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TheTraining Of O – Devaun, Day Three

Training Report Training Goals Progress:
Sex Slave: Teach her that there is more to being a sex slave than fucking and sucking.
Anal Training: Tentative and slow. Continue with small toys to further stretch her slave asshole.
Basic Protocol: She serves with a self assured smirk, and needs to be taken down a notch.
Pain Processing: She is not a masochist, but today, with re-inforcing orgasms, she will suffer for our pleasure.
Start by ordering her to run the armory stairs till her self satisfied demeanor falters, then push her into a desperate and quivering state of and submission through severe exercise and discipline. Test her temperament further. Cuff and collar her sweaty body, leash her and lead her through the Armory halls to her next station, where she is blindfolded and bound into a very difficult squat and made to suffer for our amusement until she properly begs to be allowed to escape into the of a screaming orgasm. This is a very difficult scene for our young trainee and is intended for the experienced BDSM viewer.

Order her to hold position and be whipped while the sadistic Mistress Claire Adams masturbates to her sweet suffering. Dildo gag her and order her to service Claire’s wet pussy.

Order her onto all four on the exam table to continue her anal training. Stretch her slave asshole with a vibrating dildo, reinforcing this training with more forced orgasms.

Dismiss her for the evening to the slave quarters with her homework assignment, where she is left to consider her decision to train here.

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