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Help Wanted

Release Year: 1978
Studio: Signet Studios, Falcon Studios
Cast: Joe Andrews, Vince Clark, Kirk Mannheim, Al Parker, Jeff Turk, Dick Fisk
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Solo, Outdoor Sex, Threesome, Vintage
Video language: English

1. Come ‘n Take It, If Ya Can!
Joe Andrews solo
Self-confident loner Joe Andrews is a cocksman on the move, checking out the action in an abandoned warehouse where men meet for hot, no-questions-asked sex. Joe cruises several prospects then notices you. His stiff 10″ are quickly out and up, tantalizing, teasing, challenging your desires, in the most-unusual Falcon solo film yet-one that really delivers what you’re on your knees for… and then even more!
2. Help Wanted (short)
Joe Andrews, Dick Fisk
Footloose Joe Andrews encounters Falcon superstar Dick Fisk when he responds to a “Help Wanted” sign on a warehouse door. Hunky Fisk’s come-on has Andrews rockhard in no time and before you know it, they’re sixty-nining on a conveyor belt. The most incredible ram-rod penetration and standing-fuck episode seen anywhere makes this remarkable film Falcon’s hottest ever and a must for every erotica collection!
3. Rocks and Hard Places
Al Parker At, Jeff Turk At
Superstar Al Parker and Falcon discovery Jeff Turk meet along a mountain stream in the wild Blue Yonder. After a cocksucking introduction, Turk leads Parker back to his campsite, where the two studs take turns planting their fucksticks in the ass of Turk’s startled-but-receptive buddy. Their simultaneous cross-fire cum shot has to be a film first!
4. PE-627
Jeff Turk, Vince Clark, Kirk Mannheim
Jeff Turk and gumnastics teammate Vince Clark are messing around in the locker room, turned on by having secretly spied on their hunky young coach, Kirk Mannheim, jerking to a climax in the shower. They’ve taken turns swallowing each other’s swollen cock and Turk’s throwing a stand-up fuck to Clark, when mannheim returns to the locker room. In moments he’s joined the party for a heavy-duty three-way, ending in a sweat, naked heap of exhausting cum-spent studs.

Format: avi
Duration: 55:24
Video: 640×480, xvid, 781kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 397.4 MB

Jocks – Ready For More

Heat up to a sizzling weekend of seduction! When Falcon Exclusive Lindon Hawk spends some quality time with big brother Falcon Exclusive Colby Taylor, he can’t help but work his way into the hearts—and beds—of Colby’s friends and neighbors. The insatiable Lindon enjoys one steamy encounter after another, and he’s always ready for more! Also featuring Lifetime Falcon Exclusive Matthew Rush, Falcon Exclusives Daniel Montes, and Matt Skyler as well as the talents of Chad Hunt, Brady Martin, and Jacob Hall.


Scene 1
Lindon Hawk can’t resist the urge to peek beneath the sheets as Chad Hunt lies sleeping. Awed by the immensity of Chad’s cock, Lindon begins to devote some oral attention to the sleeping giant. Chad remains motionless as Lindon sucks him deeper and harder. Overcome by desire, Chad drops his guise of sleep and begins to finger and rim Lindon’s asshole. Heated and Lindon lowers himself onto Chad’s huge cock, rhythmically fucking himself on the stiff tool. The men reposition themselves and Chad gains leverage—smoothly fucking the load out of Lindon before delivering his own sticky streams of satisfaction.

Scene 2
Meanwhile, muscle-god Matthew Rush is hard at work in the gym, redefining his sculpted form. Matt Skyler arrives to interrupt his workout with another strenuous yet fulfilling exercise! Matt begins to suck Matthew’s cock within minutes the workout has become an erotic routine. The men worship each others muscled forms, using the weight machines as support in their acrobatic encounter. A program of kissing, rimming, licking and sucking leads to a climax of hard-bodied fucking, with Matthew Rush giving Matt Skyler a fine taste of his power and prowess. Their workout leaves the men exhausted and dripping…soaked in something more than their sweat alone!

Scene 3
Pool-man Daniel Montes and his assistant Brady Martin can’t refuse Lindon’s invitation to a steamy break from the sweltering sun. Lindon dives onto Daniel’s huge stiff cock, devoting himself to Daniel’s pleasure as Brady Martin looks on in stiff stroking awe. Daniel Montes fingers and massages Lindon’s asshole…preparing him for the action to come. Soon Brady cannot resist any longer. He joins in the scene, sandwiching himself between Lindon and Daniel…getting rimmed by Lindon as he sucks Daniel’s cock deep into his throat. The men rearrange themselves as the action continues, each getting a better taste of the others than he had before. Lindon lowers himself onto Daniel’s cock as Brady guides it in. Thrusting, accepting, and maneuvering, Daniel and Lindon enjoy the possibilities of the position before Brady Takes a turn inside Lindon’s ass. Lindon takes the opportunity to devote some more oral attention to Daniel as Brady works him from behind. Finally the men lay back and enjoy the view as each one strokes himself to orgasm.

Scene 4
Lindon says his goodbyes to big brother Colby Taylor and departs. Within minutes, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Jacob Hall…one of Lindon’s friends. Colby tells Jacob that he just missed Lindon, and Jacob lets Colby know that it isn’t Lindon he wanted to see. Soon the two are removing their clothing and wrapping themselves in each others embrace. Colby licks, nibbles, and finally works Jacob’s cock deep into his throat. Jacob returns the favor, demonstrating his cocksucking skills for Colby’s pleasure. The two men give and take: grabbing, stroking, fingering, licking, kissing, and rimming until they are inspired beyond return. Jacob lowers himself onto Colby’s thick stiff cock and Colby smoothly fucks the young stud. Jacob reclines and Colby takes his ass from another angle, expertly and forcefully thrusting: working himself and Jacob into explosive hot orgasms which leave them spent, drenched, and satisfied.

Genres: vintage, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: mpg

File size: 753.0 MB

PornTour.fr – Sharon Lee [HD 1080p]

Porntour vous propose cette fois-ci une video avec une superbe franco-vietnamienne. Sharon Lee, une superbe asiatique est venue tourner sa premiere scene porno dans un restaurant huppe. A moitie nue, elle nous fait profiter de ses fesses superbes et de sa somptueuse poitrine naturelle. Elle se dandine en montant les escaliers et se dirige vers deux hommes qui l’attendent nus, le membre en erection. Nous lui avons prevu une scene de baise a 3 avec Andrea Moranty et Mickael Cheritto, deux de nos culbuteurs fetiches. La belle eurasienne va se ruer sur leurs bites, les sucer, et les insulter afin de les exciter au maximum. La baise commence dans un echange de gifles, de crachats et d’insultes, la petite vietnamienne a un caractere bien trempe et ce ne sont pas Andrea et Mickael qui vont effrayer notre nouvelle recrue! Les deux hommes vont se venger et la fourrer en meme temps en double penetration. Elle se fait fouiller le cul et la chatte simultanement mais elle continue a les insulter de plus belle jusqu’a ce qu’il lui dechirent le cul. Excites a bloc, les deux comperes se font a nouveau pomper et finissent en ejaculation faciale dans un dernier rale de jouissance tandis que notre eurasienne accueille le sperme avec delectation jusque sur ces seins et finit par un petit clin d’?il malicieux, fiere d’avoir mis a genoux nos meilleurs baiseurs.

File size: 617.2 MB