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Candy Manson hanging upside down, forced orgasms

Candy Manson has the of body that nations go to war over. Amazing perfect legs, tight hard ass, and huge booming tits. This is the definition of a California blond. One so perfect its hard to take your eyes from her.

Bound spread, and upside down for the first time, Candy really feels totally helpless. Just hanging there unable to move, suspended, her perfect body ready for us to do anything we want. We hang clamps and heavy weight off her huge engorged nipples, the weights dangle in her face, a constant reminder of her helpless situation.

She is impaled with a dildo. It drives deep into her pussy and a vibrator is locked in place perfectly on her swollen clit. When turned on high the vibrator will make Candy cum over and over and over. No mater how she moves no matter what she does the vibrator is always on her clit there is no escape from it.

We flog her body, we make her scream in pain in between orgasms. There is no let up, the vibrator makes her cum, and we face fuck her skull with real cock, we fuck the back of her throat and she cums again. How much more can she take?

Genres: bdsm, bondage, oral sex
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