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CorbinFisher – ACM0828 – Dru Fucks Cain.avi

Once you saw the title and realized this video had Dru and Cain together, that was likely all you needed to know to be certain it’s a hot one full of intense action and most definitely worth watching! There’s really not that much more to add to it, as these two insanely horny, young studs go at it in some furious action!

The simple version of what takes place?

The guys get into some heavy making out.

Dru literally worships Cain’s big dick while Cain

sucks his toes.

Dru feeds Cain his cock.

Cain bends over to take Dru’s dick in his ass.

They fuck hard, fast, deep, and loudly!

Cain shoots a huge load while Dru pounds his ass, then takes Dru’s load down his throat and all over his face!

Sure, there’s also some other hot foreplay in there, including Dru working over Cain’s ass with his fingers as he preps it for his cock. There’s also all their dirty talk, including Dru asking Cain, “Do you want my dick in you?”, and Cain’s loud “Oh yeah!” moans as Dru pounds him. There’s also the fact that Cain’s big dick is hard throughout the entire pounding he receives! But this one’s really about all that hot, fast, hard and furious fucking and the insanely hot cumshots at the end! This is a hot one!

File size: 129.1 MB