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Bathhouse Ballin’ With The Bareback Boys – Puppy Productions

From the liner notes: “Bathhouse Ballin’ with the Bareback Boys introduces you to new-cummers Aidan Bonini and Lucas Marshell. Aidan is about to have the experience of a lifetime getting more attention, cock, and ass than he knows what to do with in an entire evening! Lucas has already had his fun but he knows when a cherry virgin is present!

Aidan first stops in the steam room only to get his face and ass fucked by big-dicked-boy, Aaron Slater. Aaron raw-slams his cock deep, then creams naive Aidan. While Aidan is wiping himself off with a towel Aaron is ready for some action! Leo James immediately goes for the cock. Aidan decides it’s time to move on. Aaron just spits and shoves his fat uncut cock into Leo’s willing hole!

Jon Janes meets up with Kyle Martin and bingo – we have a match! Kyle aggressively sucks and swallows Jon’s uncut cock until he just can’t take it anymore and has got to shove it up his ass, raw! The harder Jon fucks, the more Kyle wants it. Soon they’re fucking like a well-oiled machine! Jon blows his big load all over Kyle’s chest.

The Jacuzzi is on fire from the moment Ricky Jackson slides in. Matt Jackson and Steve Devon’s cocks are rock hard! Steve takes the front and Matt goes for the hole he wants to fill. Matt rims his ass then leaves just enough spit to work his cock inside his highway to heaven! Ricky lies back as the two guys drain their loads all over him!

Lucas and Aidan had been playing cock tag all night, but now the moment was right. Lucas follows Aidan back to his room for a cockfest like no other! They ravage each other until Lucas lubes his cock with spit and rams it up Aidan’s sweaty hole! They flip-flop fuck each other until they are both eager to shoot their pearly white loads.

Just like the good ol’ days – bathhouse sex caught on camera. These nasty pig guys will have you lined up at your local bathhouse once again! If you like them raw, willing, daring, and full of cum… here you go.”

Cast: Kyle Martin, Matt Jackson, Aaron Slater, Aiden Bonini, Lucas Marshell, Steve Devon, Jon James, Ricky Jackson, Jon Janes, Leo James

Genres: oral, anal sex, rimming, cumshots
File: wmv

File size: 0.9 GB