AIZAWA violently sucks the ball bag that shakes from under while KAWANA is fucked at the back posture. The canon cock that sometimes pulled out from the vagina of KAWANA and gets wet by her joy juice is inserted in the mouth of AIZAWA compulsorily at once. And, the cock is returned to the vagina of KAWANA at once afterwards. The cock is wet much in saliva and joy juice and the piston is alternately done to the pussy of KAWANA and AIZAWA. After vaginal cum shot was made to KAWANA, the cock is inserted in the mouth of AIZAWA at once soon. It ends by the scene that semen drips and drops from vagina of KAWANA. One day when I got rich, it is my dream to always make the RACE QUEEN wait to make suck at once when the cock is erected. It yearns to healthy life to make it do the collar to many teachers of the stark-naked and stroll by crawl on all fours. The content of such wonderful full of play is expected in a next one.

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